‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Miriam Get Arrested Again?


In the previous episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Joel had seen Susie conversing with Frank and Nicky about Miriam’s antics, and it did not seem like a happy conversation. Joel had asked Susie about the conversation, but she dodged the question by telling him that it was all under control. The episode ended with Janusz proposing to Zelda while Abe and Rose had a fight. Meanwhile, Susie met up with someone from her past, Hedy Ford.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Joel In Jail?

It’s the year 1987, and this episode begins with a time jump to the future, where it seems that Joel has ended up in prison. Joel had always looked out for Miriam, and he did not want her to be in any sort of trouble. Miriam, while in a conversation with Joel in the prison, implied that worrying about her had landed him in jail. Joel was concerned about Miriam, and he initiated a conversation where he reminded her that Susie would not want her to waste away like this. Miriam did not reciprocate the sentiment and refused to hear anything he had to say about Susie. Her refusal to even hear about Susie while insisting that she could take care of herself seemed suspicious. It suggests that there could have been a fight that had sown seeds of discord in Miriam and Susie’s friendship. The entire situation seems to be closely related to Frank and Nicky, the two thugs who were friends of Susie which is why Miriam must have parted ways with Susie and why Joel ended up in jail. As they talk about Susie, the scene changes, and it is now 1961 when Joel and Archie scout Xavier’s Boys School for their club as they seem to be looking to expand. Archie looks visibly traumatized to be back at his school, while Joel constantly talks his ear off about the thugs and how he surmises that Miriam would be in trouble around them. Archie, to stop him from spiraling, tells him to talk to her, which he does eventually after Zelda’s wedding.

Zelda and Janusz get married in Miriam’s apartment. Joel’s mother, Shirley, handles Zelda’s dress while Rose helps her with the jewelry. Zelda moves constantly, and the traditional dress starts to rip in places, causing Shirley to scold her a little to get her to stop moving. Shirley fiddles with the dress to help her out during the wedding as well. The wedding vows, however, come as a shock to the entire family because Janusz promises Zelda that she will not have to work anymore, which points out that Zelda will be retiring from being the Weissman’s maid for good. This shocks both Abe and Rose because they do not know their way around their own home. Midge also finds herself in a similar situation when she realizes that her kids won’t have a caretaker. Later, both Midge and Joel sneak out to the fire escape balcony in her bedroom to have a conversation about her deal with the thugs, while Zelda has to teach both Abe and Rose how to operate the vacuum.

Did Susie Get Her Comic, James Howard, A Role In David Weston’s Movie?

In 1961, while Miriam seems to be busy with both her jobs, Susie gets to show off her other clients and also ensure good deals for them. James Howard and Alfie Zielinski are the other two clients she manages for now. She sent Alfie to Las Vegas at the beginning of the series while she managed to get some stand-up gigs for James. James, however, wanted to act in a David Weston movie, so Susie sent him to the audition. David Weston was a huge name in the movie industry, and roles in his films were very sought-after. While James’ audition had gone fantastic, he had yet to receive an acceptance. Susie, Diana, and Maggie continuously tried for David’s secretary, whom Susie thought had the power to talk David into accepting James. Another actor was also being considered alongside James, making it harder for them to bag the role. James was considerably jumpy and was making it harder for Susie to think. So she sent him on another gig while she herself went on to track down David Weston to convince him to accept James. Although it had been a rough ending, Susie resorted to telling David to reject James if he was going to be so indecisive. She also told him that if he rejected James, she would be able to send him on a tour where she would earn more while also telling him that the script of the movie was far from perfect. Susie’s reverse psychology that she had used on David had also made her anxious, while Diana did not know how to break the news to James. However, her trick worked, and James got the part. This became the biggest break for Susie, as she was now a known figure in the industry. Her paths opened up, and everybody seemed to want to know about how Susie had her comedian score a part in David’s movie. She was on the path to success, and the only thing left for her was to focus on Miriam again and set her path straight.

Did Miriam Get Arrested Again?

In episode 3, after the whole fiasco with Gordon not granting her a spot on the show when he had been in dire need of somebody, Miriam showed up to work as usual. She wanted to remain hopeful, so when Gordon called the writers for strategic intervention, and George talked about a cruise, she jumped at the opportunity. George had put Gordon’s name on the list of the guests on the cruise to show their support for the diaper company sponsoring the Gordon Show. However, he had not consulted Gordon before, who had refused to do anything for the diaper company. George had undermined Gordon’s power and had tried to take it out on Mike, which Gordon put an end to immediately. Later, Midge went around to George’s office to get him to accept her for the cruise. George did so, and Miriam ended up on the boat. She was an absolute riot and was praised by the audience for her set. However, all of the jokes went stale after Miriam spotted a staff member of the cruise getting harassed. Miriam tried to handle the situation; however, she was unable to rectify it, and instead, she tried to teach the person a life lesson. However, she lost his coat in the sea, which led her to get arrested. Susie arrived to represent Miriam, while Gordon arrived to assess the situation. Gordon was very amused and instead supported Miriam when she told him that she had taken those steps to ensure the staff member’s safety from the man who was harassing her. She was declared a pirate, and Gordon cleared her of all charges, assigning the lawyer and an employee of HR to handle the situation well. Although George was angry, he hid his emotions quite well.

Final Thoughts

The previous episode dealt with Susie’s past; however, except for a mention of Hedy, this episode completely forgot her. Although the mention was at the end, it meant that the next episode would probably discuss more about Susie’s past. With the jumping timelines, it suffices to say that Miriam and Susie will have a massive fallout in the future. James scoring a part in David’s film was a sure-shot way to stardom for Susie Myerson. Meanwhile, Miriam looks to be doing quite well for herself down the line too. In the past timeline, which is the 1960s, Gordon intended to ask Miriam out a lot more times than offer her a spot on the show. It would be difficult to make Gordon break the rule George had set for them. Gordon seems to have a soft spot for Miriam; however, that spot isn’t soft enough that it would land her a spot on the show even after she begged him repeatedly for that.

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