Maddie Redfield, In ‘The Night Agent,’ Explained: Will She Expose Ashley In Season 2?


When we were first introduced to the daughter of the sitting vice president, Maddie Redfield, we thought she was just like any other girl or guy of her age, who hated being told what to do, craved privacy, and was often quite reckless in their approach. Maddie didn’t have a huge social circle, and she used to hang out with the same group of people. In “The Night Agent,” Episode 4, Vice President Ashley Redfield comes to meet his daughter in her hostel, and in a matter of seconds, they start arguing over something. At that point in time, Chelsea, the secret service agent who was assigned to Maddie, felt that Maddie was just acting out because she didn’t like being told what to do and what not to do. Maddie shared a lot with Chelsea, as she was probably the only one who gave her the freedom to express herself freely, and Maddie didn’t have to pretend in front of Chelsea. 

At times, it felt like Chelsea understood her better than her father. Chelsea speculated that the VP would have been very authoritative in his parenting, and maybe Maddie Redfield didn’t like being controlled in that manner. That is why Chelsea showed trust in Maddie’s judgment so that she softened up to her and realized that not every person was alike. Maddie liked Chelsea and really appreciated the efforts that she made, but what Chelsea or any other secret service agent didn’t realize was that the problem ran quite deep. Maddie was not angry at her father because she was a brat who just wanted to throw a tantrum, but there were real issues that she had been dealing with since she was a child.

In “The Night Agent,” Episode 5, Maddie Redfield has an argument with her father about how he used her as a cardboard cutout in his political rally. He didn’t care if she was missing her classes or lagging behind in her studies as long as he was able to show the people that he was a loving father. Moreover, Redfield was quite condescending, and he believed that whatever Maddie was doing was not as important as running the country. But the fact was that Maddie knew that running the country and looking out for the welfare of the masses was the least of his concerns. All he wanted was to stay in a position of power and fend for his selfish interests. Chelsea had been privy to the arguments that took place more than often whenever the father-daughter duo met, and she saw how Maddie’s needs and wants were suppressed, and she was forced to do what the vice president wanted.

Colin Kidnaps Maddie Redfield

Maddie was blamed her entire life for things she hadn’t done, by her own father, and that is why she felt the need to be with Paulo, her art teacher, as he was the only person who loved her unconditionally and understood her. But Paulo, too, was deceiving her and using her for her own purposes. Paulo and Maddie were sharing an intimate moment when Colin arrived at the scene, killed Paulo before he could say anything, and took Maddie with him. Maddie got a bit disheartened when Colin later told her that Paulo never really loved her and was using her to spread his propaganda. 

Maddie took no time to tell Colin that she hated her father and that if he wanted to take revenge on him, then she would help his cause and give him evidence that could prove that whatever Ashley Redfield did was a performance, and he was a beast in his real life. Colin Worley was taken by surprise as he didn’t expect Maddie to go against her father. Colin had seen during the campaigns and ads how Redfield showed off his daughter as being the joy and pride of his life. Maddie told Colin that the narrative her father had created was not because he actually loved her but because he knew that it sold in the market. People felt connected when they saw that their leader was an affectionate father, and Redfield wanted to use it to his advantage as he had everything at his disposal.

Maddie Wants to Expose Her Father

Maddie Redfield told Colin that she was nothing but a useful PR tool for her father, and in reality, she despised him to the extent that she didn’t mind if her entire career went downhill, and his lies got exposed. We understood that Maddie was serious about what she was saying when she told Colin in the seventh episode of “The Night Agent,” that she had a video with her that could sabotage her father’s entire career and put a blot on his character that he wouldn’t be able to wash off for an entire lifetime. Though Colin could never find the video as Ashley had gotten hold of it, as an audience, we completely understood that what Maddie felt about her father was not unreasonable and in reality, he was the demon she believed him to be. 

In that video, Maddie was seen confronting her father and telling him that for years he had gaslighted her and told her that she was responsible for the death of her sister, Sarah, though in reality, she had died due to his fault. Vice President Ashley Redfield physically abused his daughter because he didn’t know that he was being recorded and told her to do what she had been asked. The most bizarre and disheartening thing was that Maddie actually believed that her father could kill her if she came into conflict with his interests, which is why for years now, she hadn’t been able to muster the courage to take a stand against him.

At the end of “The Night Agent,” Ashley takes Maddie with him and hides inside the safety bunker in Camp David, as he knows that a bomb is going to go off that he and Gordon Wicks had planted to kill President Travers and Omar Zadar. Maddie didn’t feel right hiding inside the bunker when she knew that the lives of innocent people were at risk. Unlike her father, she had a conscience that told her that it was not the right thing to do. She knew that even if she was saved, she wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt that she knew what her father was up to but still didn’t raise a voice against it. 

Maddie knew that, in that situation, being silent meant that she was siding with the conspirators, and that’s why she told her father to open the door of the bunker and let her go. Ashley Redfield resisted for a moment, but then he realized that if he didn’t let her go, once everything was over, she would go out and tell the world that he was involved in the metro bombings. Maddie was saved by Chelsea, and Ashley was shocked to see that she had survived. Moments before he realized that Maddie was alive, he showed how remorseful he felt, but as soon as he saw her, that feeling transformed into fear, making us understand that he didn’t really care for his daughter and all he wanted was to save himself. 

We believe that in “The Night Agent” Season 2 (if there is one), Maddie Redfield will raise her voice against her father, and Ashley will have to face the consequences of his actions. We believe that considering the kind of man Ashley is, he would try to save the day by putting the blame on someone else, but it would be difficult for him to escape the wrath of a girl who had been oppressed, gaslighted, and emotionally and physically harassed through her entire life.

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