‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Tozawa Want From Shigematsu?


Tozawa, since Tokyo Vice‘s previous episodes, has wanted to establish his supremacy in the region, and Jake and Katagari knew that if they didn’t do anything to stop the man, then he would wreak havoc like nobody had ever imagined. Jake was ready to do anything to put Tozawa behind bars, but he also knew the consequences of doing so. So, let’s find out what happened in Tokyo Vice Episode 8 and if Jake and Katagari are able to make a strong case against Tozawa.

Spoiler Alert

What did Lynn tell Jake about Tozawa? 

The FBI had conducted a raid in the recent past, and they had put a lot of yakuza behind bars. It was a huge victory for the FBI on Japanese soil, and Lynn Oberfeld told Jake that she had no plans of stopping any time soon. Jake wanted to find out if the U.S. government could do anything about Tozawa since he had stepped on U.S. soil and committed a crime. Jake went to have a talk with Lynn, and he asked her if, in case somebody did commit the offense, the U.S. government would take any action. Jake told Lynn all about the issue, and she told him that she would pull some strings and let him know if she got any information. Lynn called Jake back, and she told him that an actual person with the name of Spencer Tanaka was excited in the U.S. He was a school teacher, and he wore the same expensive watch that Tozawa did. Jake couldn’t understand what was happening. He didn’t know if Lynn was lying or if the doctor with whom he talked had some sort of confusion. Jake went to Emi Maruyama, and he told her whatever Lynn told her. Maruyama told him that it was very evident that, for some reason, Lynn was lying. The doctor had very clearly told Jake that the patient who came to him for an organ transplant couldn’t speak English, so the entire theory of the school teacher actually existing didn’t make sense. In Tokyo Vice‘s next episode, we will get to know if Lynn was trying to mislead Jake intentionally or if there were some people sitting in the U.S. government who didn’t want Tozawa to go behind bars. 

Did Sato save his brother? 

Sato wanted to save his brother, and he didn’t know how he would do that. He knew that his brother was not safe with Hayama, but the fact was that he had been banished from the Chihara Kai gang, and nobody wanted to support him. But in Tokyo Vice episode 8, Sato decided that he had had enough and would have to go and confront Hayama face-to-face. Sato reached the Chihara Kai base, and he told Hayama to release Kaito. Hayama got agitated, and he assaulted Sato. He asked his men to kill him, but that’s when Kaito shouted that Hayam had killed one of their own. Sato supported his brother and said that he was speaking the truth. Suddenly all the eyes turned towards Hayama, as it was blasphemy to go against one of their brothers. Sato retaliated with full force, and he, together with all the members of the Chihara Kai gang present in the washroom, killed Hayama. Sato took his brother back home, and when their mother saw it, she couldn’t stop her tears. She told Sato that if his father were alive, he would have been very proud of him. Those words meant a lot to Sato. For years, he had wanted his folks to appreciate his efforts, but all he got was criticism. This was probably one of those rare times when Sato and his mother shared a heartfelt and emotional moment together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sato became Chihara Kai’s leader. The gang needed to regroup, and they needed a leader who could re-establish their supremacy. 

What did Tozawa want Shigematsu to do? 

Kazuko Tozawa’s wife met Misaki, and she told her to tell the truth if she wanted her to hide all the information from her husband. Kazuko knew that Misuki had met Jake, and she told him things that she shouldn’t have. Kazuko was aware of the fact that Tozawa would kill her if he got to know about it, and that’s why she threatened Mizuki and ordered her to do as she was told. Later in Tokyo Vice Episode 8, we saw that Tozawa came in unannounced when Mizuki was having a conversation with Shigematsu, the transport minister. Tozawa told the minister that he would back him, provided he didn’t backstab him like he did earlier. Shigematsu was the same person who had told Tozawa that he couldn’t cancel his name from the no-fly list when the Yakuza boss wanted to go to the U.S. for a liver transplant.

At the end of Tokyo Vice episode 8, we saw that the media and the common people were surprised when the current prime minister resigned from his post, giving the reason that he was not keeping well. Shigematsu took his position, and people like Jake and Katagari knew what had happened behind closed curtains. The people who understood politics knew that the PM had not fallen ill, but he was pressured to leave the position. Tozawa knew that he could reap huge benefits if a person on his payroll became the leader of the country. Tozawa knew that as long as he had a compromising video of the ministers, he wouldn’t dare go against him. Tozawa used it as leverage, and he felt as if he had conquered the world once his plan was a success. 

Will Jake write an article about Tozawa? 

Yabuki called Jake for an urgent meeting, and Katagari also went along with Jake as he knew what could potentially happen there. Yabuki told Jake to stop chasing Tozawa’s story and save himself and his family. Yabuki gave a very clear warning to Jake, and he told him that if he published anything about Tozawa in his newspaper, then they would go for his family. Later that day, Jake called his father and asked for advice from him. Jake’s father was a prudent man, and he said that if publishing the story was the only way of putting the perpetrators behind bars, then he should go ahead and write the story. Jake realized that writing an article would probably put his life at risk, but he still decided to go ahead with it. His father told him that walking on the righteous pathways was not always easy, so he decided to do something about the situation, as otherwise, people like Tozawa would always roam free. In the next episode, we will get to know if Katagiri and Jake will be able to pin down Tozawa and bring his reign to an end or not. 

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