‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ Ending, Explained: Was Scourge Able To Take The Transwarp Key?


Directed by Steven Caple Jr., Rise of the Beasts is the seventh film in the Transformers universe, which makes us privy to one of the deadliest conflicts ever faced by the Autobots. Optimus Prime and his team were up against the planet-sized villain, Unicron. The future of not just planet Earth but the entire universe was in danger, and the Autobots knew that Unicron and his team of Terrorcons must be stopped at all costs. So, let’s find out if the Autobots are able to defeat the mighty planet eater and if they are able to save the universe from its impending doom.

Spoilers Alert

Why Was The Unicron After The Transwarp Key?

Almost a thousand years ago, Scourge and his army of Terrorcons attacked the Maximals to get the Transwarp Key so that they could escape from that particular dimension. But it wasn’t an easy task because there were a few worthy soldiers who were ready to give their lives to protect the Transwarp Key from falling into the wrong hands. The Terrorcons were following the orders of Unicron, who had the power to cross through realities, and it was believed that he was invincible. He was referred to as a “planet eater,” and his existence was a threat to life everywhere in the entire universe. Optimus Primal and his team of Maximals knew that they would have to do the impossible to save the universe from the wrath of the evil that was rising. They knew the significance of the Transwarp Key, and they understood that if they didn’t stop Unicron, he would destroy everything they treasured.

The Transwarp key gave a person the power to travel through different realities, and it opened portals to different galaxies together. The Autobots stuck on the Earth needed the key to go back to their planet, and the Maximals knew that if Unicron got it, he would use it to traverse through space and destroy the entire universe, which is why they wanted to stop him from taking it. But fighting the leader of the Terrorcons was not an easy task, which the Maximals realized when they came face to face with the Scourge. Scourge was probably more powerful than the Maximals and the Autobots combined (at least, he exuded that kind of confidence), and he was very sure that he would be able to take the Transwarp key to his master sooner or later. The Terrorcons were unsuccessful in their first attempt, but they waited in the shadows for the correct time for the key to expose itself so that they could give it to Unicron, who would then wreak havoc in the entire universe.

How Did Noah Meet The Autobots?

The narrative takes us to the year 1994 when we are introduced to a family of three who never expected that life had something so extraordinary in store for them. Noah Diaz lived with his mother, Breanna, and younger brother, Kris, and though they were struggling to make ends meet, they knew that one day they would overcome all their problems. Kris and Noah shared a beautiful relationship, and they always had each other’s back. For little Kris, his brother was his hero, and he knew that he was meant for greatness and nothing less. Noah was done doing odd jobs for his friend Reek because, firstly, they didn’t pay that well, and secondly, there were a lot of risks involved as Reek indulged in all sorts of illegitimate activities.

Noah was trying to get a job as a security officer, but wherever he went, he was turned down due to a bad track record. Kris was suffering from very serious health issues, and Noah knew that he had to pay the hospital bills if he wanted his little brother to have the best treatment possible. When Noah didn’t get the job, he decided to once again go back to Reek and do whatever he was asked to. Noah was in the parking lot of a building trying to steal a car when the security guard saw him acting suspiciously. Noah immediately broke the door lock and entered a brand-new Porsche. But just then, something unimaginable happened, and the car started moving by itself. That car was an Autobot named Mirage, and as soon as it heard the call to assemble from the leader of the pack, Optimus Prime, it started driving itself toward the hideout where the secret meeting was supposed to be held. Mirage caught the attention of the law enforcement authorities, but he was able to make an escape.

Firstly, Prime got very angry upon seeing a human amidst them, something he had told everybody to avoid at all costs. He told them that the Transwarp Key was in a museum, hidden inside a relic, and a human had gotten hold of it. The rays that Transwarp Key emitted couldn’t be seen by humans, but Optimus Prime knew that they would attract the attention of the Terrorcons, and he wanted to get to it before they did. It was decided that Noah would break into the museum and get them the key while they waited outside and kept an eye out for the Terrorcons. Noah met a curator there named Elena Wallace, but before he could make her understand anything, the Terrorcons arrived and launched a deadly onslaught, and even the Autobots were not able to stand their ground. The Scourge attacked Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee sacrificed his life to save him. The Autobots were infuriated, but they were clearly outdone by the Terrorcons. Scourge and his team took the Transwarp Key, but that’s when we came to know in Rise of the Beasts that the key had two parts, and though they had lost one, there was another one hidden somewhere on Earth.

Was Scourge Able To Take The Transwarp Key?

With Elena’s expertise, the Autobots came to the conclusion that there was a very old temple in the western hemisphere, somewhere near Peru, where the other half of the Transwarpkey might be hidden. Elena, Noah, and the Autobots went there to find it before the Terrorcons did. The Autobots were of the opinion that Noah should not accompany them, but he didn’t listen. He knew that if the Terrorcons found the other half, the entire planet would be destroyed. He couldn’t leave the fate of his planet to people who didn’t belong there, and that is why he tagged along with them. The Autobots figured out the probable region where the key was hidden, but they still could not pinpoint the spot, and Noah and Elena took it upon themselves to go and find it because it was that time of the year when Fiesta de la Candelaria was taking place, and the entire population was on the streets celebrating.

The Autobots knew that it would be better if they stayed on the sidelines and did not attract any attention. The Terrorcons had arrived there, and they were keeping an eye on Elena and Noah so that they could lead them to the key. Elena figured out that there was an underground cave on the premises of that old temple, and she managed to open the lid that camouflaged the entrance. Noah and Elena entered inside, and they opened a brick casket, but to their surprise, the key wasn’t there. The Terrorcons attacked them at that point in time in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and they had to escape to save their lives. When the odds started shifting in favor of the Terrorcons, the Maximals arrived out of nowhere and saved Noah and Elena. The Autobots met the Maximals, and the latter revealed that they had anticipated such an attack, which is why they had given the Transwarp Key to the last surviving members of an indigenous tribe living in the area.

The ending of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was rather dramatic, and there came a point when Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal realized that they would have to destroy the Key so that it did not fall into the hands of the evil Unicron. There was a certain magical power in the Key and the surroundings where it was kept. This higher power brought Bumblebee back to life, and he, too, joined the cause and amplified the morale of those who were battered on the battlefield. Mirage had promised Kris that he would protect his brother at all costs, and he stayed true to his words. He took all the blows, and it felt like he would be able to survive the thrashing. Noah wore Mirage’s exterior metallic body like armor, and he started fighting alongside the Autobots and the Maximals. Optimus Prime knew that Earth was only supposed to be a pitstop, and if they destroyed the Key, they wouldn’t be able to go back to their planet, but he had no other option. Optimus Prime decided that he would destroy the Key because he didn’t have any other option, though he was well aware that he wouldn’t be able to come out of it alive. When hope seemed bleak, Optimus Primal and Noah himself came to the rescue of the lone warrior, and together they were able to destroy the Transwarp Key. Unicron had to retreat after facing defeat.

Rise of the Beasts Ending Explained: Who Does Noah Meet In The End?

After the war was over, things went back to normal, and Noah finally got a job in the security department of a company. He met agent Burke, who told him that not only had he been selected for the job, but the company would also pay for his brother’s medical bills. Agent Burke cryptically told him that he knew what he had been up to. Noah was startled for a moment, as he didn’t understand how this man knew what had happened in Peru.

The agent told him that Noah had done a great job and that all humans owed their lives to him. He said that there was an ongoing battle and that they would need all the help they could get. He gave Noah his visiting card, on which the letters “G.I. Joe” were printed. Both the G.I. Joe and Transformers franchises are based on the toy line belonging to Hasbro Inc., and the corporation wanted to adapt G.I. Joe first back in the year 2003, but due to some reason they chose to release Transformers before that. The biggest reveal came when Burke showed Noah a secret military base, and we got to that in the future.

We might see an epic crossover where Optimus Prime and his Autobots fight alongside the greatest military fleet to have ever existed. The fourth film in the G.I. Joe franchise is probably under production, and once it is released, it might also provide some hint as to how the makers plan on including the Transformers in the scheme of things. We might see them joining forces and fighting the antagonists from both universes. In addition to the elite military force, we might also see people like Noah joining the cause, as the threat is quite imminent now, and the Autobots would want to have as much help as they could get.

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