‘Tulsa King’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Was Caolan Waltrip Planning To Do?


In the previous episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight Manfredi wanted to renovate Mitch’s bar and open a casino there to launder money and create some more revenue. Pete Invernizzi had been murdered by his own son, Chickie, and the hothead had made it very clear that Dwight Manfredi had to be killed at all costs. Dwight and Caolan Waltrip couldn’t agree on anything, so the Macadam gang had declared an all out war on the ex-capo’s amateur gang. So, let’s find out what the eighth episode of “Tulsa King” has in store for us and what steps Dwight takes to protect his people and his empire.

Spoilers Ahead

Dwight Plans To Open A Casino

Manfredi was teaching Tyson, Bodhi, and others how to shoot because he wanted them to be prepared in case Waltrip’s men attacked them or if they needed to wage war against the Macadam gang. Grace blamed Dwight for turning their lives upside down and told him that had he not arrived in Tulsa, nothing of the sort would have happened. Dwight was also a sensible man, and he accepted that he was at fault for adversely impacting the lives of innocent people. On one hand, there was Grace, who didn’t want anything to do with Dwight’s business, and on the other, Tyson was more than excited to be a part of the mafia world and lead the life he had always imagined living. Tyson’s father had warned him time and again about the consequences, but it had no impact on him, and he kept doing whatever he wanted to do. Mark had told his son that the most difficult thing for a parent was to see their child walking towards their own doom and still not be able to do anything about it. Mark told Tyson that he would only understand how a parent felt once he had his own kids and could see them getting hurt right in front of his eyes. Mark was a sensible man, and he knew that his son was getting attracted to the flashy lifestyle of a mobster. Tyson didn’t understand that beneath all that flamboyance was a constant fear of losing one’s life at any given moment.

Dwight, Bodhi, and Mitch met Jimmy and pitched him the idea of opening a casino, and they told him that his involvement in it would be hidden by an anonymous trust structure. That meant that Jimmy would be able to reap the benefits while being shielded from many potential legal problems. Mitch and Dwight had already made arrangements to approach the authorities about getting a native American exemption, as their bar was situated on Cherokee land. Dwight also asked Jimmy if he could arrange for some really tough guys, as he had realized that he couldn’t just rely on his amateur gang members to fight with the Macadam gang.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – What Was Caolan Waltrip Planning To Do?

During the funeral of Pete Invernizzi, Chickie made his intentions very clear to the rest of the members of the clan. He blamed Dwight for disrespecting the family and told the people present there that Dwight needed to perish at all costs. There were a few who raised objections and told Chickie that what he was doing was not the right thing and that Pete would have never wanted that for Dwight. But Chickie was in no mood to entertain any sort of difference in opinion, and he made sure that every dissent met with a lot of hostility. The ATF had conducted a raid on the Macadam gang’s den, but Caolan Waltrip was missing from there. Waltrip was hiding, and he was waiting for the opportune moment to kill Dwight Manfredi. Waltrip was using his sources in the local police department to get Dwight arrested. He contacted the same police officers who had earlier arrested Tyson on his orders. The orders were to put Manfredi in jail so that Waltrip could reach him there and end his story once and for all. The police officers said that they couldn’t do such a thing because they didn’t have any incriminating evidence on Dwight. Waltrip was least bothered by what they had and what they didn’t. He simply asked them to arrest Dwight and warned them that if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t live to see another day. The police officers decided to take their chances, as they knew that if they didn’t act, Waltrip would not let them live in peace. They went to arrest Dwight and believed that he would get intimidated, but instead, Dwight just told them that if they wanted to be alive, then they should rethink whatever they were planning to do. The police officers helplessly stood there while Dwight took off in his own car.

Jimmy was having second thoughts about letting Dwight use his name and entering the casino business with him. Bodhi told Jimmy that working with Dwight had its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Bodhi stated that regardless of the trouble the man had landed him in, he had a knack for creating revenue out of thin air. Jimmy got persuaded and decided that he would take the risk and enter into an agreement with Dwight. Chickie called Dwight, and he expressed that he didn’t want to fight any longer. Chickie used the word “uncle” on purpose, when he was addressing Dwight, as he wanted to show his respect. He said that Dwight was the last vestige that was left of his father, and he didn’t want the other families to take advantage of the situation. He said that he wanted to bury all the enmity that was there between them. Chickie said that he was willing to come and meet Dwight and show everybody that they were united. Chickie Invernizzi didn’t have any intention of calling a truce, and he was just waiting for the opportunity to catch Dwight off guard and put an end to his story.

Stacy had gone to the Macadam Gang’s den and asked Caolan Waltrip about what he had done with Roxy Harrington. Waltrip said that he was not obliged to answer any questions and treated the officers with utter disregard. Now Stacy had convinced the ATF that they had probable cause to conduct a raid and take Waltrip into their custody as the leader of the Macadam gang had huge amounts of black money hidden in his residence. They conducted the raid but couldn’t find Waltrip there. Stacy went to meet Dwight and told him about the raid and that there was a warrant out for Waltrip and Robbie Trucotte. She told Dwight to end the conflict once and for all and let Waltrip be wherever he was. Dwight had gone out on a date with Margaret Devereaux, and Stacy was evidently feeling jealous because of it. They were busy catching up when Waltrip and Robbie arrived out of nowhere and fired shots at Stacy and Dwight. They wanted to kill Dwight, but Stacy came in between, and she got shot. Waltrip escaped on his bike while the police came and took Dwight into custody.

In the ninth episode of “Tulsa King,” we will probably get to know if Dwight is able to find Waltrip and take his revenge or not. There is a probability that Stacy might survive her wounds but surely, she would be out of the game. Chickie will come to Tulsa, and that would mean that Dwight’s life would be in danger because Chickie never intended to resolve the issues in the first place. Dwight’s life and everything that he has created will be at stake, and it will be interesting to see how all the drama unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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