‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap & Ending – Who is Hee Do’s Pen Friend?


In the previous episodes of “Twenty Five Twenty One,” Na Hee Do managed to get a transfer to Taeyang High School. Her journey towards her dream has just begun. Baek Yi Jin has been suffering alone, but Hee Do’s arrival into his life is the only happiness he has found in the hard times. Hee Do and Yi Jin continue to move forward with their lives as they stumble, fall, and get up again to face the world.

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Will Yi Jin Meet His Father?

Hee Do’s daughter, Min Chae, has given up on ballet, but Hee Do still hasn’t given up on her. Min Chae has been reading Hee Do’s diary secretly and asks Hee Do why she didn’t give up on fencing if she wasn’t good at it. Hee Do is surprised and asks Min Chae if her grandma told her about it. Hee Do tells her that she didn’t give up because she loved fencing.

Hee Do gets into Taeyang High School and proves herself to be the second-best player after Yu Rim when she beats her in a spar. She is happy because she has idolized Yu Rim so far, but Yu Rim is not happy at all. She can see an opponent rising in front of her. While going home, Hee Do sees a man asking for Yi Jin’s workplace from his landlady. Hee Do runs as fast as she can and hides from Yi Jin, thinking the man will ask him for money. 

Yi Jin is relieved, but when he goes home, he finds a note with his name on it. The note is from his father, who came looking for him. He goes running towards the bus station and sees his father’s bus leaving the station. He chases the bus and his father sees him. To their relief, they finally get to talk to and see each other after a long time. Yi Jin promises his father that he will bring their family back together.

Hee Do and Yu Rim are practicing at night in the gymnasium when their senior comes in and starts scolding them for practicing without her permission. Yu Rim starts apologizing but Hee Do refuses to get bullied. She stands up for herself, getting both her and Yu Rim in trouble. The senior orders them to clean up the gymnasium and leaves. Hee Do denies her orders, but Yu Rim humiliates her, saying that average fencers like her have to do such things if they want to keep playing, and a gold medalist like herself will have the support of others no matter what. Hee Do gets hurt by her words and visits Yi Jin to uplift her mood. She asks him to say something without asking any questions, to say that Yu Rim was wrong. Yi Jin doesn’t say it and Hee Do leaves, being more upset. Hee Do and Yi Jin have promised each other to make the other happy.

After having a bad day, Hee Do goes on the internet to talk to her pen friend. She talks with that friend often, and they have agreed to not reveal any personal information. They do not use their real names as their user ids either. When Hee Do tells the friend about how a person humiliated her today, the friend tells her what she wanted to hear: that the other person was wrong. Ko Yu Rim, who is on the other side of the chat, does not know that she is talking about herself. Hee Do wonders if they have crossed paths in real life, to which Yu Rim replies that she would have recognized Hee Do if they had. They express their wish to meet each other someday.

How Does Hee-Do Get Into Qualifiers?

The top 24 players from the previous tournament are automatically qualified to compete for a spot on the national fencing team. From Hee Do’s high school, Yu Rim is already a member of the national team. Hee Do’s rank was 26th, and she missed the opportunity. However, a player from the top 24 drops out because her high school discards the fencing team, and another player drops out because her family cannot afford to support her. These tragedies of others turned out to be a miracle in Hee Do’s life. She moves up two spots and gets into the qualifiers. The same times that almost took her dream away from her have given her another chance at it.

Hee Do is elated and begs her coach to guide her so that she can win first place. Coach begins rigorous training with Hee Do, which she had not anticipated. Nevertheless, Hee Do is ready to give her all. The coach is giving personal attention to Hee Do, and it is a sight that Yu Rim cannot bear to see. She confronts the coach and asks why she is giving special treatment to Hee Do. Coach has a simple explanation: it’s because Hee Do requested it. Other players are too proud to ask the coach for help if they are lacking. Hee Do isn’t ashamed of her flaws; she wants to learn and improve. This only increases Yu Rim’s hatred towards Hee Do.

Yi Jin has been trying to find a job and interviewing wherever he can. He meets his dad’s acquaintance at an interview who could have helped Yi Jin land the job, but the results were already announced and Yi Jin did not pass the interview. The acquaintance hands him a check for 100,000 won instead. Yi Jin drinks two bottles of Soju before going home and just sits outside the door. Hee Do is still upset with him but talks to him when she sees that he is sad. Yi Jin falls asleep at the doorstep while talking to her. Hee Do covers him in a blanket and leaves a signboard near him that says that he did not pass the interview. Everyone in the neighborhood notices him, and he becomes popular as the guy who didn’t pass the interview. He gets upset with Hee Do but later realizes that people talking and joking about his failure has indeed soothed his pain and made it look like not a big deal.

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’  Episode  4: Ending – Perseverance Will Win Over The Times

Hee Do has been training rigorously as per her coach’s instructions, and the results are showing. She even learned how to dance, which taught her that rhythm is equally important in fencing. The coach scolds her for disobeying her senior. She makes Hee Do realize that her reckless behavior also shows in her game. She goes in without a plan, which only wastes her efforts. If Hee Do wants to practice at night, she needs her senior’s permission, so to get it she puts up an act and succeeds in getting her permission.

Hee Do has faced a lot of failures. She went from being a fencing prodigy to an average fencer, but that didn’t stop her from trying her best. She is not afraid of failure anymore. She is always joking and laughing because that’s what her failures have taught her to do: laugh them away. You cannot change your past, but you can work towards a better future. This quality of Hee Do also impresses Yi Jin, who always looks out for her whenever he is sad. She gives him hope. He is also trying his best to improve his life. He had never experienced failure before, unlike Hee Do, which made her a big motivation for him to keep going on. Maturity does not come with age, but it comes with experience, and both of them are maturing in their own way. Hee Do’s perseverance has been pushing her a step ahead at a time towards her dream. In the upcoming episodes of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, we will find out if she will make it into the national team or not.

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“Twenty Five Twenty One” Episode 3 & 4 are streaming on Netflix.

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