‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did The Police Find Reena’s Dead Body?


Under the Bridge, episode 1, showed how unexpectedly Rebecca found herself stuck amidst the case, which was going to change her life forever. Rebecca had come back to her hometown for a very different reason, and she had her conflicts to take care of. But during her initial days of stay, something happened that shook her from within. Rebecca met Josephine, and at the end of episode 1, we saw that the latter told her that she would tell her secret if she agreed to her terms and conditions. So, let’s find out what offer Josephine made and if the police were able to find out what happened to Reena Virk.

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What did Josephine offer Rebecca? 

In the previous episode of Under the Bridge, we saw that Josephine told Rebecca, when the latter went to see her in the police station, that she would tell her a secret. Josephine and other teenagers were released as the CCTV footage clearly showed that Reena was fine, and she walked towards the bus stop. Cam Bentland knew that Reena was not fine, but her hands were tied as the evidence they had was contradictory to her beliefs. Josephine didn’t have a place to stay that night since it was past her curfew time. Josephine told Rebecca that she would let her in on her secret if she promised to make her the central character of her novel. Josephine had literally assaulted a poor girl like a criminal just a day ago, and all she was concerned about was to go to New York and lead a life like John Gotti. Rebecca realized that there was something seriously wrong with the girl, but she played along because she wanted to know what happened with Reena.

We learned in Under the Bridge, episode 2, that Cam and Gabe, Rebecca’s late brother, were quite close to each other, and they were probably involved romantically, too. There were unresolved issues between Cam and Rebecca, and the former was surprised to see her in Saanich after almost a decade. Rebecca said that she would take Josephine’s offer, and that’s when we got to know what exactly happened with Reena. The way Josephine described the entire incident sent shivers down Rebecca’s spine. She could see the devil in Josephine’s eyes, and the former knew that she was suffering from mental health issues. Josephine told Rebecca that she had broken her teeth and kicked her in the stomach. She said that all the boys and girls joined her and made sure that Reena was taught a lesson, apparently for the damage she had caused to Josephine’s reputation. But that was not it.

After everybody left, Josephine waited because she knew that Reena would get up and come up on the road. Josephine once again caught Reena near the bus stop, and she pushed her from the bridge. Dusty and others had no clue about it, and she was as surprised as Rebecca was. Rebecca’s stomach started to churn when she heard the gory details of the crime. She had come to write her book on the misunderstood girls of Victoria, but now she didn’t know what to write. It was quite surprising to see how Josephine even dominated Rebecca, who must have been twice her age. Josephine was quite intimidating, and she forced Rebecca to attend the party where she was going. Rebecca called the police station from there, as she wanted to tell Cam everything, but just moments before the police found the dead body of the poor girl. 

What issues did Reena have with her mother? 

Suman Virk was a spiritual woman, and her way of dealing with things often caused a lot of rifts between her and Reena. One time, Reena wanted something special to be made for her birthday, but Suman told her that it was not what the almighty wanted them to do. Reena was always given a lecture about moral contamination, and I believe, as a parent, one should understand better that it is common for any teenager to feel that way. All the girls behaved in a certain way and did things, and obviously, Reena also felt like doing it. In fact, in a scene, we saw that Raj secretly got gifts for her on her birthday since he didn’t want to upset Suman. One time, Reena’s batchmates made fun of her  as her legs were not waxed. When Reena tried waxing her legs, Suman gave the little girl a lecture about how it was blasphemous to do such things. Reena obviously felt the peer pressure, and at that age, anybody would want to do those things. In my personal opinion, if Suman had been a little less stringent with her, things would have been a little better between her and her daughter. As teenagers, everybody feels rebellious, and it is the duty of the parents to deal with the situation in a certain way. For Reena, those big phrases where her mother told her that fixation on worldly things was not good didn’t make any sense, and so she started feeling that nobody understood her. She was being ridiculed by her peers for the way she looked, and she didn’t find any peace in her house either. 

How did the police find Reena’s dead body? 

Dusty was regularly giving blank calls at the Virk residence, and when Cam looked into the matter, she found out who it was. Dusty just hoped that one day Reena would pick up, but deep down, she knew that she was delusional. Dusty wasn’t there when Josephine pushed Reena down the bridge, but she still knew that something bad had happened to her. Dusty told Cam everything, and she was on her way to take Josephine into custody when the fateful news reached the police station. A group of travelers saw a great blue heron sitting on a dead body floating in the water. 

Also, at the end of Under the Bridge episode 2, we got to know that some criminal proceedings were going on against Manjit Virk, and finally, he got a clean chit, and was acquitted of whatever charges were against him. Manjit was reading the letter when Scott arrived on his doorstep and gave him the tragic news. Josephine saw the news that the body had been found, and she reacted in such a manner as if she didn’t expect Reena to drown in the water. In the subsequent episodes, we would get to know the aftermath of the incident and what actions were taken against those who were involved. 

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