What Happened At Wolfhagen In ‘The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself’ Season 1? Did The Prophecy Come True?


Be it any political party, community, or group, internal conflict often becomes the reason for their downfall. Jessica and Soul saw a rebellion rising inside their ranks. There were hunters who were not happy with the state of things. Soul had become a dictator and was doing things according to his whims and fancies. In the 6th episode of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself,” we saw that Bjorn was not happy with Soul’s newfound authoritarianism. Bjorn started to have doubts about Soul’s intentions. He saw that the commander-in-chief was driven by his own personal agendas. He asked Soul what he was trying to achieve by killing the innocent Blood Witches. Soul told him in a threatening tone that their aim was to kill Marcus Edge. He said that he wouldn’t stop unless and until he had taken revenge from the wolf. Bjorn believed in the prophecy which said:  “his own blood will kill the wolf.” Soul hadn’t told anybody that he was trying to cast a dark and prohibited magic spell called the Bottle Witch. He wanted to kill Marcus Edge himself. Aoife had called Soul and told him that she had a lot of Fairborn soldiers with her who could help his cause. She asked him to come to Wolfhagen so that they could fight Marcus Edge together. But it was a trap. Aoife had acted under the orders of Marcus Edge. The wolf was waiting for Soul to arrive at Wolfhagen. Soul thought that he was the one who was driving the narrative ahead, but little did he know, the reins were still being controlled by Marcus Edge.

What Happened At Wolfhagen? Did The Prophecy Come True?

Soul made the “Bottle Witch” concoction and consumed it in front of Jessica. The Bottle Witch’s spell worked, and it made Soul as powerful as Marcus Edge. Bjorn had gathered all the soldiers who were against Soul, and together with them, he came to confront Soul and Jessica. Bjorn told Soul that he was being relieved from his duty as he had lost the trust of his followers. But an intimidating Soul was able to break the unity of the rebels. Bjorn and a few others were held captive, and then eventually, Soul killed them. Soul and Jessica both knew that before waging war on the enemy, they had to crush the rebellion that was widening the cracks inside their faction. 

Soul ate everybody’s heart and took their powers. Annalise wanted to call her father because she believed that if she talked to him, then he would understand that whatever he was doing was not right. When Annalise called him, Jessica shapeshifted and transformed into Soul. Annalise didn’t realize that she was not talking to her father. Jessica told her to come to Wolfhagen, and she agreed. Soul didn’t know anything about it. Jessica knew that they would need Annalise by their side if they wanted to kill Marcus Edge. Annalise was probably the only person who had the power of decimation. Though Soul had a lot of trust in himself because of his newly acquired powers, Jessica somewhere thought that he was being a little arrogant and overconfident about it.  

As soon as the Fairborn army reached Wolfhagen, they realized that they had been tricked. A lot of people were of the opinion that they should leave the place immediately, but Soul didn’t want to go anywhere. His ego was bruised, and he just wanted to face Marcus Edge and prove his own worth. Soul was shocked to see that his daughter, Annalise, also came to Wolfhagen. He told her that she shouldn’t have been there, but it was too late. Jessica wanted Soul to take his daughter’s powers. She told Soul that before Marcus came and took Annalise’s powers, he should do it and save their clan from perishing. Before Soul could do that, Nicky and Hugo, together with other blood witches, attacked them. Soul killed Ceelia and the other blood witches and escaped into the woods. Annalise came face to face with her arch-nemesis, Jessica. Annalise was about to kill her when something inside her told her to stop. Annalise was not as cruel and barbaric as Jessica. She didn’t want to unnecessarily cause bloodshed. Jessica could no longer use her powers properly. She wasn’t able to accept her defeat. Jessica wandered off into the woods, not knowing what to do with her life.

Nathan finally met his father in the woods. He asked Marcus Edge whether the prophecy was going to come true. Marcus had the power to know how he would die, and an eager Nathan wanted to know if he had a role to play in it. Marcus didn’t tell him anything definitive. He told him that time would tell if the prophecy was going to come true or not. Nathan didn’t understand what was happening. What Nathan didn’t realize was that after the “Bottle Witch” spell, even Soul had transformed into a wolf. When Nathan once again stood in front of his rival, Annalise came to his rescue and used her power to kill her own father. The prophecy had finally come true, though not in the manner that the Fairborn council had expected it to come. It was probably the most difficult thing that Annalise had done in her life. She knew that her father was not right. She knew that he had transformed into something very evil. She knew that he had tortured and killed many people and that he had died. But still, it isn’t easy to kill your own blood. It is not easy to stand up against your own people. Soul had transformed into a villain, but before that, he had been a loving father. He cared for his children. Annalise had to fight all those memories that weakened her resolve. It broke her heart, but she did what was required of her.

Though Soul had been defeated, nobody felt like a winner at Wolfhagen. Everybody lost a bit of themselves in the battle. Nathan would probably become a heart eater in the upcoming seasons of “The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself,” and he would possibly try to put an end to the conflict once and for all.

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