‘Young Royals’ Season 3 Review: Does Wilhelm And Simon’s Love Story Still Hold Up?


If you’re anywhere in the atmosphere of the queer media scene, you’ve likely heard of the popular Swedish gay romance show Young Royals. And if you haven’t, then, my friend, you’re missing out on some perfectly angsty teen drama. What fans truly appreciate about the series about a young crown prince and his working-class lover is the fact that it showcases young people in the most natural light. Don’t get me wrong; not everyone has a crown prince in their school, so this level of drama will likely not exist for you. Still, there’s a sense of relatability in the way the kids look, carry themselves, and act around each other. In all honesty, before I watched the show, I was quite the skeptic. As much as I appreciate representation, at the time it seemed like we would get some sort of over-sexualized mess (case in point, some European Euphoria-esque show); however, I was pleasantly surprised by what we really got. Young Royals doesn’t simply tell the story of Wilhelm and Simon, though. The show explores aristocratic boarding schools and how they affect the students, ADHD, friendship, exploring sexuality, and so much more in a very dramatic (and also somewhat steamy) form. There’s no denying it; it’s an addictive show, despite its usage of EDM and hip-hop music (maybe your thing, but it completely takes me out of it). 

I’m not stalling; I’m just giving you a feel of what I appreciate about the show so I can step into the world of season 3 without inhibition. Young Royals season 3 turns up the drama a notch and continues to deliver an angsty romance between Wille and Simon. I mean, at this point, you’d imagine everything would be just fine between them and it’d be all love, but no, there’s still a lot of back and forth between them since they’re still young, vulnerable, and moldable kids. The pining and chemistry are still there, but there’s also a lot of tension. These two always know how to pull at our heartstrings. I suppose the timing of this release is quite helpful because you’d think being stuck with the same conflicts as season 2 might make the show a little bit tiresome, or at least take away from its flair just a tiny little bit. Don’t worry, there’s still a lot to take away this season, and since there is still one episode left to come out, it leaves you with a lot of questions and very little hope, in the very “Young Royals” way. 

This season, though it may be one of redemption, there’s one character who seems to be deteriorating by the day, and that’s the protagonist, Willhelm. Though he was always a little bit immature, he had a sense of innocence about him earlier on. Now, there seems to be a dark turn, one that’s hard for even Simon to understand. What will this lead to for them? How will they deal with this struggle? Since the show has had enough time to give us a little bit about some other characters as well, we go further into their struggles as well. Specifically, August’s trajectory this season is one that’s upward for sure. I wouldn’t say he’s completely changed, but you can feel the remorse he feels for everything he’s done in the past, and there is a genuine sense of hope in his character. Actor Malte Gardinger is so wonderful at eliciting vehement hate from within me, but at the same time, his dimple-y face also portrays hurt beautifully, leaving you feeling at least a little pity for August. I suppose some characters always have to take the back seat, and this season that was Felice. However, we do get to see her struggle with her distance from Sara for a little bit. In the meantime, Sara gets a lot more screen time than her best friend as she tries to bond with a different family member. Sara has been making mistake after mistake since she came into Felice’s life; to think she’s the reason any of this happened at all is frankly appalling and sad at the same time. However, now she has the time to focus on herself and reflect. Even if that means being hated by her brother for a little bit, We get to see a new bond grow, which is both adorable and nerve-wracking at the same time. 

This season focuses a lot on aristocracy and privilege. We get to see how different Willhelm and Simon truly are, and it sometimes makes you wish they would just stop being together. Don’t come at me; I love them together too, but there’s only so much hurt one can bear. Of course, the rivalry between Wilhelm and August is as strong as before. We see them both trying to take charge, and this affects both of them mentally. For Willhelm, it’s between family—his heritage—and Simon—his love. On the other hand, for August, it’s all about who he is in front of the world. In the middle of all of this, there’s a massive crisis in Hillerska. There’s a chance the school will be shut down after a scandal breaks out, and it’s up to the kids to try and save the day. Is Hillerska worth saving? What’s so special about this prestigious school? Will Simon and Felice be able to dedicate themselves to its cause? You’ll find out in Young Royals season 3.

For the most part, season 3 of Young Royals follows the same patterns as the rest of the show. It’s got the raves, the makeouts, the adorable outfits; I really appreciate the effort in hair and makeup for some of these characters; and most importantly, it drops the drama like a sack of hot potatoes, ready to be gobbled up on a cold winter day. If you’ve liked the show thus far, you’re definitely going to enjoy season 3. There’s no denying that it’s just as good as the first season and a little bit better than the second one, which felt a little bit dull in comparison. Although the wait for the finale is leaving me very anxious and excited at the same time, I’d give the third season 4 out of 5 stars, as it delivers exactly what you expect from it and more. You’re going to really appreciate that last episode and Edvin Ryding’s acting in one particular scene that will leave you completely gobsmacked. With that said, I will leave you to go watch Young Royals season 3, which I’d recommend stretching until next week only because it would reduce the wait time for the grand finale. 

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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