‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending Explained: Why Did Jimmy Baxter Threaten Michael?


Jimmy Baxter is envious of Michael Desiato’s friendship with Fia. To witness the relationship that he failed to achieve with his daughter bloom right in front of his eyes was not easy for Jimmy. In episode 4 of “Your Honor” Season 2, Jimmy Baxter offers Desiato the opportunity to get over their past and start a new relationship. Everything was going according to what Olivia had wanted, and she was excited by the possibilities. In Episode 3 of “Your Honor” season 2, Eugene stole the bag of cash that Lil Mo had brought along to make the drug deal, and in the new episode, we get to know what Eugene decides for his future.

Spoilers Ahead

Eugene Jones: Hunt For The Money

Lil Mo and Trey were locked in prison, and Eugene was left with a bag of cash. He brought the cash home and hid it under his bed. Aunty Sheila was devastated when she learned that her son was in prison. All her life, she had protected him by keeping him away from Big Mo and her shady business, but even after all her sacrifices, Trey grew up to be interested in Mo’s business. She refused to bail him out of jail, knowing that they must have gotten into big trouble. She questioned Eugene about his involvement in the case, and he continued to maintain his innocence. Rodrick, the new dealer, came to Sheila’s house in search of Trey and Lil Mo. They broke the deal, and he was not going to let them escape easily. Lil Mo contacted Eugene from prison and asked him to protect the money at all costs until he was released. Lil Mo was soon released from prison by Big Mo, and he immediately reached Sheila’s house to get the money. The house was completely ransacked by Rodrick’s men. Lil Mo checked Eugene’s house, but he could not find the money anywhere. Just when he thought all hopes were lost, Big Mo informed him that Eugene was brave enough to travel to New Orleans to safely hand over the money to her.

Eugene Jones has clearly made a choice. By traveling to New Orleans, he proved his loyalty to Big Mo, and hence we can expect her to take him back into the business even though it might seem risky to begin with. Eugene was not looking for a new life; he simply wanted to be back amongst the people who took away his entire childhood from him.

Jimmy Baxter’s Birthday Party

Jimmy met Michael Desiato in Fia’s room. They were both grandparents now, and he decided to include Michael in family events. He invited him to his 50th birthday party and asked him to bring along his best friend, Charlie Figaro. Olivia was delighted when she learned about the invitation. She was now confident that her plan was working, and Jimmy was considering Michael to be his family. Michael was hesitant about taking Charlie along to the party, knowing how risky it could be if Jimmy found out about Charlie’s dark past. Olivia insisted on giving Jimmy whatever he wanted, and she ensured that she would keep Charlie out of trouble. Michael approached Charlie and invited him to Jimmy’s birthday party. Charlie was completely against the idea initially, but when Michael explained that he was a grandfather now and needed to be on good terms with the Baxter family, he understood. He believed that Jimmy was using Michael once again, but nonetheless, he agreed to consider his invitation to the party. By inviting Michael to the birthday party, Jimmy was able to win his daughter’s heart. Fia had stopped attending all family occasions, but the moment he mentioned that he had invited Michael, there was a change in her expression. As a father, he wanted to do everything in his power to display his affection for his daughter, even if that meant inviting the man he once considered his enemy.

Charlie joined the party only because he wanted to be there for the little one. It eventually became obvious why Charlie was invited to the birthday party. Since Charlie did not agree with Baxter’s plan to build Baxter District, Jimmy wanted to include him in his family to further blackmail him into greenlighting his plan. He announced that because Charlie was Adam’s godfather, he wanted him to be Rocco’s godfather as well. Charlie did not protest and continued to play along with Jimmy Baxter. Episode 4 of “Your Honor” season 2 introduces Jimmy’s father-in-law, Carmine Conti. Gina had the Conti genes, and going by how aggressive she was; we can only assume what Carmine would bring to the table. The Conti family was known for their brutal approach to threats, and we can expect to see more of Carmine Conti this season.

Season 2, Episode 4: Ending Explained: Why Did Jimmy Threaten Michael?

Soon after announcing Michael as his new family member, Jimmy’s bodyguard brought Michael to the basement. He checked his entire body to locate any spying device attached; clearly, Jimmy was doubtful of Michael’s sudden involvement with his family. Thankfully, right after entering the party, Michael got rid of the device Olivia had planted to record every discussion. He somehow assumed that it would land him in trouble, or perhaps he simply did not wish to be monitored by Olivia. Nonetheless, his decision saved Olivia and her elaborate plan to completely destroy the Baxter family. Jimmy Baxter watched from afar as his bodyguard punched Michael in the stomach. He announced that Michael was clean. Jimmy walked up to Michael and expressed his concern over how he was hovering over his family, raising suspicion. His sudden closeness to Fia was primarily why Jimmy doubted him, and the fact that he dared to mess with Carlo’s head further made the intervention necessary. Jimmy feared that Michael planned to take his daughter away from him to seek revenge. Michael confirmed that he did not have any ill intentions toward his daughter, but Jimmy could not help but feel strange about the multiple coincidences, ranging from Michael delivering meat to his hotel to drinking at his bar to meeting his children behind his back. The fact that Michael was released from prison early made Jimmy all the more doubtful of himself. Michael explained that he was released from prison because he tried committing suicide, and the prison officials were not ready to take the blame for his decision. Michael requested that Jimmy pull the trigger and end his misery, but Jimmy refused to be his executioner. Jimmy did not expect Michael to be this vulnerable, and the fact that he was not threatened by death made it all the more uneasy for Jimmy.

Michael, for the moment, has managed to prove his innocence to Jimmy Baxter, though it seems he might not be interested in continuing with Olivia’s plan. He was doubtful of her elaborate scheme and did not believe it had the potential to bring down the family. Moreover, he knew how unplanned ideas could result in the loss of lives, and he was not ready to act mindlessly. The fact that Olivia had inserted a recording device further shows how she barely knew what Jimmy Baxter was capable of. Michael now only has Fia and little Rocco as his family, and he surely was not ready to lose them to serve a bigger purpose. We are yet to find out why Carmine Conti returned to New Orleans after all these years and how much trouble Charlie Figaro will be in for going against the Baxter plan.

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