’57 Seconds’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Anton, Franklin And The Ring?


57 Seconds, directed by Rusty Cundieff, is a sci-fi thriller that follows the journey of a young boy who is adamant about making this world a better place to live in. He had lost his sister a few years ago, and after that, he went on a quest to find out if it was possible for mankind to be free from all diseases and achieve optimal health without becoming dependent on medication. He made a lot of discoveries on his intriguing journey, and he exposed a lot of people who were in the pharmaceutical business and were disregarding human life and creating pills only for monetary gain. There was another business tycoon who shared similar interests with Franklin, and that is why the latter desperately wanted to interview him and know about his future plans and what was next in line for him. So, let’s find out what Franklin ends up finding on his journey and if he is able to achieve what he set out for.

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What did Franklin find out about Anton Burrell’s ring?

Franklin desperately wanted to meet Anton Burrell and take his interview. The man had created tribands, which were like smart watches, that kept informing a person about their vital signs and, in addition, told them the kind of choices they should be making to live a happy and healthy life. But now, Anton wanted to go a step further, and he was on the verge of developing a technology that could make humans make healthy choices by default. Burrell claimed that through his technology, people wouldn’t have to be told that they needed to eat healthy, but they would make sustainable choices by default, and that too very happily.

The technology was supposed to decode the DNA of the person, monitor their psychology, and then make them naturally enjoy all the things that are good for their health. Franklin arranged for the triband that he needed to make an entry with the help of his friend Andy, and he went backstage and waited for Burrell to arrive. Burrell came, but he realized that Franklin was not authorized to be there and that he told him that he was not going to give an interview to him. Franklin was disheartened, but then an opportunity presented itself in front of him. A man came on stage with a gun with an intention to kill Burrell, but Franklin intervened at the right time and saved Burrell’s life.

Anton Burrell felt indebted to Franklin, and he told him that his people would contact him and tell him about when the interview could happen. Anton’s ring had fallen on the stage, and luckily Franklin found it, and that’s when something weird happened to him. Franklin unintentionally rubbed the stone on the ring, and he went back in time, and once again, he witnessed the same set of events. Franklin went back home, and he did it a couple of more times, and he figured out that the ring had the power to take a person 57 seconds back in time. Franklin knew that he had hit the jackpot, and he could now completely revamp his life and get all that he had always craved.

Why didn’t Franklin want to work for Sig Thorenson?

While trying to get into the Trinity Conference, Franklin met a girl named Jala, and he was smitten the moment he laid eyes on her. Jala also liked Franklin, and they expressed their love for each other and decided to get married as soon as possible. Franklin knew that now that he had the ring, he could bring his life back on track, though he hadn’t told Jala that he had made use of it to appease her in the beginning. He knew that there was a possibility that she might get mad at him and blame him for playing with her feelings, and so he kept it a secret.

Franklin went to the casino and won so much money that the authorities got skeptical of him and threw him out of there. He also got an opportunity to interview Anton Burrell, but he didn’t reveal to him that he had his ring. Burrell told him that back in the day he had found a magical substance that had quantum particles in it. Burrell said that he could use it to attain the dream of optimal health and improve the life expectancy of people by a huge margin.

In 57 Seconds film, Sig Thorenson also came across the articles that Franklin had written about his company, and he asked his assistant to make an offer to Franklin and see if he wanted to work for them. Franklin told Thorenson’s assistant, Calvert, that he didn’t want to work for him because it was because of the opioids that his pharmaceutical company produced that his sister was no longer in this world. But then, after some time, Franklin thought that if he somehow gained the trust of Sig Thorenson, he might get to know his weak points and expose his real identity to the world. Franklin knew that working for Sig was against his conscience, but he also knew that it was probably the only way he could bring his malpractices to light and tell the world how big of a fraud he was. Franklin missed his sister, and what pricked him even more was how miserable she was when she left this world. Franklin blamed Sig’s opioid for his loss, and he was adamant about taking revenge on him, even if he had to put his life at stake for it.

How did Franklin expose Thorenson?

Thorenson was very curious to know how Franklin won so much at the casino and how he was always able to predict what was going to happen. Thorenson was not ready to believe that it was only luck and gut feelings, and he knew that Franklin was hiding something. He tried to lay a trap for him to procure something that could be used as collateral. But Franklin was always cautious, and he didn’t fall into his trap for the longest time. One fine day, a man trespassed Thorenson’s property with the intention of killing him, as he blamed him for the death of his wife, Susan Miller, who worked at Sig’s pharmaceutical company. That man came and killed Thorenson, Calvert, Renee, and even Jala, but just at the right moment, Franklin used his ring to go back in time, and then he smashed a bottle on that killer’s head, making him unconscious and saving all the lives.

Two things happened at that moment in 57 Seconds film: firstly, Thorenson became even more restless to know how Franklin was doing it, and secondly, Jala got to know that the ring had the power to take a person back in time. As expected, Jala got angry at Franklin, as she felt like he had broken her trust. Thorenson, on the other hand, spiked Franklin’s drink, made him get intimate with a few female escorts, and finally got the leverage he needed to blackmail him. At that moment, Franklin decided that he had enough, and he would use the ring to get all the evidence he needed to incriminate Thorenson. Franklin knew that Thorenson had killed Susan Miller, his employee, and then told the world that she had committed suicide. Franklin called his friend Judy and asked him to show all the video evidence on the jumbotron during the game that was supposed to happen that evening. Sig Thorenson got exposed once the world came to know that not only had he killed Susan Miller, but he was also aware of the kind of impact that his drug, Zonastin, was capable of having. Franklin then packed his bags and decided to leave the town, but before he could do so, Sig’s men got to him and abducted him.

Why didn’t Franklin agree to work with Anton Burrell?

Thorenson had captured Jala also, and Franklin didn’t have any option but to board the plane with him and do what he was being told. Thorenson wanted Franklin to go in front of the world and curtail the damage that he had done. He wanted Franklin to make up some story and tell the world that Sig Thorenson was the most honest man who was working for the cause of humanity. When their plane was about to take off, the police officers started shooting at it, and one bullet hit the bullseye, and instantly, smoke started coming out of the wing fan area. During his last moments, Thorenson was able to figure out what Franklin’s ring was capable of doing as he accidentally touched it like Jala and experienced the entire thing firsthand. The plane crashed, and Thorenson couldn’t make it out alive though all the others somehow got saved. Thorenson would have died a satisfied man, as in his last moments, he came to know how Franklin was able to do what he did. He had been curious about it for a very long time, and it was only in his final few moments that he could quench his curiosity.

During 57 Seconds‘ ending, Franklin came to know that Anton Burrell knew that Franklin had the ring from the very beginning, but he wanted to see what he did with it. Anton wanted to check if Franklin was worthy of working alongside him or not, and the latter passed with flying colors. Franklin destroyed the ring, and that’s what impressed Anton even more. He told the boy that the offer still stood and that it was up to him what he wanted to do. Franklin made it clear that he didn’t want to play with time and subvert universal laws, as even 57 seconds could create disharmony and disunity. Franklin left with Jala, leaving Anton and his AI there. Though right now Franklin has decided not to work with Anton, we believe that his decision might change in the future. Anton was not a bad man, and probably, he had no hidden agendas, and he actually wanted to work for the cause of mankind. Maybe Franklin sees that in the future and decides to change his mind and join Anton in his endeavors.

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