‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 15 & 16: Recap and Ending- Has Jang Gang Returned To Songrim?


Previously, in “Alchemy Of Souls,” the king invited Master Lee to the palace, and he arrived with Jang Uk, Seo Yul, and Dang Gu. The Master revealed that he is a soul shifter and can easily see other soul shifters. In Songrim, Park Jin had become suspicious of Mu Deok and followed her to find her near a dead body. He suspected that Mu Deok was the murderer, and she had been hiding a big secret from them.

Did Park Jin Find Out Mu Deok’s Secret?

Master Lee reveals his story behind becoming a soul shifter to the king and in front of everyone in the palace. When he was meditating for a hundred straight days, his pupil came to check on him and found him dead. Without wasting time, he cremated his body. However, the Master only practiced Hwasu but couldn’t go back into his body and shifted his soul into a dead child’s body. The king praises the Master’s powers, and the Master doesn’t waste any more time and tells the king that he will find the soul shifters. Before that, he has brought a gift for the king and asks Uk to bring it inside to get a reward.

Master Lee has brought Gwigu, the dog that can detect soul shifters. The queen gets scared but acts like she has been offended. She says to the king that Songrim is trying to disrespect the royal family by bringing a beast into the palace. Neither the king nor the Prince finds it wrong, but the queen starts lashing out at the Master. As the Master had said, the soul shifters reveal themselves when scared. However, he doesn’t say anything to the king. The queen had ordered a eunuch to inform Jin Mu, and he came to the palace with his soldiers. He leaves the soldiers behind to not let Gwigu enter the palace, and Jang Uk has to fight with them alone.

Jin Mu enters the palace and tells master Lee to take Gwigu back, and both of them get into a fight as Jin Mu disrespects the Master. However, at the Prince’s request, the king stops the fight and doesn’t accept Gwigu as a gift. Before leaving the palace, Master Lee assures the king that just like in the past, someone has been born with the king’s star. Daeho’s greatest Master, Seo Gyeong, was born with the king’s star and saved Daeho from destruction. Master Lee leaves the palace before Uk could bring Gwigu inside, but the Prince invites them to thank the Master. After a while, the Master tells everyone to leave and asks the Prince to give him Naksu’s sword.

After Park Jin finds Mu Deok near the dead body, they also find more dead bodies at the same place, but Mu Deok runs away in fear, which increases his suspicion of her. She goes to Maidservant Kim and requests her to take her Jinyowon because she had met Cho Yeon at the inn and could prove her innocence. So Yi has been killing everyone who knew her with the help of Jin Mu’s soldier, and she checks if Mu Deok recognizes her. She spares Mu Deok.

So Yi gets ready to become Bu Yeon genetically. Cho Yeon’s father sends a worm inside So Yi that has Cho Yeon’s blood. At this time, he reveals that he doesn’t care about fake Bu Yeon because Cho Yeon is his only biological daughter.

After returning to Songrim, Uk gets taken to the secret room to wait for Park Jin. He doesn’t know what has happened, but when Yul finds out about the murders, he sees the bodies and recognizes that they are the thugs who were after So Yi. Cho Yeon comes to Songrim and tells Park Jin that Mu Deok couldn’t have done it as she met her in the inn, and the timings don’t match. Park Jin believes them, but he still needs to know what secret Mu Deok has been hiding. He visits Uk first and tells him that if their answers don’t match, Mu Deok will die. Mu Deok would be dead already if Park Jin knew she was a soul shifter, so Uk gives a different answer. 

Park Jin says the same thing to Mu Deok, and after thinking for a while, she gives him the answer, and both of them are set free. Both of them showed Park Jin the jade ornament and told them that they liked each other. Uk is happy to see Mu Deok and relieved that their love saved them. However, Mu Deok is not enthusiastic and tells Uk to never let something as fickle as love gets in the way of a moment between life and death. Uk tells her that he cannot promise her anything about it.

How Does Fake Bu Yeon Open The Secret Relics Room?

Master Heo asks Uk to meet him and gives him Naksu’s sword along with a message from Master Lee. Master Lee has told Uk that if anyone uses the sword, that person will die, followed by Jang Uk. By anyone, he refers to Mu Deok, and Uk has to make sure Naksu never comes back. Cho Yeon’s mother is enraged at Master Lee for stealing Gwigu and goes to Songrim to bring it back. Gwigu attacks Cho Yeon, and her father gets scared for a minute before she reveals that she has used sorcery to make a love charm. Gwigu dies by her mother’s hand, and Dang Gu saves Cho Yeon from her. This leads the conflict down a different path as both the families oppose their love.

Dang Gu and Cho Yeon refuse to leave each other, which makes Cho Yeon a runaway as she refuses to go back home and Dang Gu an outcast as he gets thrown out of the home. With nowhere to go, they seek help from maidservant Kim, who lets them stay at their house. The suspicions against the queen have been raised by both Master Lee and Park Jin. Jang Uk carries out a secret mission to find out the Shaman Choi he had heard about from Eunuch Kim. While searching for her, he meets the Prince, who is looking for Eunuch Kim, who has disappeared. They visit Shaman Bong together, who tells them that no one knows whether Shaman Choi is alive or not, but her brother is alive and has married a rich woman. That brother is Cho Yeon’s father, who knows where the queen in Choi’s body is kept hidden.

Cho Yeon and Dang Gu were given a chance to come back if they promised never to see each other again. They deny doing so and choose to move to Jang Uk’s home. They have to bring their belongings, and Cho Yeon takes Mu Deok with her to Jinyowon. They see yet another blind girl and follow her to the secret relic room. Jin Mu hopes that his fake Bu Yeon can at least move the door, but it opens entirely, not because of her but because of Mu Deok, who is standing a little far away. Mu Deok and Bu Yeon had shifted souls, but her soul still seems to be inside Mu Deok’s body.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 16: Ending

Jang Uk asks the Prince to keep everything they heard from the shaman a secret because they don’t know who is helping whom. The Prince had come alone to do a secret investigation, but both he and Uk noticed that someone had been following them for a while. They decide to split to find out who is being followed exactly. After walking alone for a while, Jang Uk finds the unknown man following him and confronts him.

Back in Songrim, Park Jin allows Dang Gu to go and live at Jang Uk’s house because he has a task to do. He gives him a sketch of a man and tells him to report to him if he ever sees him there. Dang Gu doesn’t recognize who the person is, and Park Jin tells him that he is Jang Gang-Jang Uk’s father. He believes that he will come back because of all the rumors about soul shifters. The man following Jang Uk is his father, but will he be able to recognize him? Let’s find out in the next week episodes of “Alchemy of Souls.”

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