‘Argylle’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Elly Expose The Division?


Argylle, directed by Matthew Vaughn, had a stellar star cast and a lot of potential, but it miserably failed to harness that, and in the end, it turned out to be just another film that you would want to forget. The film had all the ingredients for it to become a good spoof-ish adventure ride, but somehow, it ended up spoiling its own cause. Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard, and even Bryan Cranston tried their level best to entertain the audience, but the screenplay was too weak and didn’t give them the support they needed. So, let’s find out what was happening in Argylle film and what Elly Conway, the famous writer, got to know about her identity.

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What did Aiden reveal to Elly?

Elly Conway’s novels had become bestsellers, and she was getting a lot of love from her readers. Her journey had begun five years ago, and she didn’t know that one day she would become such a big writer. Elly’s character was very close to her, and she had the same ideals that she had. Her stories revolved around agent Argylle and his colleague, Wyatt, and how they worked together for the intelligence agency. Elly was writing her fifth book, and once she wrote the rough draft, she sent it to her mother for reading. She trusted the judgment of her mother and anxiously waited for her reviews. Elly’s mother loved the book, but she had some issues with the ending. She found it to be way too abrupt, and she told Elly that she would come down to her house and try to find a better way to end things. Elly took the first train and left for her parents’ place. On the train, she met a peculiar-looking man who was not only a fan of her work but also a real-life spy. This man was Aiden Wilde, and his entire aura was very suspicious.

There were a bunch of guys who attacked both Aiden and Elly, and the latter had no clue why they were doing that. That’s when Aiden revealed to Elly that somehow, miraculously, whatever she was writing in her novels was coming true in real life. Elly was shocked, and it was too hard for her to believe that something like that could happen. Aiden did not tell Elly everything at once because he understood how difficult it could be to digest the information he had just passed on to her. The Division, the multinational spy syndicate about which she had written in her books, existed in real life, and Elly was shocked to find out that the people she believed were her parents were actually members of that organization. Director Ritter and Ruth had manipulated Elly and made her believe that she was their daughter. Elly didn’t know why anybody would do that, and she was in a very messed-up state of mind. There was a point in time in Argylle film when Elly thought that even Aiden Wilde wanted to kill her, but she was wrong, as he was the only person who was truly on her side and who wanted to save her at all costs.

What did the director, Ritter, want?

Aiden took Elly to Alfie’s hideout somewhere in France. Alfie, aka Alfred Solomon, was an ex-CIA agent, and over the years, he had tried to collect evidence to expose the Division. Back in the day, a hacker named Bakunin had managed to get some evidence, and he stored the entire intel on a flash drive, hidden inside a hollow silver bullet. Bakunin had been killed, but nobody ever got to know who was behind it. Another twist in the narrative came when Aiden revealed to Elly that she, too, was an agent, and whatever she had written in her novels was not a work of her imagination but came from her own experiences that were still present somewhere in her subconscious mind. Elly was the real-life agent, and Aiden and Alfie told her that her real name was Rachel Kyle. She was one of the best agents that the CIA had, but then she met with an accident and went into a coma. She was captured by the Division, and when they realized that she couldn’t recall anything from her past life, they hatched a plan. They decided to brainwash her and make her believe that she was a writer. They gave her visual triggers that made sure that her memories kept coming back to her without her knowing fully about her real identity. Their plan was successful, as they all ended up writing four books, and that helped the Division always stay a step ahead.

Was Elly able to expose the Division?

During Argylle‘s ending, Elly Conway, aka Rachel Kyle, finally came face-to-face with Ruth and Director Ritter, and that’s when another plot twist came. Elly was working for the Division in the past, and she was one of their best assassins. Elly got her hands on the flash drive, and she was shocked to find her name also there. Slowly, as her memories started coming back, she recalled that she was the one who had killed Bakunin. Ruth’s plan was to once again hypnotize Elly and make her go against Aiden Wilde. The Division wanted to stop her from transferring the file to Alice, and they were ready to go to any extent to do that. Elly realized that she was probably not the kind of woman she considered herself to be. There was a dark side to her, and now, slowly, it was all coming back. Aiden, on the other hand, wanted Elly to believe that, though she might have done some bad things in the past, she was a good person. He wanted her conscience to prevail, though he knew that it was an extremely difficult task.

In the end, when Elly turned on Aiden, he gave up, as he just couldn’t fight her. Elly was hypnotized, and she had no clue what she was doing. Ruth was playing a tune that triggered her and made her forget who she was. Elly was just about to kill Aiden when Keira, one of her colleagues who had worked on several missions with her, knocked down Ruth. The music stopped, and Elly came back to her senses. Elly and Aiden uploaded the file to the interface from where Alfie downloaded it. The Division was exposed, though the people never got to know that the timid writer was the one who had led the mission and saved the world. Elly completed her fifth book, and the readers loved it.

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