Will Anita And Fabricio End Up Together In ‘Back To 15’ Season 3?


In Back to 15, Season 2, we had expected that Joel and Anita would end up in a relationship and express their love for each other, but there were some things that happened out of the blue, and even Anita could not understand how the dynamics changed so quickly. Fabricio developed feelings for Anita, and for him as well as Anita, it was the most surprising thing. He had never seen Anita in that manner, but of late, he had found that something had changed inside her. It felt like Anita had matured, and obviously, he didn’t know that the reason for it was that she was actually 30 years old since she had come from the future. So, let’s find out how Fabricio and Anita came close to each other and if there is a possibility that we might see them together in Back to 15 season 3.

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How Did Anita And Fabricio Get Close?

Since the first season of Back to 15, Anita had never really liked Fabricio, and she always considered him to be a bully who enjoyed making people’s life miserable. But Fabricio was much more than what people perceived him to be. For the longest time, Fabricio was dating Luiza, Anita’s sister, and after their breakup, it did seem like both lovers had moved on in life. Luiza started dating Douglas, and she started seeing a future with him. But Fabricio could never really move on, and he still craved to be with Luiza. Anita had recently realized that she could use her Photoblog account and go back in time to when she was just 15 years old. Anita wanted to use the opportunity to rectify things so that her present life turned out to be exactly the way she had imagined. She first wanted to help her friends and stop them from making decisions that would become a concern for them in the future. Anita wanted Carol and Eduardo to break up, as she had seen how her life was going to turn out after 15 years.

At that time, Fabricio, Eduardo, Joel, and a few others were best friends, and Fabricio agreed to help Anita because, firstly, he knew that Eduardo wasn’t serious about Carol and that it would affect him if she left, and secondly, because he wanted to come close to Luiza. He asked Anita to say all the good things about him so that Luiza would be convinced to give him one more chance. Though Fabricio and Luiza came back on talking terms and even got quite intimate at one point in time, everything fell apart during Luiza’s birthday party. Fabricio couldn’t see her with Douglas, and he got drunk at the party and created a scene.

In season 2, things changed as Luiza moved out of Imperatriz, and strangely Fabricio started feeling attracted towards Anita. It might have happened because they both spent a lot of time together in the past, and somewhere, he saw that Anita had started really liking him as a person. When Luiza came back to Imperatriz, she noticed that Fabricio’s behavior towards Anita was quite different, and even she seemed to like his company. They were both in denial for the longest period of time, maybe because of the kind of relationship dynamics they had in the past. Anita always saw Fabricio as someone who liked her elder sister, and she never entertained the thought of having any sort of relationship with him, even after she evidently found him attractive. Fabricio, as opposed to his image of a bully, was quite open to understanding the perspectives of other people.

Meanwhile, one more thing that probably would have stopped Fabricio and Anita from acknowledging the feelings they had for each other was that Henrique and Joel both wanted to be with Anita, and everybody thought that she was going to end up with one of them. In season 2, Anita made it very clear that she wanted to change things in the past so that in the present, she would end up with Henrique. But obviously, Anita was confused, as she was just a teenager, and her infatuations changed every other day. Also, we had seen that Fabricio wasn’t very expressive; he took his own sweet time, and only when he was sure that the other person was interested did he take a step forward. When Anita didn’t make any moves, Fabricio decided that he would have to do something before it was too late.

Will Anita And Fabricio End Up Together In Season 3?

The ending of Back to 15 season 2 left us on a cliffhanger and made Anita confused once again. Anita was over Henrique, as she realized that things wouldn’t work out between them. Henrique and Carol finally expressed the feelings they had for each other, and they were happy that they finally found someone who understood them. Anita saw that Joel had been waiting for her all that time, and she decided to give it a shot and see for herself if things worked out with him. She told Joel that she would never leave him stranded on a date again, and both of them shared a few romantic moments in the end, just before Anita decided to go back to the present timeline. Anita came back to her home, and she was finally relieved that things had worked out the way she would have liked them to, and most of all, she was content this time around. She was just about to log into her Photoblog account when she heard somebody outside her window. She saw that Fabricio had paid her an unexpected visit, and she immediately went down to meet him. Fabricio finally expressed his feelings and made it very clear that he wanted to be with Anita. Anita, for a moment, didn’t know what to say or what to feel, but deep down, she was glad that Fabricio had taken that step.

Though Anita wanted to delete her Photoblog account, we don’t think that it is going to happen. Or if it does, then she will find another way to go back in time. We think that the romantic gesture made by Fabricio in the end once again changes the entire dynamic, as Anita will get even more confused now since, once again, there are two boys who want to be with her. We think that the chances of Anita ending up with Fabricio are much higher as compared to her being with Joel. Joel is a good guy, and he really loves Anita, but we think that Anita is somewhere more attracted to Fabricio. A lot will also depend upon what kind of future Anita sees for both of them and if she ends up in a mess in the present timeline, she will definitely want to go back in time and do things differently. We agree that there was a time when there were a lot of red flags about Fabricio, but we saw him change, and if he keeps at it, we believe that we might see a romance brewing between him and Anita in Back to 15 season 3.

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