‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Does Becka Find In The Basement?


Things are unfolding on screen, and all the hints that the makers have been dropping over the past few episodes are on the verge of being answered. We were really out here thinking that the show was just about the sisters’ attempts to kill their evil and manipulative brother-in-law. But it turns out, it is a lot more layered. “Bad Sisters” Episode 7 continues where the previous one left off—with John Paul jumping into the water. Let us see what happens after that.

Spoilers Ahead

The Investigation In The Present Day Storyline

In the current storyline, Becka and Matt are getting more comfortable with each other. Matt tells her that it is his father’s birthday that day, and he has to visit his grave with his brother. After their confrontation regarding the real nature of their father’s business, he has not spoken to Tom. Becka encourages him to go for it and reminds him that even his brother has lost his father. At the grave, both of them talk it out. Tom tells Matt that he is furious at his father for the way he lived and let others take care of his mistakes. They go home, where Theresa, due to her lack of internet access, has been studying the case. She asks them to talk to the guy who rescued JP the night he jumped into the water. That guy is Gabriel, and the brothers go to meet him. He tells them that they should talk to Eva and her sister Becka, who were there that night. He also informs them that JP believed that someone was trying to kill him.

We come to know that he and Eva have had some sort of a falling out. It remains to be seen why. But the information he has given the brothers changes a lot of things. Matt can no longer deny that his association with Becka might have compromised their investigation. And when you bring together the facts, they just learned with the bank cheque he found at her place, these are serious indications of guilt. It turns out that the bank account of Minna, who is JP’s mother, was completely empty. Is that something that Becka was aware of, or did she really never try to cash the cheque? Armed with the new evidence, they get permission from the Inspector to conduct a postmortem. Things are coming together for the Claffin brothers, and they might just find the clue that solves it all.

What Happens After JP Jumps In The Water?

After JP jumps in the water and the sisters watch him waiting for him to die, they realize that they don’t have much luck as their brother-in-law gets rescued by Gabriel, who happens to be on his boat. The sisters leave the place immediately, but they are seen by him. When he gets admitted to the hospital, Grace comes to visit him and is rather worried. Considering the messages, he left her; she was under the impression that she was the cause of what she assumed was a suicide attempt. JP tells her repeatedly that he did not try to commit suicide, but Grace is convinced by the optics of the situation. For now, JP wants to get to his office so that he can give the interview for the promotion. Eva’s interview has gone really well, and now he must either do better or pull her down. He meets Gabriel and asks him whether he had seen anything when he rescued him. But Eva had already asked him to keep it to himself that he had seen her. She tells him that she had come there to find him because she needed a drinking partner. She had left in haste because JP would have been embarrassed and raised a whole fuss if he had come to know that she had seen him in that state. Gabriel buys that explanation, at least for now, and doesn’t answer JP.

Elsewhere, the sisters send Becka to JP’s house to retrieve the inhaler with the drug, but she is almost caught by JP. He sees that she has put something in her pocket but doesn’t know what it is. After she leaves, he has an argument with Grace in which he ends up accidentally pushing her. Grace is injured and he takes her to the hospital. Over there, he spots Ben, who Ursula is having an affair with. She had not been taking calls from Ben, and he had come to meet her. Ursula tells him that she just needs some time. But it turns out Ursula has been largely absent from her home life as well. Her husband, Donal, asks her to be more involved. JP, on the other hand, is convinced that someone tried to kill him. He remembers flashes of the night before and remembers that he was the one to drive himself to the sea. But he also remembers Becka taking off his trousers, though he isn’t sure whether that actually happened or was just a hallucination. He even goes as far as to check whether Roger Muldoon was in custody the previous night, as he might have wanted to kill him after finding out what he had done. But he doesn’t get the confirmation he was looking for.

What Does Becka Find In The Basement?

Since Grace was in the hospital, she asked Becka to do the shopping for Minna. Every year, JP does it himself, but since he himself was just discharged, she needs Becka to do the task at hand. Her sister helps her out and goes to see Minna. Both the women start talking, especially about George. Minna believed that he would come back one day. While conversing, she mentions that JP spends more and more time in the basement. Before Becka can ask her more questions, Minna falls asleep. Becaks goes downstairs into the basement. It looks like a taxidermist’s studio, which we really don’t think is something JP would be up to. In the basement is a walk-in freezer. Becka finds the keys to that and opens the door. Upon a little inspection, she finds a frozen, decomposed body in there. Becka is shocked, but upon taking a closer look, she realizes that this dead body could be George. And “Bad Sisters” Episode 7 ends here.

Final Thoughts

The web is getting more complicated. In one of the previous episodes, we speculated that JP might be trans as he would wear his sister’s clothes in his childhood. Later, we came to know that it was his mother who would make him wear them. His mother claims that George would come back, but his daughter wouldn’t. We suspect that if the dead body really belongs to George, the sister might be close as well. And despite the fact that it looks like JP is the one to do the deed, we suspect that Minna has a huge hand in why the bodies are there, to begin with. Also, Matt is avoiding Becka. We had suspected that heartbreak was on the cards for her, but for it to come knocking on her door like that is really sad. We like Matt less and less, who is hot as hell but really very wishy-washy otherwise. We prefer his brother Tom, who, despite his lack of smoothness, is a responsible guy who takes care of his own. We want to know exactly how JP died. With the “Bad Sisters” finale close by, we expect to have all these questions answered very soon. And we are eagerly looking forward to next Friday for that.

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