‘Berlin’ Season 2 Theories And Predictions: What To Expect Next From Netflix Spanish Series?


Berlin season 1 made us privy to the time in the life of our protagonist, which he referred to as his golden era, and we got to know a lot about the man, his sensibilities, and his ideologies. We saw how Berlin was obsessed with the idea of love and had such extreme viewpoints about it. He was desperate to find that one soul mate, but it felt like life had a vendetta against him, and fate had decided that no matter how much effort he put in, he would always ultimately end up alone. Berlin’s plan to rob the auction house was a risky one, and he broke his own rules, thereby not only risking his life and that of others but also jeopardizing the mission. Had it not been for Damian, we don’t think that Berlin would have been able to escape from the hotel at the last moment.

Towards the end of season 1, Damian and Berlin realized that there was a possibility that Carmille would inform the police about what they were up to. Berlin saw the police entering the hotel, and looking at their body language, he realized that though Camille would have called them, she wouldn’t have really revealed anything to them because her love for Berlin would have come in between her motives. Damian and Berlin cleared up all the mess, made sure that they were not leaving even a single piece of evidence, and left their building before Raquell Murillo and deputy inspector Europol Spain, Alicia Sierra, came to his room. We saw that Berlin asked Keila to delete all the CCTV camera footage so that his name would not be in the police record. Raquel and Alicia knew that, though this time the fugitive had slipped from their hands, they would be a step ahead of him the next time. Raquell was quite certain that whoever was behind the robbery was a habitual criminal, and they wouldn’t be able to sit idle for long. The police authorities had realized one thing: they could only catch Berlin red-handed; otherwise, he would be too cautious about his actions, and he would never leave a trail.

The question that comes to mind is whether the police authorities will get to know any specific details about Berlin in the upcoming seasons or not. If you remember, in the Money Heist series, we were told that the only case registered against Berlin was that of vandalism, and he had never been charged for a single robbery that he committed due to the lack of evidence. Now I am very sure that if there is a season 2, then Berlin will once again play at the edge and somehow manage to get the better of the authorities, but there is a high possibility that Raquel and Alicia might get to see how he looks and what his name is. Maybe Raquel and Alicia won’t have the evidence to file a proper case against Berlin, but I believe they will get quite close to catching him and probably give him a sense that he was just a mistake away from prison.

After such an intense past, I could never imagine that Berlin would once again go back and plan another robbery, but I guess that’s how he was made. He must have liked that adrenaline rush way too much; otherwise, any prudent man would have never decided to plan another heist after getting such a scare. There is a possibility that we might end up seeing Professor and Berlin cross paths, though the latter will still work with amateur groups and not involve his half-brother in the scheme of things. In the second season, we might also see Titiana coming into Berlin’s life, as she is his fourth or fifth wife, and we might get to witness what made him fall for her. The robbery of the royal mint was still not going to happen for a good period of time, though one can expect references being made to the background work, the professor was doing at that point in time and what made it think that it would be the greatest robberies of all time.

As for Damian, we saw how he found himself at the latter end of the series. It was a hard pill for him to swallow when he got to know that his wife was in love with another man. He felt like his world was shattered, but then he looked at the brighter side of things and decided not to waste his life over something that he had no control over. We will definitely see Damian in season 2, and he will once again be at the helm of affairs and plan a kind of robbery that Spanish authorities had never witnessed before. As for others in the group, I believe that though some of them would want to dissociate themselves from any such criminal activities in the future, there would be some who would keep doing what they were doing and once again collaborate with Berlin in his future heists.

Berlin loved Camille, and we might see him meeting her in season 2 as well. We saw that though Camille was on board when her friend advised her to blackmail Berlin, she was not able to stop herself from getting intimate when she came in front of him. We believe that Camille will try to make contact with Berlin once again, as I felt that she hadn’t gotten her closure.

Though Camille might be at the back of Berlin’s mind, we believe that very soon, he will find love once again and give it his all, hoping to find a different kind of ending. Maybe we will be introduced to Berlin’s son too in the second season, and we will get to know the kind of relationship he shared with his father and what went through his mind when he betrayed him by hooking up with his wife. In Season 2, we will witness Berlin and Damian team up, probably with a new set of people, once again troubling the Spanish authorities and giving them a run for their money.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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