‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 11 And 12: Recap And Ending – Who Puts Jae Hui In Danger?


Previously, in “Cafe Minamdang,” Jae Hui was reinstated to work thanks to Han Jun, and this time, she could not sit still and let her seniors control her. She made an offer to Han Jun to let her work with him. When Han Jun declined her offer, she had to reveal that she was Jae Jong’s sister. She asked Han Jun to cooperate or threatened to put him in jail again. Jae Hui has decided to not go by the law and rules anymore.

Will Auntie Im Catch Han Jun?

Jae Hui proceeds to take Han Jun to the police station, and Han Jun is left with no choice but to accept her offer. He doesn’t want Jae Jong’s sister to get hurt, but she is adamant about finding the murderer herself. Park Sang Gi has been waiting for Han Jun to respond to his messages and finally gets a chance to visit him. Han Jun tells him that his father has been charmed by an evil spirit, and Sang Gi lets out Gu Tae Su and Auntie Im’s names. Han Jun has his doubts and tries to get more information from him. He understands that the real person behind everything is Auntie Im, and Sang Gi offers Han Jun 1.5 billion won to help his father get rid of the evil spirit.

Han Jun agrees to help him because of the money, but there is no information available about Auntie Im anywhere, and Hye Jun has no leads on her. They decide to go the traditional way and hold a party for shamans at Cafe Minamdang. Many Shamas attend the themed party, and Han Jun, Su Cheol, Hye Jun, and Na Dan start chit-chatting with them. Most of them hold a grudge against Auntie Im because she took all of their business. However, one particular shaman gets furious upon hearing her name. She learned Shamanism together with Auntie Im, but Im killed their godmother. Im is not just any Shaman; she is dangerous and helps only the wealthiest and most influential people in the country.

Auntie Im gets news about Han Jun inquiring about her and orders Gu Tae Su to get rid of him. Han Jun gets a tip that Auntie Im is going to attend a signing event for a big corporation as a guest. He disguises himself as a waiter and enters the event. On the other hand, Cha Do Wan gets an invitation to the event as his brother Cha Seung Wan is one of the directors signing the deal. Jae Hui goes to the event as his partner and keeps her team on call for emergencies. Jae Hui’s team found in an investigation that Gu Tae Su is a borrowed name and his real name is Im Yeong Ju. Jae Hui is searching for Tae Su at the event but sees Han Jun instead.

Disguised as chefs, Han Jun and Su Cheol serve food to Im with a bug planted under her plate. They hear that the mayor has murdered Kang Eun Hye, and that they will have to get rid of Gu Tae Su soon. When Cha Seung Wan joins them, Im checks her plate suddenly and finds the bug on it. She orders Tae Su to handle Han Jun quietly. Gu Tae Su brings his men and kidnaps Han Jun and Su Cheol. Hye Jun can see them and calls Jae Hui for help. By the time she finds them, Tae Su has already left in his van. Jae Hui calls her team for backup and tries to follow Tae Su’s van.

Where Is Gu Tae Su’s Secret Hideout?

Hye Jun has been keeping track of Tae Su’s vehicle with the hacked CCTV camera, but she is scared that they will enter an area with no cameras. Hye Jun is on her own now and has to make quick decisions. As she feared, they enter a no-camera zone, but she remembers there is a camera in Han Jun’s glasses and turns it on. She sees a signboard with the camera until Tae Su breaks Han Jun’s glasses. Jae Hui receives help from the police unit and tracks Tae Su’s car. Tae Su has left after ordering his men to finish Han Jun, but Su Cheol is still unconscious. Han Jun hits Su Cheol in the head, and he wakes up annoyed and starts beating Tae Su’s men. He takes care of them all single-handedly, and Jae Hui comes in to finish the fight.

Hye Jun was scared to death, and when Han Jun and Su Cheol go back home, she hugs Su Cheol first and takes him to the hospital. She asks Jae Hui to stay with her brother in case anything happens to him. Jae Hui is worried and puts bandages on Han Jun’s wounds. She sees the figurine that she gifted Han Jun when she was younger, and they start flirting over it. Every time they try to kiss, a phone call disturbs them. Su Cheol took Hye Jun to his home, and she confessed that she likes him and also knows that he has the same feelings for her. Su Cheol is scared to make the next move, but Hye Jun goes ahead and kisses him first. They return home the next day to find Han Jun and Jae Hui sleeping together, but Han Jun scolds both of them for staying out together the whole night.

Despite the new romance, the investigation hasn’t stopped, and based on Tae Su’s credit card transactions, Han Jun singles out Hotel Forte, a place he frequents. He invites Jae Hui to go there with him, but he’s excited like it’s a date. Soon enough, Cha Do Wan arrives and cuts down Han Jun’s fantasy. From the bartender’s description, they guess that Tae Su’s secret hideout must be in the woods near the camping site. All of them set out to check all the camping vans to find the traces of Tae Su. Meanwhile, Cha Do Wan meets his brother and asks him if he has any ties with Gu Tae Su. He tells him that his father should not have backed him when he made a big mistake in the past.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 12: Ending

Han Jun and Jae Hui split their teams to find the RV faster. Jae Hui’s team has yet to arrive at the location, and she has been searching for the RV alone. Han Jun hasn’t been able to find anything yet, nor has Su Cheol nor Hye Jun. Jae Hui’s boss found an old picture of Im Yeong Ju’s burnt house and realized that Gu Tae Su had burnt his own house, and it was his first case. Tae Su has cameras near his RV and sees Jae Hui finding it and trying to break in. He uses his credit card at a gas station and alerts the police officers on purpose to reroute them.

Jae Hui breaks into Tae Su’s RV and informs Han Jun. He is on his way to the RV, but Tae Su reaches there first and locks the RV from outside. He pours fuel on it and sets it on fire. Jae Hui is stuck inside and crying for help. Han Jun sees the RV on fire but runs into Tae Su first and starts beating him. This moment reminds him of the past, when Jae Jong was set on fire, and Han Jun was beating Tae Su. Han Jun regretted not helping Jae Jong first, and now he is in the same situation again. Will he be able to save Jae Hui? We will probably find it out in the next week’s episode of the series.

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