‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Does Tae Su Finally Get Arrested?


In the previous episode of “Cafe Minamdang,” Jae Hui and Prosecutor Cha joined hands with Nam Han Jun to work on the case together. Han Jun and Jae Hui got closer after she revealed that she was Jae Jong’s sister. While searching for Gu Tae Su’s hideout, Jae Hui got inside his RV, but Tae Su found her sneaking inside and set fire to the vehicle. Han Jun reached there but had to choose between catching Tae Su and saving Jae Hui.

Who Are Auntie Im And Gu Tae Su Working For?

Han Jun lets Tae Su go and saves Jae Hui from fire. He gets hurt while protecting her, and Jae Hui doesn’t let go of the evidence. Hye Jun has been surprised to see her brother losing his cool and panicking for the first time, and she thinks he has fallen deeply in love with Jae Hui. However, Han Jun and Jae Hui start arguing again, which breaks Hye Jun out of her belief. They continue their investigation and find a suspicious club named N.Joy Club. Hye Jun tells them that it is a popular club among young people and is rumored to have drugs for sale inside. The club is also a big shareholder in Joyce Entertainment, and they suspect that drugs are the reason why they have a high turnover.

Prosecutor Cha proposes the idea of going undercover to the club to find out if drugs are really being sold there. Cha and Na Dan dress up as waiters and follow a man who has just sold a packet to someone. They find a private room and see red-colored drugs being traded openly. Jae Hui and Hye Jun also find the same drugs being traded and mark the man for Han Jun and Su Cheol to follow. They follow the man and reach the manager of the drug trading. On the other hand, Cha and Na Dan enter the room, and Cha tells the only woman that her drink has been drugged. Na Dan reacts quickly and calls Hye Jun for help. Hye Jun arrives with Jae Hui, and she takes down all the thugs by herself.

The drug is called Ruby, and it is not only a crime but can also serve as evidence of Joyce Entertainment’s illegal activities. Han Jun called Jae Hui’s teammates without her permission to raid the club and the hotel as well. The hotel and the club are owned by Park Jin Sang’s father, and the hotel has ledgers keeping records of all the illegal transactions. Han Jun has to find those, and thankfully, he meets Jin Sang. He makes Jin Sang tell him the secret room and password of the safe by talking about the ominous energy inside it. He finds the ledger, but Tae Su manages to snatch it and run away. Han Jun had hidden one of the ledgers and left the hotel with it.

Tae Su and Auntie Im visit Cha Seung Won after all the chaos at the hotel. Auntie Im had been working for his father and had taken Tae Su in when he had nowhere to go. Park Jin Sang’s father, Park Dong Gi, has become a threat now, and he orders Im to get rid of him. Han Jun knew it was coming and guessed where exactly Tae Su must have taken Dong Gi. Tae Su’s specialty is arson, and he takes Dong Gi to his childhood home, which he had set on fire to kill his father. Jae Hui and Han Jun reach his home and find Tae Su with a gas cylinder, ready to blow up the place and himself.

Does Tae Su Confess All Of His Crimes?

Tae Su plans to kill himself and call it his last mission. This puts Jae Hui and Han Jun in danger as well, so Han Jun tries to manipulate Tae Su emotionally. He tells him that he can sense Eun Hye’s spirit around him, and she is telling him to stop what he is doing. If he is guilty of what he did to her, he should punish those who killed her and not kill himself. Tae Su saw his mother’s reflection in Eun Hye, and that’s why he gifted her shoes similar to his mother’s. While Han Jun persuades Tae Su, Su Cheol pushes Tae Su away from the gas cylinder, and Jae Hui handcuffs him. They arrest him and Park Dong Gi as well, and this has become a headache for Seung Won and makes him impatient.

Tae Su confesses that he has murdered everyone so far and refuses to involve Auntie Im in any of it. Han Jun and Jae Hui are happy that they caught Jae Jong’s murderer, but still want to catch the mastermind behind everything and the reason Jae Jong had to die. Both Han Jun and Jae Hui visit Jae Jong’s memorial separately to share the news with him. Han Jun goes camping alone to remember the old days with his friend, and Jae Hui joins him. They get a little romantic retreat, and Han Jun promises Jae Hui to ask her out properly after all of this is over. They head back when Han Jun gets a call from Park Jin Sang.

Now that Park Dong Gi has been arrested, Seung Won has to push back the announcement of his construction project. He threatens Dong Gi to not expose them, or he will die. Once the project starts, a lot of people will get scammed by investing in a fraudulent project, and the only way to stop it is to expose the investors. Mayor Lee Myeong Jun is one of the investors in the project and a key suspect in Eun Hye’s murder. Han Jun has a video clip with him in it, and he sends it to the police as an anonymous tip. The police get an arrest warrant against him and are on their way to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new project.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 14: Ending

Cha Seung Won initiated the groundbreaking ceremony, and Auntie Im joined them to perform a ritual for the project’s success. Auntie Im’s knife slips from her hand, and that’s when Han Jun enters and offers to perform the ritual instead because her prayers have been declined by the gods. All the investors are startled but cannot react because of the journalists present. Han Jun starts the ritual and eventually reveals the crimes of the investors and the video clip with Lee Myeong Jun in it. This creates chaos as the journalists and the investors get surprised and shocked alike.

Cha Seung Won is a mysterious person, and not a lot is known about him or his father. Do Won mentioned that their father should not have covered his crime, and it is revealed that Seung Won had murdered someone when he was a child. He was undergoing therapy for his antisocial behavior, and he remained violent until high school. It is unclear if he has recovered or if he is still violent like before, and if so, does that make him the mastermind behind everything? We will find out in the upcoming episodes of “Cafe Minamdang.”

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