‘Cobweb’ Ending, Explained: Did Miss Devine Rescue Peter? Was Sarah A Monster?


Every night, Peter was woken up by the knocking sound on his bedroom wall. The eight-year-old boy screamed for help, but the moment his parents entered the room, the sound stopped. Cobweb is a horror thriller that revolves around a lonely little boy, Peter, and his search to find what lies beyond the wall. Peter’s parents, Carol and Mark, blamed Peter’s vivid imagination for his nightmares. They constantly reminded Peter that whatever he heard was not real. Peter tried to ignore the knocks, but when the entity beyond the wall started to communicate with him, he stopped listening to his parents and spent most of his nights talking to her.

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‘Cobweb’ Plot Summary: Who Lived Behind The Wall?

The unknown entity was a girl who claimed to be Peter’s sister. Peter was a lonely kid, and it did not take much time for the entity to befriend him. Unlike most kids, Peter barely interacted with anyone at school. Peter’s only friend in school was Miss Devine, the new substitute teacher. She was a little concerned when she noticed a drawing made by Peter that had “help me” written on it. Miss Devine drove up to Peter’s house to talk to his parents, but Carol seemed rather defensive about the entire situation. Her behavior was odd, and Miss Devine could sense that she was hiding some secret. At school, Miss Devine tried to be more encouraging of Peter, but his bully, Brian, did not take it well. Brian destroyed Peter’s pumpkin carving to teach him a lesson. Peter was tired of being humiliated every day by his bullies, and he cried himself to sleep. The unknown entity advised Peter to seek revenge instead of crying at night.

The next day at school, Brian apologized for his behavior and brought a pumpkin for Peter, but Peter knew it was all pretense. After class, he followed Brian and pushed him down the stairs. Brian’s leg was twisted, and Peter was called into the principal’s office. Carol and Mark were shocked by Peter’s behavior. Their son had never indulged in violence, and they were concerned about his shift in temperament. Peter was expelled from school, and after returning home, his parents announced that he would spend some time alone in the basement. The door behind the fridge was opened, and Peter walked down the stairs to the dark, gloomy, and dusty basement. He was left there to reflect on his action, and the door to the basement was locked. Peter called the entity for help, but they were nowhere to be found.

Miss Devine decided to drive up to Peter’s house and hand over his answer sheet. She wrote down her number in case Peter needed to contact her for help. While Carol wanted Miss Devine to leave immediately, Mark invited her into their house. She noticed Mark’s hand was injured, and he blamed a loose nail for it. There was something peculiar about the couple, and all Miss Devine could perhaps think about was leaving the creepy house. Devine’s concern for Peter led to an argument, and she was asked to leave. Peter kicked the basement door in the hopes of getting rescued by Miss Devine, but Mark blamed the sound on the washing machine. The second meeting confirmed Devine’s fear—Peter was being abused by his parents.

Why Did Peter Kill His Parents?

Peter was allowed to leave the basement, and he promised his parents that he would behave better. As soon as Peter tried to go to sleep in his bedroom, the voice behind the wall called out to him. She warned Peter that his parents had sinister intentions and that he must be careful when dealing with them. Peter demanded to see her, and he was scared after taking one glance at her eyes. Apparently, Carol and Mark had kept her lock within the walls, which can only be accessed by a door behind the clock. She believed that Peter, too, would meet the same fate as hers. Peter had the worst nightmare; he imagined his parents as demonic beings attempting to murder him. His mother embraced him as soon as he woke up. He had been screaming in his sleep.

The voice started to get to Peter. She made him fear his own parents, making him believe that Carol and Mark would eventually get rid of him as well. The voice encouraged Peter to do something about his parents and rescue her from the curse of the wall. Peter initially did not trust her, but when he found a skull buried in the backyard, he was convinced that his parents had been keeping secrets from him. Apparently, the body in the backyard belonged to the trick-or-treater who went missing years ago. The girl was killed when she tried to help Peter’s sister escape from the ruthless grasp of her parents. Peter tried calling Miss Devine for help, but his mother found out. 

On Halloween Eve, Peter sat down for dinner with his parents. Mark remarked that there was something different about the soup Carol prepared. The distinct cinnamon flavor caught his attention, and the moment he noticed that Peter had not touched his meal, he knew what had gone down. It was the rat poison that smelled of cinnamon, and upon Sarah’s advice, Peter poisoned the soup to get rid of his parents before they murdered him. Carol reached for the phone, but she realized the cord had been cut off. Mark threw up blood, and he eventually collapsed and died. Carol tried to get a hold of Peter with a knife in her hand, but he managed to push her off, and she stabbed herself. When Peter took the keys away from her, she asked him one last time not to free his sister. Peter could not wait to meet his sister, and he unlocked the door behind the clock. As soon as the door opened, Peter realized that his sister was a monster. Her demonic giggles scared him off, and he ran for his life.

‘Cobweb’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Miss Devine, Peter & Sarah?

Brian and his cousins arrived at Peter’s house to teach him a lesson. But instead, they encountered a fast-moving monster that eventually killed all of them one at a time. Thankfully, Miss Devine decided to check on Peter once again. After stepping into the house, she was greeted by the monster with long hair, extended fingernails, a twisted body, and a spider walk. Miss Devine tried to escape, but when she heard Peter’s voice, she became all the more determined to help him. Peter was locked in the wall by the monster, and he begged Miss Devine to run for her life. Instead, his teacher broke open the wall and helped him escape. They ran to the front door, and Miss Devine walked out only to realize that Peter had been held back by the monster. Peter was locked in the basement, and for the first time, he was face-to-face with his monster sister. Sarah’s eyes glowed in the dark, and her teeth were razor-sharp.

Sarah was envious of her little brother for being the perfect child, something that she could never be. Their conversation was interrupted when Miss Devine entered. While Sarah was busy taking care of the teacher, Peter grabbed hold of her long hair and climbed out of the hole in the basement. Miss Devine wounded the monster and pushed her into the hole. She and Peter locked the lid and were about to leave when Sarah requested that Peter help her one last time. She believed Peter was much like her—he had an instinct to kill. He came up with sinister ideas once Sarah instigated them. While Peter wanted to believe that he could never be like his sister because he was not a monster, in the end, they shared the same blood.

During Cobweb‘s ending, Peter moved out of the house he used to live in, but the shadow of his sister continued to haunt him. To think of it, Sarah’s life had been tragic. She was born different, and instead of providing her with the necessary care, her parents left her to rot in the dark. She was first kept in a pit and then transferred to a cage and ultimately to the dark space between the walls. Sarah watched Peter live a life of comfort while she was denied the bare necessities. She was a living, breathing human being who turned into a monster as a result of neglect. All these years, she has been learning to climb walls and make use of her strong limbs. She had been waiting for Peter to grow old, knowing that once he did, she would be able to manipulate him and free herself. Carol and Mark had all their hopes on Peter, while they tried to forget about Sarah by keeping her in the shadows. They could have approached Peter’s curiosity in a better way, but instead, they scared him into obedience. Carol and Mark were terrible parents who could neither help their daughter nor protect their son.

Peter is only eight, and it is impossible to determine whether he enjoyed causing havoc or simply gave into the voice behind the wall. Maybe he had a lot of pent-up hatred against Brain, and even his parents, and a little instigation from Sarah made him commit the crimes. But with proper guidance and parenting, he has a future, though the looming fear of confronting his sister will perhaps leave him scarred for him.

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