‘Creature’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? Will The “Book Of Resurrection” Be Discovered Again?


Creature, the Turkish sci-fi series, makes us privy to the bane of immortality and how it wrecks the lives of all those who have tried to defy death and to live forever. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement for Creature Season 2, and the series also gives closure to its characters, there is still room for the story to be developed further in multiple directions. Seeing the trend these days where the makers are making sequels to everything, we won’t be surprised if Cagan Irmak and his team decide to come up with another season of Creature. So, let’s find out if there is any possibility that Ziya and Ihsan will come back to life and if the Book of Resurrection will be found by anyone in the future.

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How Did The Resurrection Change Ihsan’s Perspective?

After Ihsan was resurrected by Ziya at the beginning of Creature, we realized that, more than anything, his perspective on life changed. He realized how hypocritical the society was in which we lived and how people were quick to form judgments towards each other. Ihsan realized that humans were very bad at accepting anyone who was different from them. The will to embrace diversity was lacking in the human species, and the impact of it was felt by people who didn’t fit in with society, which may be due to their ideologies or their physical demeanor. The medical school, for example, where Ziya had taken admission, did not entertain the different points of view, and the irony was that it was considered a mecca of scientific discovery, as every great doctor had studied there. Whereas the people working in the circus had to face discrimination because they looked a certain way.

Ihsan felt uneasy for the first time when he saw that the audience was not laughing at their act but at the performers because of their physical disabilities. He wanted to do something about it at that very moment, but the performers calmed him down and told him that they were used to such behavior and had accepted that this was how people were. Ihsan, until his face was burned, hadn’t realized that this is what any outcast went through in their day-to-day lives. At the end of Creature Season 1, when Ziya and Ihsan meet once again, the latter realizes how selfish humans are capable of being. He knew that Ziya had not abandoned him because he was scared, but he had done so because he had quenched his curiosity, and once he knew the magic trick, there was nothing else left for him that could keep him interested or hooked. Also, the fight in the end, where Captain Omer and his men fought with each other, made us realize how nothing is ever enough for us, and even after exploiting everything that someone or something has to offer, there is no end to desire.

Ihsan had lost his will to live till the end and just didn’t want to do anything with mankind. He had become hopeless that anything good could come from his life, and so he went and rested in peace, together with Ziya, in the middle of nowhere, hoping that now nobody would wake him up from his slumber.

Will Ziya And Ihsan Come Back To Life?

We had seen Ziya and Ihsan freezing to death at the end of Creature Season 1, but you never know if they might be resurrected in the next installment. Though, as of now, we don’t deny that it seems highly improbable to even entertain it, there still exists a possibility. Also, we are not sure if an extreme cold would have any adverse effects on Ihsan. We had seen that after Ihsan was resurrected, there were some biological changes that had happened in him, and he had gained a lot of strength out of nowhere. So we are not sure if sitting there in the snow would kill him, and it could be possible that he has a realization of sorts, garners strength, and decides to go and search for the Book of Resurrection.

As for Ziya, unless and until a miracle happens, we cannot see how he could be alive yet again. Even if we entertain the possibility that Ihsan was somehow able to defy death, he would still have to search for the book that Ziya had hidden somewhere. When Ziya conducted the experiment, Ihsan had died just minutes ago, and he was able to bring him back to life. We don’t know how much the machine would work on a person who has died, say, a couple of weeks or months ago. Though we are pretty sure that we have seen the last of Ziya, we have our doubts when it comes to Ihsan, and maybe if the makers stretch the storyline further and decide to come up with another installment, we will get to know more about it.

Will The Book Of Resurrection Be Discovered In Season 2?

If the makers decide to come up with another season, we are pretty confident that the Book of Resurrection would be discovered by someone, and then they would try to create the machine that we had seen in Ihsan’s house. Only Ziya knew where that book was, and he had hidden it on purpose so that no one apart from him knew how to bring a person back to life. But these secrets have a way of coming out in the open, and there could be a possibility that someone who is not even looking stumbles upon them and then later realizes the kind of revelation they have made. For the good of mankind, we hope that the book stays buried wherever it is so that no one has to ever go through what Ihsan did. It was not easy to survive the kind of misery and agony that Ihsan had faced after he had been brought back to life, and he was lucky to have found Esma, who, at least for a few days, gave him hope and the will to live. We will have to wait and see if Creature gets a sequel or if the story of Ziya, Ihsan, and the Book of Resurrection ends in those snow-peaked mountains.

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