‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap & Ending Explained – What Happens To Gi Yeong?


When we first started watching “Divorce Attorney Shin,” we thought that it was going to be a story of retribution with the occasional comedic punches thrown in, courtesy of Shin Sung Han’s friends. But we have understood now that it is more a story about the life that happens when you are on your way towards your goal. It is a story about friendship, not revenge, and we are so grateful for that. Episode 9 and Episode 10 really made us smile from ear to ear, and we are realizing that this is a really underrated series. This is how these two episodes of “Divorce Attorney Shin” pan out.

 Spoilers Ahead

Ma Chun Seok Vs. Dinh Thi Hao Case

The accusations leveled against Ma Chun Seok have been that he forced Dinh Thi Hao to work in the fields and beat her up a lot, enough to fracture her arm. Shin Sung Han very effortlessly proves that it was not the case, simply by producing the neighbors’ statements. Dinh Thi Hao spent her first year of marriage taking up Korean lessons and the next year and two months, doing a hairdressing course at a place that took close to four hours to commute back and forth. Her mother-in-law took care of the household chores and even the baby. Dinh Thi Hao did work in the fields, but only for three months, which is nothing compared to her husband, who worked so much that he could only get four weekends off in the whole year. The neighbors’ statements corroborate these claims.

In fact, Shin Sung Han also has evidence to prove that Ma Chun Seok was the one who recommended visiting Dinh Thi Hao’s family in Vietnam. They were planning on taking the trip once the baby was vaccinated. In fact, when Dinh Thi Hao was six months pregnant, he invited his wife’s family to come to visit them and then sent them on a trip to Jeju Island. All this is evidence that he had not closed her off from her family.

In Episode 8 of “Divorce Attorney Shin,” Shin Sung Han asks for the paternity test of Dinh Thi Hao’s child. In this episode, Sung Han justifies his reason for asking that. It is due to the difference in blood types between the parents and the children. This was honestly a bluff, and Dinh Thi Hao reveals herself here. Yu Seok says that since his client is at fault, they cannot claim a divorce, but he insists that Ma Chun Seok was physically abusive. In fact, he even brings up Lee Seo Jin’s case, claiming that the circumstances are similar. We remember that in one of the previous episodes, Yu Seok said of himself that he was a crude man. We can see why now. But Shin Sung Han has no trouble dismantling the domestic violence claims as he proves that Ma Chun Seok is undergoing treatment for his frozen shoulder, and he couldn’t possibly have hit Dinh Thi Hao the way she claimed. Honestly, looking at the evidence Shin Sung Han presented, we can’t help but think that Young Ju and Yu Seok are rather short-sighted people. These were such easy pieces of evidence to collect, and they couldn’t even take care of them.

While leaving, when the media asks Shin Sung Han whether he would be suing Dinh Thi Hao for slander, he questions them back, asking whether it was just her who was responsible for his plight. He is talking about the media trial that Ma Chun Seok had to go through, which cost him so much of his peace and his life. Once the case is done, we come to know that Ma Chun Seok got an apartment for Dinh Thi Hao, but she came back to him. In fact, he even knew of her affair and faked his blood type to protect her. From the looks of it, Ma Chun Seok is ready to take them back. As Shin Sung Han and his friends put it, rather inelegantly, Ma Chun Seok just craves for something to be his own.

Min Jeong Vs. Hyeon Tae

The facts spilled fast in the case of Min Jeong vs. Hyeon Tae. Attorney Choi Jun visited the support group for family members of patients affected by schizophrenia that Hyeon Tae had been known to visit. When speaking to the members, he found that Hyeon Tae had been going there for almost three years, which was before he had even met his wife. Hyeon Tae had told the members that he had a sister with schizophrenia, and he was there to learn how to be there for her.

At the mediation, when Choi Jun and the attorney for Hyeon Tae are presenting their arguments, Choi Jun brings up how Hyeong Tae had hidden the fact that he had a daughter and had regularly taken money from his wife for expensive purchases. When the defense attorney presents the evidence that Min Jeong had not been very truthful either, Choi Jun reveals that Hyeon Tae knew about her schizophrenia before he approached her. This is extremely incriminating evidence, and Hyeon Tae finally shows his true colors, especially when confronted with the fact that he was giggling while watching a variety show when his wife was in the hospital. The couple agree to a divorce, but not before Hyeon Tae and Choi Jun get into a tussle in the courtroom.

The Start Of Jang Hyeong Geun And Kim So Yeon’s Love Story

There was always something between Hyeong Geun and So Yeon. But in Episode 9 of “Divorce Attorney Shin,” after hearing him give her a compliment over her grandmother’s ramen and watching him eat it, So Yeon fell in love. We like her because she doesn’t waste too much time. So Yeon worked in marketing for 15 years and gave it her all. She might not want to go back to it, but she knows what to say and how to say it. When she is grappling with the question of whether she should continue with the ramen shop or open a macaroon shop like her dream, she calls up Hyeong Geun to ask him.

After getting her answer that he loves ramen, she shelves the question for future consideration and asks him whether he has given up on love after his divorce. Hyeong Geun replies that his wife was his first love. Now, we don’t know the rest of the conversation between him and the lovely woman that is So Yeon, but when he tells his friends what he said to her, they reprimand him rightly enough. But their reasons are wrong. It is not that women don’t like men’s first loves; it is just that men can’t read between the lines and know when to say what. Either way, this is probably a minor dent in the budding relationship between the lovebirds, and they decide to go out somewhere. Hyeong Geun recommends something like an exhibition, and So Yeon agrees. But after a chat with Seo Jin, she tells him that she wants to go camping. Hyeong Geun and So Yeon go camping accordingly, but unknown to them, they are followed by Sung Han and Jeong Sik. The two are caught eventually when Jeong Sik can’t help but use the bathroom, and all of them have a good laugh about it. It is moments like these that make us fall in love with the show every time we watch an episode.

Lee Seo Jin Is Starting To Get Comfortable With Going Out.

Since her scandal, Lee Seo Jin has been hesitant to deal with people. This is why she chose to work in Shin Sung Han’s office, and this is also the reason she felt uncomfortable when Jeong Sik handed her the flowers. She is still struggling with it and finds it awkward to even go downstairs for recycling. But after an encounter with a particularly rowdy fan that Sung Han takes care of, he encourages her to continue being strong. The next day, Lee Seo Jin takes out her son to buy him shoes, and he tells her that he wants to start going out with her. Understanding that she needs to hold her head high, Lee Seo Jin tries to shed some of her fears. With the help of Ho Yong, she starts a live-streaming channel, and surprisingly, it is going well.

Celebrities and brands are willing to collaborate with her, but she keeps receiving hate comments on her channel, especially from one particular person who goes by the username “life sucks anyway.” When the person starts targeting Hyeon U, Seo Jin decides to take action against them, but to her shock, she discovers that the name belongs to a 14-year-old girl. She was angry because her mother had left her and her father was struggling with cancer. She had a bad home life, and it angered her that Seo Jin had fought for her son when her own mother had neglected her daughter. Seo Jin decides not to press charges and tells the girl that she and Choi Jun will help her.

‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 10 Ending Explained: What Happens To Gi Yeong?

Ma Geum Hee has filed for divorce from her husband, Seo Chang Jin, the Chairman of Daenam Electronics. She wants Sung Han to fight her case and tells him to get as much money in alimony and compensation as he can. Geum Hee tells Sung Han that it was her father who gave them the initial land, and though it increased in value years later, it was the land that helped Daenam get to the point it was at. As evidence in the divorce case, she gives Sung Han a list of all the affairs Chang Jin has had over the years and the ways in which Geum Hee has worked to keep them under the radar. Sung Han says that the evidence is incriminating enough, but during the mediation, he produces some other aces he had up his sleeve. What that is, we will come to know in the next episode.

Meanwhile, after the loss of the Ma Chun Seok case, Young Ju is dissatisfied with Yu Seok, but he tells her that she should not have provoked Sung Han without consulting him. Later, when Young Ju’s job is under threat as the Chairman is also dissatisfied with her for bringing Sung Han into their lives unnecessarily, Yu Seok understands that if Young Ju leaves the job, there wouldn’t be anyone to protect him. Therefore, he starts looking for arrangements to set up his private practice and visits Jeong Sik’s real estate office. Though Jeong Sik drives him away, this interaction is caught on camera, and Young Ju wonders why Yu Seok is in that area.

Additionally, Young Ju had asked the Chairman for Gi Yeong’s shares if they won his divorce case. She said that the reason was that she wanted to protect her daughter. But the Chairman played it safe and said that he would give her Ha Yul’s shares. While Young Ju accepts it for the time being, we can understand that she doesn’t have Gi Yeong’s best interests at heart. She not only wants to exclude Sung Han from their lives but probably Gi Yeong as well. At the end of “Divorce Attorney Shin,” episode 10, Gi Yeong visits Sung Han without telling his parents and asks him to defend himself as well. We suspect that he might have heard something at his house or might have been yelled at or told something unsavory, the kind that a child shouldn’t have to hear. The upcoming episodes are probably going to shed some light on it.

Final Thoughts

Despite the simmering tension in the background, “Divorce Attorney Shin” is a pleasant series. It has been so long since we saw something we could describe as “pleasant” that we ended up blaming the pace of the series in our reviews of the previous episodes. We are enjoying this, and it is really unexpected how much we look forward to the episodes each week. It deserves a lot more hype, and we hope it gets it soon.

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