‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Jeong Suk Come To Know About Eun Soo?


Episode 10 of Doctor Cha was all about Jeong Suk’s inner conflict between keeping the peace for her children’s sake or just doing what she wants and taking back her independence. Times have changed, but certain dilemmas haven’t. We fail to realize that it is often the mothers who do the bulk of the upbringing, with most fathers just contributing financially to the household. This is the basic patriarchal structure of any Asian household, and Doctor Cha’s family is no different. If In Ho left their lives, the children would be fine. Societally, it may be a different matter, but in terms of their emotional and financial needs, they would be absolutely fine. We hope Jeong Suk realizes that soon enough. Until then, here’s a recap of Doctor Cha Episode 10.

Spoilers Alert

How Does So Ra Deal With Jeong Suk’s Truth?

As expected, So Ra cannot contain her embarrassment over her past treatment of Jeong Suk. This just goes to prove that it was all a power trip for her. If her intentions had actually been those of guidance and correction, she would have been more confident in her actions. But now that she knows that she was that rude to her boyfriend’s mother, she is seeing her actions in a new light. Out of this embarrassment, she avoids Jeong Suk for a while until she runs into her in the washroom one day. So Ra’s mantra, when she cannot be her usual arrogant self, is to start faking confidence. Jeong Suk certainly noticed that So Ra was avoiding her, which is why she asked her whether she wanted to say anything to her. So Ra said that she would continue being as she had always been since the damage had already been done. Jeong Suk obviously does not want or care for anything different. But So Ra, who has just been rude her entire life, cannot fathom this indifference, and she tells this to Jung Min, saying that things cannot be helped anymore. Jung Min and So Ra get into a fight when he calls her out for her unkindness and insensitivity to others around her. So Ra obviously cannot stomach this criticism and gets off the car. But Jung Min is in no mood to humor her, and he drives away. It is evident that So Ra wanted him to come after her or at least wait for her, but she needed to see that her attitude and whatever justification she had for it would not always protect her.

What Happens After The Truth About Seo In Ho And Cha Jeong Suk Is Revealed?

Back in the camp, after In Ho reveals the truth of his relationship with Jeong Suk, she takes things in stride and diffuses the situation with some karaoke. But Jeong Suk is certainly very popular now as she performs a delivery and is generally loved by the villagers that she has treated. But things get a little tense between her and Roy since he reveals that he knows about the affair and wants her to get a divorce, though Jeong Suk finds his words intrusive. As for In Ho, he is himself seeking out Jeong Suk now that the secret is out and also because he doesn’t want to lose her. This doesn’t work well for him, as Seung Hi gives him an ultimatum. It turns out that her stomach cramps had been due to stress after all, and her daughter tells her that she is just fine without a father as long as Seung Hi can give up on her need for a husband. Knowing the choices in front of her, Seung Hi is ready to make the hard ones. She asks In Ho whether he ever plans on divorcing Jeong Suk. Till this point, she was waiting for him to say it himself, but now, she is taking the initiative with this question. When In Ho tells her that he can’t do that since Jeong Suk is the innocent mother of his children, Seung Hi gives him back the bracelet and tells him to make a choice. All of these matters get to In Ho, and he gets drunk out of his mind once again at a team meeting, forcing Jeong Suk to take him back home. She goes to her mother’s place from there to spend the night, and we really wish that her mother gave Jeong Suk the courage to make hard choices instead of asking her to settle complacently into her life. This is the exact dilemma that Jeong Suk is struggling with, and it is carried into her work when she accompanies Seung Hi on her rounds. This time, Seung Hi is acting as a proper mentor, but Jeong Suk is completely out of sorts.

Does Jeong Suk Come To Know About Eun Soo?

I Rang is a brat through and through. She gets into an argument with Eun Soo in the academy when she finds that she hasn’t changed her place of study. Eun Soo is no less and doesn’t hesitate to provoke I Rang. Both the girls get into a fight, and I Rang ends up injuring Eun Soo’s wrist. When Seung Hi is notified of it, she rushes to the hospital with In Ho. Since Jeong Suk sees them leaving, she follows them, presumably for some evidence. The divorce lawyer had told her to gather evidence, and that is probably why Jeong Suk followed them. However, when she lands at the hospital and listens to the conversation between those three, she discovers that Eun Soo is In Ho’s daughter. This means that he has been cheating on Jeong Suk for years and is far more emotionally involved with Seung Hi than he ever was with Jeong Suk. At the end of Doctor Cha Episode 10, as a devastated Seung Hi sits outside her dorms, unable to go inside, So Ra asks her to go on a ride with her in her new car. It is a convertible, and she opens the sunroof for Jeong Suk. But it starts raining, and the sunroof stops working, soaking both of them. Jeong Suk bursts into laughter at the absurdity of the situation, and finally, there seems to be a moment of friendship between the women.

Final Thoughts

Jeong Suk is going to discover that her entire family knew about the affair, and if the cat is out of the bag, then there is no reason for her to try to keep the peace. She can just get a divorce if she wants. It might also be a look into how much her family stands by her and whether they were actually supporting Jeong Suk for her own sake or for theirs. The coming episodes of Doctor Cha will give us this answer.

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