‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Kyung-Min Drug Jeong-Woo?


Doctor Slump is one of those shows that keeps you laughing right up to the last 10 minutes of the episode, only to throw a massive curveball. I honestly haven’t laughed this much while watching a drama in a really long time, and it makes me truly happy. Despite its focus on the dreary subject of medical malpractice and mental health (to some extent), the show is very bright and colorful, a style that hasn’t been received well recently. The last time I truly enjoyed a drama like this might have been with Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Despite being set in Seoul, for the most part, Doctor Slump resembles the healing qualities of the “set in a small town with heart-warming oldies” and “lost in the world of new youngies” kind of show. While the show is mostly all fun and games, episode 12 really brings in an unimaginable amount of drama in a really short span of time. So, let’s quickly get into the episode before I babble on about how much I love this show. 

Spoiler Alert

Why Does Jeong-Woo Take Ha-Neul On A Field Trip? 

I suppose, for the most part, Doctor Slump episode 12 is just a compilation of Jeong-Woo and Ha-Neul’s developing affection for each other. While they both empathize with each other’s trauma, there’s much more to their relationship than just a pity party. Episode 12 begins with Ha-Neul’s family treating Jeong-Woo as one of their own. After getting drunk with Ha-Neul’s uncle and brother, Jeong-Woo is left to defend himself in front of mother and daughter, with no choice but to agree with what the men have to say. For a guy who basically lived his entire life alone, this would’ve been a delightful experience, as much as it would’ve made his girlfriend mad at him. Somehow, after getting yelled at by Ha-Neul for overdrinking, they come to the subject of an old plushie that Ha-Neul cried about when she was a child. Ha-Neul then tells Jeong-Woo that the plushie was simply an excuse and the real reason Ha-Neul was so upset was that she didn’t go to the school field trip. I suppose between affordability and studying too much, Ha-Neul never had a chance to go on one. So, Jeong-Woo decides to give her an immersive experience.  

On the other hand, after a long wait, it seems Hong-Ran and Dae-Yeong’s relationship is finally blossoming. After helping each other out in many ways, they decide to give each other “SOS stickers” to call upon each other. Since Hong-Ran has a son and Dae-Yeong has a daughter, they’re unable to provide some things for their respective children, so this is the easiest way they can ask for each other’s help without feeling guilty about it. Hong-Ran uses her first one to get Dae-Yeong to join the field trip. While we already know that Hong-Ran and Ha-Neul have been best friends for a long time and get along quite well because of their sincere and blunt personalities, we finally learn about why Dae-Yeong and Jeong-Woo fell out. No, it’s not that serious, and this sequence left me in tears. 

Why did Jeong-Woo and Dae-Yeong fight? 

It turns out that the volunteering clip that got Jeong-Woo nationwide adoration was meant to be for Dae-Yeong. Way back when, Jeong-Woo was the kindest senior, despite being younger than Dae-Yeong, and essentially aided him in becoming a doctor by giving him all the help he could. Dae-Yeong basically loved the little man and was massively grateful for him. Then, one day, a volunteer position in Africa opened up during their vacation time. Seeing as Jeong-Woo needed rest, Dae-Yeong decided to take it up, but Jeong-Woo accidentally pushed him down the stairs and left him with a fractured arm. This means no Africa and no nationwide popularity. This left Dae-Yeong bitter. He became petty towards Jeong-Woo, and one fine day, this led to them fighting like little children, pulling each other’s hair out, and fighting with stethoscopes (this had me in splits, please). Now, during their special field trip, Dae-Yeong tells Jeong-Woo that it was because he was going through a divorce at the time that Jeong-Woo’s success really hurt his feelings. See, Dae-Yeong’s big problem was that his in-laws always treated him as a low-life with no success to his name, so seeing as Jeong-Woo got all of that from the work he was meant to do left him all sad. 

Why do Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo keep jumping back and forth? 

While this episode is mostly moments of enjoyment of the beginning of a rosy relationship (or two), there are moments when both Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo keep going back to the thought of Kyung-Min. The man is especially odd because he befriended Jeong-Woo yet drugged his drink. On the other hand, he used Ha-Neul and became a professor, only to quit in a few months. There’s something very fishy about him; however, every time the couple goes back to the thoughts of this pathetic man, they’re left thinking they’d rather live their moments of peace and love to the fullest than think negative thoughts. Especially since it’s so early in their relationship. 

Why did Kyung-Min spike Jeong-Woo’s drink?

This part of the show is a little bit confusing for now. It seems Kyung-Min has become the president of a pharmaceutical company. This is why he suggested collaborating with his old hospital. The anesthesiologist who set up cameras at Jeong-Woo’s clinic during the blunder is the man who shows up at Kyung-Min’s office at the end of episode 11. He basically set up the cameras per Kyung-Min’s request, which means Kyung-Min was involved in the Macau case. Ha-Neul is getting better healthwise by the day; however, this one thing about Kyung-Min and Jeong-Woo keeps prickling her neck. So, despite wanting to be happy for a little longer, Ha-Neul decides to look into the man. Not only is Kyung-Min the director of a shady pharmaceutical company, but he’s also trying to release his own drug. Now, this is meant to be a highly effective painkiller; however, it’s basically getting illegally approved for business purposes. It’s already established that Kyung-Min is an evil man; however, through his conversation with the anesthesiologist, we come to learn that he was basically responsible for the death of the woman from Macau. This is because there is some sort of connection between the pharmaceutical company and the Macau gangsters. The anesthesiologist has proof of this somewhere, and he’s using it as leverage on Kyung-Min. On the other hand, Ha-Neul learns about all of this and decides to confront the man by herself (big mistake, sister!). 

At the end of Doctor Slump episode 12, Kyung-Min tells Ha-Neul to get in his car to discuss whatever she has to because it’s all very hush-hush. She makes the mistake of getting in despite her hesitation. While he’s driving, she asks him all about the company, the fake dissertation, and then if he was involved in Jeong-Woo’s medical accident. Kyung-Min is already quite angry and distracted by her words; he almost drives into an advancing truck. Just as we think Doctor Slump has subverted expectations, we get a jumpscare in the form of another truck that rams into the car on the driver’s side. Of course, Jeong-Woo will be left thinking he’s the cause of this accident, and Ha-Neul is unconscious and on the brink of death all because of him. Regarding the drink spiking, it looks like Kyung-Min may have been testing his new drug on Jeong-Woo way back then. One thing is for certain: the beautiful bubble that formed around Ha-Neul and Jeong-Woo’s relationship has burst too soon and for completely wrong reasons (I really hope this doesn’t go into the frustrating category!). 

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