‘Emily in Paris’ Season 1 Ending & What To Expect From Season 2, Explained


We see a name, Emily in Paris. We think pretty faces, bright colors, we imagine food and fashion and amour. We are not disappointed. With the charm of Paris and the unwavering smile on Lily Collins’ face, the show is a French treat that is easy to take in. 

Emily Cooper – The Girl in a New World

While Emily’s sudden and unexpected job opportunity has taken her to a dream city, the job itself is less of a dream. She has been brought in from an American point of view, the last thing a French firm wants at their workplace. But despite the cold shoulders, the literal smoke blown in her face and, the biting remarks of co-workers, Emily does not give up. And as she brings her ideas to campaigns and clients, she begins to see that her American point of view actually does work. 

The job runs as a steady vein through the season, creating entertaining plot points and introducing larger-than-life characters with larger-than-life problems. But at every turn, Emily comes with a fresh perspective. Even when she gets it wrong, she is impossible to ignore. 

The Friends 

It isn’t all unfeeling faces in Paris for Emily. She meets Mindy, a charming and fun nanny who is an easy person to befriend. The two are quick to rely on each other, and Emily has her companion to spill her heart out to. It is a fun and heartwarming development for us to witness and a necessary entry into Emily’s life. 

We also have Gabriel, Emily’s too-good-looking-to-be-true neighbor who is also a chef. Gabriel is funny and sweet, does not fawn over Emily but still looks her in the eye with compliments and suggestive behavior that never crosses a line. He is clearly the man we are leading upto, and the man Emily is about to lose her heart to. But to throw an attractive wrinkle in the mix, he is also in a relationship. 

Camille is Gabriel’s girlfriend, but she is also the charming French woman Emily befriended at a flower shop. It is immediately a tangled mess for Emily, who had kissed Gabriel before knowing he was in a relationship. Camille is sweet and friendly, blissfully unaware of the turmoil her boyfriend and new American friend are going through. As Camille continues to be sweet, understanding, and lovely, Emily forces herself to stay away from Gabriel and the feelings she has for him. 

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 1 Ending

At the end of ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 1, due to developments with Gabriel’s restaurant, he has decided to move out of Paris. He breaks up with Camille, and it is now a night to say goodbye. Emily finally confesses her true feelings, and the two spend the night together. It will go nowhere, they promise, refusing to hurt Camille. It is, after all, merely a long goodbye. 

But as the show has proved to us, it is not going to be a simple and straightforward affair. At the last minute, aka the morning after, Gabriel’s restaurant issues come through, and he can stay on in Paris. And so, the night of a long goodbye is now a mistake of epic proportions that Emily and Gabriel will not be able to justify to Camille. 

What to Expect from ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 

From the trailer, it is clear that Emily’s life in Paris isn’t about to get peaceful any time soon. It is brighter, louder, and clearly full of the drama Emily wants to avoid. We are picking up right where we left off, and we are about to face guilt, love triangles, new flings, and definite career highs and lows. 

As her boss, the frightening and honest Sylvie, tells Emily in the trailer, that is she is going to do Paris for one year, the she should do it right. We are left to see what ‘doing it right’ in Paris will entail.

Emily in Paris is a Romantic Dramedy Television Series created by Darren Star. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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Mareena Francis
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