‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2, Part 2 Ending, Explained: Is Kate Dead? Do Tully And Danny End Up Together?


“Firefly Lane” comes to a bittersweet end with the second part of the second season. We knew it was going to be a bumpy ride once Kate found out that she was suffering from inflammatory breast cancer. In the first part of the second season, Tully and Kate had a fallout after the car accident. Kate tried to reach out to Tully for support, but Tully had gone to Antarctica for a documentary shoot, and Kate’s phone calls went unanswered. Even though Kate had the support of her family, she could not imagine going through the journey without her best friend. With the cancer spreading, Kate reflected on the past and discovered the life lessons that she had learned through friendship, love, and family. All her life, she had feared missing out on her life goals, but in the end, she figured that the goals never truly mattered.

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‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2, Part 2 Summary: Did Kate And Tully Reunite?

Tully had given up hope of mending her relationship with Kate. She did not have any cell phone reception in Antarctica, and she was confident that Kate had not reached out to her after what had transpired. She decided to travel with the documentary crew, and it was in Chile that she checked her voicemails. Tully did not waste a minute and came to Kate’s rescue. She did not know what Kate was going through, but she realized that it was important for her to be there for her best friend. Tully refused to accept defeat when she learned about Kate’s condition. She was hopeful that Kate would be back to living her best life once it was all over. Tully promised that she was no longer the reckless person she once was and that she was ready to be by Kate’s side throughout the journey.

Kate had lost her hair to cancer, and it was time for her to go through breast surgery. She pondered upon the complex relationship Kate had always had with her body. As an awkward and shy teenager, she hated the size of her breasts and stuffed her bra with tissue paper to please the captain of the soccer team, Coop. She cursed her breasts when she became a mother for not pumping out enough milk for her daughter. A process that she believed came naturally to every mother was a difficult journey for her. And now that she was suffering from breast cancer, she detested looking at herself in the mirror. Before going through the surgery, she stood naked on the veranda, finally accepting the body she was born with and refusing to be shamed for her appearance. It was perhaps one of the most powerful episodes in the second installment.

Kate started to recover after going through the surgery and radiation therapy. Her family was proud that she managed to fight cancer, and they prepared for the much-awaited wedding of Kate and Johnny. During the 1980s, Kate was engaged to Theo, a British royal she briefly fell in love with. She was finally living the life she could never envision with Johnny, and even though it was all too perfect, the spark was missing. Johnny was in love with Kate, but he took a step back once she was engaged to Theo. Quite unexpectedly, when Johnny expressed how deeply he valued the watch that Kate had gifted him, she kissed him. Kate always denied being the first one to kiss, thinking she was too good a person to ever betray a man, but Johnny and the audience know that she did kiss him first. Kate did it out of love, but she felt extremely guilty about it and blamed Johnny for the mess. After another unplanned hookup, Theo found out about Kate and Johnny’s affair in the worst possible way. Kate was embarrassed by the turn of events, but when Johnny kneeled down before her, she knew it all happened for the right reason. Even though they had a rough start, Johnny and Kate could not imagine their lives apart from each other. After a divorce in their 40s, they came back together once again, ready to commit to life.

How Does Kate Die In The End?

Kate and Tully were back together, but they realized that they had changed over their brief separation period. Kate learned to trust Tully with her daughter, and Tully realized that she must respect Kate’s decision instead of always going big and thinking that she knew the best. After the initial hiccups, Kate and Tully were inseparable as always. The wedding preparation was in full swing, and Kate was finally happy and relieved. But the happiness faded when Kate received a call from her doctor informing her that the cancer cells were rapidly spreading all over her body. Kate knew that the news would spoil the spirit of the wedding, and she was not ready to compromise with it. On their wedding day, Johnny went up to Kate’s room to get the compass that her father had gifted him at their first wedding. The compass was meant to guide the groom to his north star (his wife) when life got confusing. The compass brought Johnny to Kate at the right moment. She had collapsed on the floor and needed assistance, and Johnny came to her rescue. Kate had to disclose the truth to Johnny, and he was surprised that she chose to hide it from him. Kate wanted her wedding to be perfect, and she hoped to spend the entire day without pitiful comments or any guilt. The wedding went according to Kate’s plan, and she enjoyed a night of singing and dancing. But the truth eventually surfaced, and she was consumed by a strange guilt.

Instead of focusing on herself, she felt guilty for disappointing her loved ones. Kate held herself responsible for the sadness everyone else was experiencing, and she tried to be more and more accommodating. It was only after consulting a therapist that she started to focus on her wants and needs. She was not ready to die, but she accepted her fate when she was readmitted to the hospital. The cancer had spread to Kate’s brain, and she was disqualified from a clinical trial. Kate had only a few days in hand, and she was determined to spend them well. She focused on completing the book she had started writing in her late 20s but never got the time to see it through. Kate dreamed of galloping on a horse, and instead of going to her acupuncture class, she decided to live her dream. Kate planned her funeral and all the little things she wanted to leave behind for everyone to fill the void. Kate never wanted to be remembered by Marah as the sick, dying mother, but she could see that was who she had become. While Kate was glad that Marah had Tully in her life, she missed being the hands-on mother she once was. Kate had given up hope of reconnecting with Marah, but she was surprised when Marah discussed her romantic interest with her. Everything was not lost; Marah could see Kate beyond her sickness, and she would remain irreplaceable in her life. Kate lost her life to cancer, and she had her family by her side in the end.

Do Tully And Danny End Up Together?

Tully and Danny were amateur journalists when they first met each other. Even though they knew they were in love, Tully and Danny chose to prioritize their careers over their love lives. They both made it big in their lives and unexpectedly became neighbors in the future. Danny was in a relationship, and Tully decided they were better as friends. While she could fool the rest of the world, she could not fool her best friend. Kate knew that Tully was in love with Danny, and she encouraged her to confess the truth. Tully was ready to admit her feelings, but sadly, that was the day Danny decided to propose to his girlfriend, Celeste. Tully was heartbroken, but she put on a brave face. Surprisingly, after the rehearsal dinner, Celeste kissed Tully. Celeste explained that she was confused about getting married and wanted to explore her feelings for Tully. Tully was too shocked to speak, and even though, as a friend, she felt it was her duty to discuss the matter with Danny, she decided it was far too awkward for her. Danny found out the truth on Kate’s wedding night, and they broke up.

Danny was a little offended by Tully’s decision, but he later realized that Tully needed friendly support, and he chose to be there for her. Tully sought comfort from Danny when Kate’s situation got worse. The thought of losing her best friend, her soul mate, was all too much for her to accept. Tully confessed her feelings for Danny, but she suffered from commitment phobia and chose to distance herself from him soon after. She convinced herself that she was avoiding him to focus on Kate, but the problem was not as simple. Kate consistently encouraged her to get back with Danny, but she delayed the process. One day, when she returned home, Danny came knocking at her doorstep. He informed her that he was flying to New York for work. History was repeating itself, and Tully knew how painful it was the last time he left. Tully gulped down her ego and asked him to stay back for her. While Danny had an apartment ready in New York, he could not say no to Tully Hurt’s request. He loved Tully, and all he wanted from her was reassurance.

What Happens To Tully After Kate’s Death?

“Firefly Lane” season 2 ends with Tully arriving at Kate’s funeral but choosing not to enter. She could not make herself do it, and Kate had predicted it well ahead of time. She left a box for Tully to keep company during the funeral. Kate left her a joint to smoke, a picture of David Cassidy to kiss, and an iPod to listen to “Dancing Queen.” Even though Kate was no longer around, she made sure to leave a part of herself behind for Tully in the form of her book “Firefly Lane.” The couple were more than best friends; they were soulmates. Their love for each other transcended the definition of friendship. Even though there were moments of jealousy, hatred, and annoyance, they always found their way back to each other. Tully was incomplete without Kate, whose memories kept her alive. After ten years, Marah married the love of her life, and Tully, as her godmother, performed the duties of Kate.

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