‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap & Ending – Why Did Si Woo & Yu Jin Really Breakup?


Ki Jun had found out about Ha Kyung and Si Woo’s secret romance in the previous episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather.” He tells the secret to Yu Jin, but she refuses to believe him, nor is she interested. Ki Jun thinks Si Woo is dating Ha Kyung to get revenge on him, and he wants to prove it to Yu Jin. Let’s check out the lengths Ki Jun goes to catch Ha Kyung and Si Woo red-handed.

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Why Is Yu Jin Not Happy In Her Marriage?

Ki Jun has only told Yu Jin about Ha Kyung and Si Woo, but Yu Jin does not believe him. However, Ki Jun is adamant about proving himself right. In the office, he asks Ha Kyung straight away if she is dating Si Woo. Ha Kyung obviously denies his speculation. Ki Jun had seen them flirting and kissing, and he tells Ha Kyung the same. Still, she does not agree to date Si Woo. Later, she realizes that the restaurant where Ki Jun saw her with Si Woo is one of Ki Jun’s favorites. She informs Si Woo that Ki Jun knows their secret and decides to not meet each other outside of work for some time, especially not at the places where Ki Jun frequents.

An emergency situation has occurred at the Korea Meteorological Administration, and a meeting has been going on to decide the statement to be given to the press. The forecasters have been discussing the possibilities, and Ki Jun has been making notes as the spokesperson. When Si Woo talks about his opinion, he is rather more cautious than how he usually speculates about the weather. Ki Jun sees the chance and takes it. He provokes Si Woo about his weather prediction hunch and asks him if he has lost it. They start arguing in the middle of the meeting. Hence, the chief general orders them to work together on what to release to the press. While they are discussing, Ki Jun brings up Ha Kyung and tells Si Woo to stop dating Ha Kyung if he is going to play with her feelings. Si Woo tells him that he is sincere about Ha Kyung and that Ki Jun should stop worrying about her.

Ha Kyung’s mom has started looking for a groom for her, and Ha Kyung is not happy with it. She wants to get away from everything. That’s why Si Woo plans a camping trip for her. Both of them will get a good time off in nature, away from the everyday hustle of their lives. Ki Jun is still obsessed with them and manages to stalk them all the way to their camping trip. He is supposed to be at his mom’s place for her birthday, but instead, he keeps following Ha Kyung and Si Woo. Yu Jin waits for him to come home, but ends up going alone to his mother’s birthday. She is angry with Ki Jun for obvious reasons. Ever since they came back from their honeymoon, things haven’t been going well between Ki Jun and Yu Jin. At first, it seemed like Yu Jin was causing problems because of Ki Jun’s financial status. She has also postponed registering their marriage. During the argument, Yu Jin reveals to Ki Jun that she did not postpone the registration because she thinks Ki Jun is not rich, but because she has started to feel that Ki Jun is falling out of love with her. It makes sense on Yu Jin’s side, but Ki Jun is not yet ready to accept that he has been doing something wrong.

What Did Ha Kyung & Si Woo Not Know About Each Other?

The weather prediction that the KMA released to the press was a failed one, and as the director, Ha Kyung is answerable to the media. Si Woo is upset, not only because his hunch was wrong but also because Ha Kyung has to suffer. When Si Woo and Ki Jun were arguing over Ha Kyung before, Ki Jun mentioned that Ha Kyung does not date anyone sincerely if she does not see them as a marriage prospect. Si Woo has been thinking about it since then. After the press conference ends, Ha Kyung sits down with Yu Jin for an interview. After the interview, Ha Kyung asks Yu Jin why she broke up with Si Woo if he was a nice guy. Yu Jin’s answer shakes Ha Kyung a little. Yu Jin says that Si Woo does not believe in marriage, and when Yu Jin met Ki Jun, she felt like she could settle down with him.

Ha Kyung is a little taken aback when she hears about Si Woo’s disbelief in marriage. However, instead of pondering over it, she sits with Si Woo and asks him calmly if what Yu Jin said was true. Si Woo indeed does not believe in marriage. He feels that love ends after marriage. Two people have no choice but to get involved in each other’s troubles. He thinks that family becomes a burden because they are tied with love and responsibility all the same. This thought seems to stem from his relationship with his father. When his father gets into trouble, which is quite often, he has to get involved, regardless of his wish. He is not insensible or irresponsible, and so he cannot leave his father alone.

Si Woo is quite worried about Ha Kyung’s reaction, but she reacts rather maturely. Ha Kyung had always believed that one day she would get married, as everyone does. She had never considered not being married. Si Woo tells her earnestly that even if he doesn’t believe in marriage, his feelings for her are sincere, and he is not dating her just for fun. Ha Kyung knows it, and she tells Si Woo that it is new to her, but she will try to understand it. She does not know what the future holds, but she has chosen to be with Si Woo right now, and she will continue to be with him.

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 10: Ending – Love Cannot Be Taken For Granted

Senior Forecaster Um had not lived with his family for a long time, and now that he was getting older, he thought of giving some time to his family. He moves back with his family, but things do not go as he had expected. His daughter is uncomfortable around him, and his wife is angry with him all the time. He feels that his being at home is troublesome for his family, so he leaves again. He tells them he has to stay at the headquarters in case of an emergency. However, his wife and daughter are not really happy to see him go. If given more time, they would have adjusted, but Um was too impatient for that. He thought his family would love him even after never getting his time or love. His daughter wants to spend time with him, but after seeing her parents fight, she tells her mom that she will be fine if they want to get a divorce.

Ha Kyung and Si Woo have opposite thoughts about marriage. Si Woo thinks that marriage is a burden, while Ha Kyung believes that marriage should be the end result of dating. After knowing this, both Si Woo and Ha Kyung have been trying to understand each other’s points of view and also take a look back at their own views. Si Woo has always had an unhappy family life, but when he looks at Mr. Um, he feels that every family has problems and people can still be happy. Even if Um has been living alone for a long time, thinking about his family still makes him happy.

On the other hand, Ha Kyung asks none other than Ki Jun what marriage feels like. He tells her that it is not as easy as it looks. After marriage, your life becomes more than just you two, and many people start getting involved in your life.

Oh Myeong Ju is a senior forecaster at KMA. Her husband has taken a break from his job to pass a grade exam, making Myeong Ju the sole earner of the family. Along with her job, she has to take care of two of her sons all by herself. This has been taking a toll on her health, and she is unable to focus on her job. She makes a small mistake, but it ends up getting bigger after being in the news. While Ha Kyung talks with Myeong Ju, she advises Ha Kyung to not get married. A lot has been going on inside Ha Kyung’s mind, and when her mom barges into her house to talk to her about marriage, she declares that she does not want to get married ever. Si Woo tries to comfort her mom by saying that Ha Kyung must have said it in anger, but her mom is worried because she feels Ha Kyung might be serious. Has Ha Kyung really decided to not get married, or was it a whim of the moment? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather.”

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