‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap & Ending – Is Ha Kyung & Si Woo’s Relationship Exposed?


Ha Kyung’s dual personality was clearly unveiled in the previous episode of “Forecasting Love And Weather.” She is upright and careful in her professional life, but her personal life is a little out of control. She acts random and careless when it comes to making decisions about her own life. She has asked Si Woo to live with him out of the blue. They have just met and barely know each other. What could be her reason, and what would be Si Woo’s decision? Let’s find out.

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Does Si Woo Move In With Ha Kyung?

Ha Kyung’s previous relationship with Ki Jun failed because, despite being together for ten years, they couldn’t understand each other. Ha Kyung doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake, so she asked Si Woo to live with her. She thinks living together will help her and Si Woo spend more time together and understand each other better as well. However, Si Woo thinks otherwise. He had lived together with Yu Jin for a while, but still, they couldn’t understand each other. Neither was their relationship successful. Living together does not guarantee understanding, but rather exposes people too much to each other. He declines Ha Kyung’s offer. However, he has nowhere to go.

Si Woo had been living in the trainee room in KMA, but he was told to move out a few days ago. His house hunt is ongoing, and until he finds a desirable place that he can afford, he sleeps in his car. He is not the only one who is homeless. Senior forecaster Um is also living in the night duty room of KMA as if it were his home, and night workers have been complaining about him. Si Woo convinces Mr. Um to let him live in the night room too. However, when Ha Kyung receives complaints about them, she orders them to leave the night room. Um doesn’t want to go home because it is uncomfortable, Si Woo doesn’t have enough money, and none of them want to live in a motel or sauna either. They end up sleeping in their cars again. Seeing this, Ha Kyung lets them live in her house with shared maintenance costs. It is uncomfortable for both of them, but not more so than sleeping in a car.

Si Woo has to move in with Ha Kyung at the end. Ha Kyung has no idea what chaos is going to follow her when she asks them to live at her place. Nevertheless, she gets a taste of it on the very first day. Si Woo and Um settle in, and Shin shows up at Ha Kyung’s door to give her the banchan package that her sister had left with him. Everyone is surprised by this coincidence, and at the same time, drunk Ki Jun also knocks on Ha Kyung’s door. He continuously apologizes to Ha Kyung for behaving wrongly with her. Ki Jun has heard people at KMA gossiping about Yu Jin’s past affair. Yu Jin had told him about Si Woo but didn’t tell him that they lived together. Ki Jun feels betrayed, and hence he comes to Ha Kyung to apologize because now he claims to understand how she must have felt. Si Woo is not happy to see Ki Jun but still drops him off at his home, out of courtesy.

Why Does Ki Jun Start A Fight With Si Woo?

Ha Kyung’s day starts with cleaning up the trash that Um made last night while drinking. She asks him to clean up right away next time. Ha Kyung asks Shin if he can live with him as it is uncomfortable with Ha Kyung. Shin declines, just as he did with Si Woo. Ha Kyung leaves for the office first but gets into a minor car accident on her way. Si Woo and Um have already reached the office and are preparing for the meeting. Ha Kyung informs Um and requests that he take over the meeting. Si Woo is already upset over Ha Kyung not informing him about the accident, and then he sees Ki Jun leaving the meeting as well. Ha Kyung had to ask Ki Jun for help because he had changed the car insurance, and she didn’t know about it.

Ki Jun didn’t have to go and help Ha Kyung at the accident spot, but he felt responsible and went anyway. He had changed the insurance without telling Ha Kyung, and she was in an awkward situation because of that. Si Woo has been worried about Ha Kyung and has been texting her constantly, but Ha Kyung is in no position to reply. Finally, Ha Kyung arrives at the office with Ki Jun, and Si Woo lets out his anger on Ha Kyung. They have a heated discussion on whether Ha Kyung should have called her Si Woo instead of Ki Jun. Ha Kyung had valid reasons, but Si Woo was unable to understand. Things between Ki Jun and Yu Jin aren’t going well either. Yu Jin had mentioned her concerns to Ki Jun, and, according to a senior’s advice, Ki Jun had tried to understand Yu Jin and make her feel secure. However, he loses his motivation when he finds out about her past.

Si Woo is mad at Ki Jun for coming in between his relationship with Ha Kyung. When Yu Jin asks Si Woo why Ki Jun was drunk last night, he tells her the truth. She is embarrassed to face Ki Jun. Si Woo tells Yu Jin that her partner should be able to accept her past just like his partner has accepted his. At the press conference where Ha Kyung is addressing the reporters, Yu Jin arrives with Si Woo, which confuses both Ha Kyung and Ki Jun. Ki Jun is the spokesperson and Si Woo is there to give important documents to Ha Kyung, and while she is busy talking, Ki Jun and Si Woo exchange sarcastic conversations. Ki Jun is still hungover and starts feeling dizzy. The gossip he has heard about Yu Jin starts ringing in his head, and when he spots Si Woo’s face, he punches him. Both of them get into a pitiful fight in front of the media. This exposes Si Woo’s past relationship with Yu Jin, and the gossip spreads like wildfire through the KMA, much to the despise of both the couples.

‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Episode 8: Ending – Side Effects Of Rushed Relationships

Ki Jun and Yu Jin had both cheated on their ex-partners. Ki Jun broke his engagement with Ha Kyung, and Yu Jin broke her relationship with Si Woo, and they got married right away. They cheated on their partners in the first place because they weren’t happy with them. They had believed they would be satisfied with their new partners, but that does not seem to be the case. Ki Jun and Yu Jin have many misunderstandings with each other. Yu Jin had thought she would be happier and more well-settled with Ki Jun than she was with Si Woo. Though Ki Jun has better financial prospects, Yu Jin starts worrying about her future when Ha Kyung declines to give Ki Jun any share of the home, and hence, Ki Jun talks about taking a loan. Ki Jun has been trying to understand her concern, but he cannot ignore her past.

On the other hand, Si Woo seems to be a cool guy who doesn’t care about Ha Kyung’s financial status or her past. However, he is impatient, possessive, and insecure about his own lifestyle. He initiated the relationship that he has with Ha Kyung after meeting her twice. He doesn’t care about Ha Kyung’s past but is jealous when Ha Kyung interacts with Ki Jun. The real reason why impatient and careless Si Woo declined to move in with Ha Kyung is his insecurity about his lifestyle. He is broke and struggles to make ends meet because of his dad. He didn’t want to give that impression to Ha Kyung. Ha Kyung is emotionally out of her past relationship, but its physical traces continue to remain. She and Si Woo fight a lot, but they seem not to repeat the same mistakes they made in the past. They talk about it straight away to avoid any misunderstandings.

Ha Kyung and Si Woo look happier in their relationship than Ki Jun and Yu Jin, maybe because they have not made it public yet. However, Ki Jun has noticed in Ha Kyung’s behavior that she is siding with and defending Si Woo more often than she should. He has known her for more than ten years, and it is unlike her. Ki Jun follows Si Woo and catches him and Ha Kyung flirting with each other. Ha Kyung and Si Woo’s secrets are no longer secrets. In the next episode of ‘Forecasting Love And Weather,’ it will be interesting to see if Ki Jun will expose Ha Kyung in front of her colleagues out of jealousy, or will he keep quiet for the sake of the old times?

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“Forecasting Love And Weather” Episode 7 and 8 are streaming on Netflix.

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