‘From’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Boyd’s Plan With The Dead Monster?


After the adventurous and thrilling episode 6, From season 2 is back with episode 7, which directly follows the events from last time, as Sheriff Boyd had presumably just killed one of the monsters with his infected blood. Ellis, who had been unintentionally stabbed by a troublemaker in Colony House, is now almost recovered after being operated on and then given his father’s blood. The new episode also has Jim Matthews sticking with his theory that they are being watched as part of an experiment, and he also finds a new ally in his cause to find out more.

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What Is Boyd’s Plan With The Presumably Dead Monster?

As morning breaks, the characters at the medical clinic building find the monster still lying outside without having moved at all. To them, this is almost a guarantee that the monster has indeed been killed by Boyd, having transferred his blood onto it. When Boyd had slashed a cut into the monster’s throat and then pressed his own open wound against it, the worms in his blood had apparently transferred into the monster’s, which immediately shrieked out, shriveled up, and fell dead. Boyd, Kenny, and Kristi now discuss what to do with the body next, and Kenny suggests that they should most definitely burn and destroy it. But Boyd and Kristi think otherwise, especially since the power that Boyd could have used to kill the monsters is now gone. They feel that the corpse of the monster should be taken inside the clinic and opened up in order to study it and subsequently find ways to fight other monsters.

Kristi further says that since Boyd’s blood had killed the creature, meaning that its blood is now infected, that same blood could be extracted from the dead body and used against the other hordes of monsters that haunt the town after dark. Although Kenny is not at all convinced by the plan to bring evil inside the clinic, which is a terribly important location in the town, he does eventually support the others. Together with Mari, the three characters drag the body inside the building and keep it inside the boiler room. Mari soon has to go away from the scene, though, as her body goes through a fit because of her withdrawal from drugs, and the three others remain for the medical examination. When Kristi starts to cut open the body, she seems to strike a nerve, which makes the monster’s hand move for a brief second, and this spooks Kenny. He is once again adamant that what they are doing is a horrible idea, and he angrily leaves the room.

When Kristi follows Kenny out of the clinic in order to bring him back, the old romantic bond that the two once shared is referred to again. Kenny admits that he still loves the woman, and although he knows and has accepted that they can never be together after the arrival of Mari, he still wants to look out for Kristi. It is because of this concern for her that Kenny does not want Kristi to operate on the monster since there is an adequate risk of her losing her life. Nonetheless, Kristi is driven by a scientific urge to know things, and to her, this might be the only chance to study the monsters’ anatomy and then find ways to fight them. The two characters once again return to the boiler room to continue with the medical autopsy.

During this time, Mari, who had been resting inside the clinic, also has a horrible nightmare, which makes up for one of the two scare scenes in this episode. Mari seems to wake up from her sleep and calls out to Kristi, who is nowhere to be seen. She then steps out of the room to search for her fiancé inside the rest of the clinic and then enters the boiler room, thinking that she might be there. However, Mari is terrified to find the room empty, and even the monster’s body is not where it had been kept. She runs out of the place and sees Boyd, who seems surprised by the woman’s state, and then both of them see the monster walking toward them in completely fine health. Boyd pulls out his gun and starts firing, although it has no effect on the monster at all, and Mari then hears and sees the same music box playing on a table. Just then, she actually wakes up from her sleep and realizes that the whole thing was a nightmare.

Back inside the boiler room, Kristi cuts open the corpse to find that the anatomy of the monster is exactly like a human being’s, with all the right organs positioned exactly like in a human body. However, all these organs and the entire inside are shriveled up and dried, which immediately suggests that there is no blood inside the body. It is not made clear as to whether the monsters were originally so shriveled up on the inside or whether this was the effect of Boyd’s infected blood, and perhaps the latter is more likely. The discovery of the absence of blood makes Kristi almost break down, for her plan was to extract the infected blood from the body, study it, and use it against other monsters. Out of frustration and anger, the woman keeps stabbing the organs viciously until a yellow liquid starts to flow out, much to everyone’s surprise. As Boyd draws her attention to it, Kristi reveals that this was bile, which can very well be used to study the monster as there is no blood. The bile is then collected in a bottle, and Kenny asks Boyd about how they would test it. The sheriff replies that they should think of it later on, and he even offers Kenny a chance to become the deputy sheriff again. Kenny avoids answering and just says that he needs to go home, making it clear that even though he was helping Boyd at present, Kenny had still not gotten over the death of his father and was, therefore, not willing to be as close to Boyd as he previously was.

Why Is Fatima Nervous About Her Pregnancy?

At the end of From season 2, episode 6, Fatima asks Kristi for a pregnancy kit at the clinic, for the woman believes that she is about to become a mother. Episode 7 now opens with the test already done and Kristi confirming that Fatima is indeed pregnant. The people around her, including Kristi and then Donna too, are very happy with such a development, as they see it as a positive element amidst all the negative matters around them. However, Fatima is evidently not as happy, as there seems to be something deeply worrying her. This worry initially seemed to stem from the thought that the mysterious town was not the best place to raise a kid. Fatima had started to break down, seemingly from this very thought, but now something more is revealed in this regard. During her conversation with Donna, Fatima says that she has not yet told Ellis about her pregnancy because of a very particular reason.

In her original and usual life, before being transported to this strange town, Fatima had been told by doctors that she could never have a baby owing to some biological reasons. The woman had spent most of her life knowing and accepting this fact, and then suddenly, she became pregnant, which is in itself a medical miracle. But Fatima fears that, like in many other instances, the strange place was only giving her false hope to then take it all away from her and mentally torture her. Donna now presents the other possibility to the young woman, saying that if the pregnancy did work out, then she would also be able to experience the best days of her life. Finally convinced by Donna’s words, Fatima decides to tell Ellis about her pregnancy towards the end of the episode.

What Are The Matthews Up To?

All four of the Matthews family members make their appearances in this episode, as they interact with other characters and essentially take the plot forward. The family is initially together at Kenny’s house when Ethan wants to go visit his friend Victor, but Jim does not want to let his children return to the colony house. When asked by Tabitha, the man says that he does not trust Victor to be around his young son, but then the wife also reminds him that they need to let the children do things that they want to do. Else, Tabitha warns, Ethan and Julie will just find ways to sneak around, which would be even more dangerous at this place.

Jim seems to disgruntledly agree, and he then steps out onto the yard to see a drone being flown around by Randall. He now goes to visit Randall, the man who had been sort of banished from Colony House and was being made to stay by himself inside the tourist bus. Randall informs Jim that he has been going to visit his nephew for the latter’s birthday, and the drone was a gift he had bought for the boy. Jim now sees an opportunity to test out his theory with the help of the drone, and he starts telling Randall about his belief that they were all part of a cruel experiment. Randall hears the man out and also follows him back to the crashed RV in which Jim and his family had arrived at the town. Jim now explains his plan—the radio antenna that had been used at the end of From season 1 was now stored inside the RV, and he wants to attach it to Randall’s drone and fly it over the treetops in order to get a clearer signal. Randall agrees to help with the plan but then also plants a seed of suspicion inside Jim’s mind, stating that if they were really being watched as part of an experiment, then some of the people they see around in the town must also be secretly involved with such a setup.

While Jim is away, Tabitha visits the town bar and meets with Jade, who has now made a home out of the bar. The woman intends to talk about the previous time that the two had been together—when Tabitha had been seeing the horrifying children gather around her and Jade had walked in on the scene. She now asks Jade why he did not find it strange for her to be hallucinating things, and Jade admits that he, too, had been seeing people and the symbol around when none of it was actually present. As the two gradually share about what they have faced, Jade eventually shows Tabitha the photograph of Christopher, and she immediately recognizes young Victor in the background. Jade then also shows her the diary with the symbols drawn in it, and the woman again recognizes them. Tabitha reveals that she had seen the symbols on the walls inside the underground tunnels, and Jade is evidently shocked to know of this.

Young Ethan also meets with his friend Victor back at the colony house, when the eccentric man seems to be once again calculating the distance between trees. There is not much development in this bond apart from some mending. Victor reveals that the trees have been shedding leaves, which is an unusual phenomenon in this town as it has never happened before. Ethan suggests that this new occurrence can be something positive or good, but Victor does not seem to believe so, even though he does not say anything to the boy.

It was Julie who had taken Ethan to Colony House, and the girl now meets with her old friends Fatima and Ellis. As she is leaving, Julie also meets Elgin, who wants to have a word with her. As the two take a walk, Elgin reveals that he had had this strong thought that he needed to remember something from the nightmare he had when the bus first arrived in town. But Elgin cannot just remember it, with so many events and things taking place around him. Julie suggests that he try her method of calming down amidst such chaos by taking a long, peaceful bath in a tub. Elgin follows the advice and enters a tub full of water at the very end of the episode, but is then horrified to see an old woman, almost turned into a monster, try to drown him in the tub. Elgin tries to fight back, as he also sees and hears the music box, but the monster seems to overpower and drown him.

What Can We Expect In ‘From’ Season 2 Episode 8?

With From episode 7 ending with Elgin’s predicament, an important matter in the next episode would be whether the young man survives the attack or whether the entire attack was just a hallucination. Either way, the eerie music box seems to be linked with the mystery somehow, as both Elgin and Mari have now seen it while being haunted, and whether this has any connection with Boyd is also to be seen. Apart from this, how Jim and Randall work together on getting the antenna on the drone and then flying it high to get a signal would be interesting to watch. On the other side, Tabitha and Jade now seem to have become a team, as they want to investigate the strange symbols inside the dangerous underground tunnels.

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