‘FUBAR’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


FUBAR Season 1 left us on a cliffhanger, and though Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement about the renewal, we believe that it could be possible that the makers come up with FUBAR season 2, considering the hype surrounding the project and its protagonist, Arnold Schwarzenegger. After risking their lives in such deadly missions and killing Boro, the CIA agents realized that the threat wasn’t over yet and that there were other enemies who were after their lives. Luke, Emma, and all the other CIA agents who took part in the mission believed that after the death of Boro, their nightmare would end, but we don’t believe it would so easily. There was a Russian mole among them, and they were still unaware of a lot of things happening behind their backs. So, let’s decipher that if FUBAR Season 2 comes out, then what kind of perils the CIA would have to face and if they would be betrayed by one of their own.

Will Emma And Carter Come Back Together In Season 2?

Emma Brunner was living a dual life, and at times it became quite difficult to cope with the challenging nature of her job. As if the lethal missions were not enough, she had another headache: not letting anybody know that she was an undercover agent working for the CIA. Amidst this chaos, she was finding it very hard to manage her relationship, where her partner had no clue that she was working for the CIA. Whenever she even entertained the thought of breaking up with Carter, she felt guilty, as he was one of the most beautiful human beings one could ever meet. Carter was understanding, and even after Luke didn’t leave any chance to make his life difficult, he didn’t give up on Emma because he truly loved her. Luke made it very clear that he didn’t like him, but Carter never got angry or spoke with him in a disrespectful manner, and he always asked Emma what he could do to make her father become fond of him.

Emma and Carter were behaviorally polar opposites to each other, and with time, Emma started to feel that there was nothing common between them. Whenever she had to be in a compromising situation during a mission, she felt guilty, as she knew that if Carter came to know about it, he wouldn’t be comfortable with it. Emma was attracted to Aldon, and they both got intimate more than once while working on Boro’s case. Aldon might have seemed like a flirt, but it was the first time he had felt anything significant for a girl. Things got a bit complicated when Luke learned about his daughter’s fling and told her how morally wrong her actions were. Until the end of FUBAR, Emma hadn’t been able to make up her mind completely, and she still felt as if she was standing at a crossroads. She met Carter in the church, where they both realized that they were single and not dating anybody.

We believe that if there is a FUBAR season 2, we will see Emma getting back with Carter, though she would have to make it very clear to Aldon that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Things with Aldon happened at the wrong time, and if he had probably met her before, Emma might have dated him. Considering Aldon and Emma would be sharing the same workplace, there would be times when Carter would be a bit insecure, but he would have to trust Emma and let her be, as making her do something unwillingly wouldn’t help his cause.

What Would Be Tina’s Role In Season 2?

Tina Mukerji was this sweet and helpful girl who helped the on-the-field CIA agents and saved their lives numerous times. She was a part of the core team headed by Luke Brunner, whose main task was to find Boro. The first time we had our suspicions about the girl was when we realized that she had exactly the same hobbies, likes, and dislikes as Barry, and it felt like somebody had fed her all the intel and she was playing along for some ulterior motives. We are not saying that two people cannot have the exact same inclinations, but as it is said in the world of human intelligence, there are no coincidences, and there is a specific cause behind everything that happens. The second hint that we got about a Russian mole in the CIA was when Boro arrived unannounced at the card game, for which Tina and Barry had gone in disguise. Boro was meeting a diplomat from the SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, which is considered to be a renewed version of the KGB, one of the most lethal and oldest espionage agencies.

The Russian agent’s name was Volek, and he told Boro that if he was ready to call off the auction and give his nuclear weapon to Russia at a fair price, then they would let him know where he could find Luke and Emma Brunner. Volek said that they had an operative, code-named Songbird, working for the CIA who was providing them with valuable intel. Volek was confident that their mole would be able to get that information for them, and seeing his conviction, Boro agreed to come on board. It could be possible that Tina was the Songbird, as towards the end of FUBAR Season 1, we heard her talking to somebody in Russian, and it felt suspicious as she had never mentioned that she was fluent in that language. Tina told the caller that she couldn’t talk as she was busy with something, and by that tone, it felt like she was a bit uncomfortable taking that call inside the CIA headquarters.

Tina’s identity hadn’t been exposed up until then, and she would like to keep it that way in FUBAR season 2, assuming that she is a Russian spy. We will get to know in the next season what her intentions and motives were. If she was actually a Russian spy, then she had done her job quite well, considering nobody had an iota of doubt about her allegiances. If our speculation is right, then the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service would try to extract as much information as they could and utilize the leverage provided to them by their spy. They would want information about each and every mission that the team was undertaking and how they could turn the outcome in their favor without busting her cover. It would be interesting to see how Barry reacts if and when he learns about his girlfriend’s real identity, as he was way too emotionally invested in the relationship and had every intention of being with her in the future.

Will Luke Brummer rejoin the CIA in Season 2?

In the final moments of FUBAR Season 1, Tina had arranged for a van for the CIA operatives present at Tally’s wedding to leave immediately as she told them that their identities had been compromised. Now, assuming that Tina was a Russian spy, we can definitely presume that the van was not headed to a safehouse but to a Russian holdout somewhere in the United States of America. Tina would have exposed their real identities, and under the pretext of safety, she was leading them to their own doom. It could also be possible that at that moment, Tina was actually trying to save them from other enemies, as maybe her superiors would have told her to keep Luke and others safe so that they could take information from them at a later stage. Maybe the Russians also wanted to get their hands on the technology by which a nuclear bomb could be made using waste material, and for that, they needed the CIA’s contacts.

Though the Russians would be the constant adversary, we could witness the emergence of other enemies of the United States of America in FUBAR season 2. We believe that Luke, no matter how much he wanted to take retirement, would be pulled once again into the mess, and for the safety of the nation and his own family members, we would see him keeping his retirement plans on standby and once again taking charge of things.

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