‘George & Tammy’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Tammy Marry Richey?


We sincerely wish “George & Tammy” had ended with the fourth episode. As if Tammy Wynette’s life wasn’t tragic enough, did the series have to show the most heartbreaking parts of it in the final two episodes, which we know will not complete the story? It was just so difficult to sit through this, knowing that after it ends, we cannot tell ourselves that it was all just a story and reimagine a happier ending for our protagonist. We always knew these two weren’t going to ride off into the sunset, but to bring this part of their story to the screen at this stage feels like a crime being committed. We feel the need to give the disclaimer that we are aware that parts of it have likely been fictionalized. Well, then, allow us to say that even from the perspective of a purely fictional story, we sincerely hate watching this part of it. Of course, we are not talking from a storytelling or a technical point of view but from an emotional one. Either way, let us get into the events of “George & Tammy” Episode 5.

Spoilers Ahead

The Aftermath Of The Divorce

It is 1978, which is 3 years after George and Tammy’s divorce. The latter is doing pretty well for herself and seems reasonably happy, though the same cannot be said for George. While he is okay financially, he has terrible friends. Peanutt tells him that he is a sinner but asks God to forgive his friend, nonetheless. How does one consider a person like this their friend ever? As for Tammy, her pain has not lessened even after her surgeries. Therefore, her doctor recommended some painkillers to her, which she must take through a syringe. 

Later, when Tammy and Richey are practicing a song, he makes a move on her. Tammy is shocked and withdraws, saying that Sheila is her friend. But it is only in this episode that we come to know exactly how manipulative Richey really is. He tells Tammy that he has loved her all this time. She is in a place where she is in dire need of the medication and asks him to inject her, as she doesn’t want to do it herself. In that drug-induced state, they sleep together. This is probably the only time that Tammy has felt any real relief from the pain, and she just ties it all together to make Richey her savior. But while she is seeing him, she also starts working again with George. She decided that they had a good partnership, and she wanted to continue that despite the divorce. She was right, and they recorded a beautiful song together, but it turns out they still have plenty of feelings left and start seeing each other occasionally. Back with Tammy, Richey is making himself indispensable to Tammy’s life. He reveals to Sheila that he is having an affair with her. Sheila is heartbroken, but she tells Tammy that she doesn’t blame her for it. Right here is a woman with such low self-esteem that she is unable to blame another for willingly having an affair with her husband. It is rather sad to watch, but we realize that she gets a very insidious revenge on Tammy. She doesn’t tell her that it is Richey who has been leaving the offensive graffiti on her house.

While George seems to be getting hopeful that he might make a place in Tammy’s life once again, Richey is getting more possessive. In one of Tammy’s medicated states, he makes her say yes to marrying him. He continues his cruelty by revealing this information rather insensitively in front of George. This happens right before a concert. George was supposed to open for Tammy, and she would leave right after for a solo show. An angry George gets his revenge when he continues his opening segment for over two hours. Tammy misses her flight, but she clearly doesn’t have it in her to be angry, as she wants George to let out his feelings.

‘George & Tammy’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Tammy marry Richey?

Following this stunning revelation, George makes his way to Peanutt’s house. He doesn’t believe in his words about God’s will anymore because it is only now that he realizes that he has completely lost Tammy. He believes that she still loves him, but love is never enough. Until that point, George had never put in the work to make himself the kind of man that Tammy would want to be with. He wasn’t doing that even now, but he couldn’t let go of the anger of losing her. Meanwhile, Tammy and Richey’s wedding day finally arrives. It is clear that nobody is happy about it. Even her friends Jan and Nan, who had been angry with her for having an affair with him, let their concern take over their anger and advised her against it. But Tammy can only see that it is with Richey that she can finally let go of the pain. She has no love for him, but she needs him. The two of them get married, with Tammy being very visibly drugged. George is watching it all from the parking lot. He still loves her and has come there one last time, maybe to get his heart broken or maybe for closure. We never know. As he is leaving the venue, he speeds a little too much and is chased by police cars. He cannot catch a break for himself. 

Final Thoughts: What Works For ‘George & Tammy’ Episode 5?

The storytelling is immaculate, as always, with the integration of the music adding to the narrative instead of just being something that happens in the background. Full points to the writers for coming up with such a crisp script that has retained the authenticity of the real-life story without compromising on its emotional value. We are still upset that a woman such as Tammy Wynette has been subjected to the insensitivities and cruelties of men all her life, but sadly, we cannot say that she is the only one that this has happened to. “George & Tammy” is not a love story; it is a tragedy. And the last leg of it is what we will see in the next episode.

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