‘Heartstopper’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Nick Tell His Mother The Truth About Charlie?


“Heartstopper” is a Netflix romantic drama series about a group of English teens who come together and discover what makes their hearts beat for one another. Charlie is a gay student at a small English school who likes a kid named Ben and meets him on the sly. Charlie’s heart stops with someone else when Ben refuses to acknowledge him.

Charlie and Nick meet for the first time in school when they accidentally bump into each other. While Nick is still learning his way around the school and sits next to Charlie in his class, Charlie can’t resist his attraction to him. When Ben is disrespectful to Charlie and Nick stands up for Charlie, everything changes. Let us understand how these characters help Nick realize different aspects of himself.

‘Heartstopper’ Season 1: Plot Summary – Does Charlie Win Nick’s Heart?

Charlie is a lovely adolescent who likes boys. Ben is set to meet him in the library, so they may share a kiss before the day begins. Charlie is upset when Ben abandons him at the last minute, but he goes about his business. He moves on from the incident and gets on with his day. He keeps running into a blond-haired boy who sits next to him in class at the start of the school year.

Charlie is instantly smitten when he realizes that Nick Nelson sits next to him in class. Nick is different from the other lads, and Charlie develops a crush on him. Tao, Charlie’s close buddy, gradually explains why becoming engaged with Nick is a poor decision because he is straight. When Nick follows Charlie after rugby practice to find him with Ben, he realizes that things have become heated between the two of them. Ben becomes enraged and pushes Charlie up the wall, kissing him forcibly. Nick rushes to his aid, and their friendship takes an endearing turn.

Charlie’s close friends include Tao, Elle, a transgender female from Higgs Girls High School, and Issac. While Tao and Issac are students at the Truham Boys’ School, Elle has only recently transferred to Higgs and has made friends with Tara Jones and Darcy. Elle gradually recognizes that she is not like the other girls, but her teacher informs her that there are people with whom she can and must be friends. Tara approaches her and establishes a friendship, and Darcy quickly embraces Elle, and the three of them become great friends.

Charlie has only recently met Nick, but something tells him that he might be gay, which would give him an advantage. Nick is still trying to figure out what is going on with himself. It becomes a problem when his close friend, Imogen, a girl from his school group, approaches him and invites him out. Nick thinks he should say ‘Yes’ because her dog has just died, and he does, but deep down, he feels like his heart is somewhere else. With this in mind, Nick wonders how much longer he can keep Harry, the local homophobe, from making filthy and demeaning remarks about Charlie.

When Nick’s world begins to change and evolve, he must decide whether or not he is willing to acknowledge how he feels about his friends who are also on his rugby team and whether or not he will find safe haven with Charlie. Will he leave the local homophobic rugby team and embrace Charlie, or will he accept Imogen’s proposal and date her?

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Heartstopper’ Season 1: Ending Explained –  Does Nick Tell His Mother About His Sexual Orientation?

Charlie and his buddies, who have a spiritual link that is sacred, are at the center of the story. Charlie has a father, mother, and sister who are very protective of him in every way because he is unique. At the end of the day, Nick has only his mother to talk to. Nick’s world is turned upside down when he discovers he has a soft place for Charlie. Charlie is well aware of his sexuality, but when Charlie and Nick kiss for the first time, Nick is completely unfamiliar with the situation.

Nick has a lot of unresolved questions. It’s an entirely new world for him, and he’s terrified of what he’s experiencing. But, despite all the drama, he understands the importance of remaining grounded and standing up for what is right. He begins to see that he could be 62 percent bisexual after taking an LGBTQ+ quiz online. On the other hand, he does not forget his responsibility to protect Charlie at all costs. This disturbs him, but he moves on in life, understanding that everything is new and that he must make the change without letting anybody else bear his burden.

When Charlie notices Nick’s discomfort with the situation, he is exceedingly supportive. When Charlie introduces Nick to his friends, Tao is wary of Charlie scolding Nick directly. Nick recognizes the importance of Charlie’s safety and acknowledges that he must be protected.

When Tara and Darcy, who came out as lesbians on Instagram, invite Nick to a double date, Nick believes he can turn things around. Nick tells the girls that he likes Charlie and that they are going out together, but he isn’t sure how he feels about it all. Tao is the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet. When Tao learns that Charlie and Nick are dating, he loses faith in them.

When Tao gets into a nasty fight with Harry, the local homophobe at school, Nick and Charlie try to break it up, but Tao confronts Charlie because he is furious that he no longer trusts him. Tao pulls away from Charlie, enraged and concerned. Nick and Charlie have already had a tense relationship since Nick got into a fight with Harry after seeing a movie with Charlie sitting next to him. Things appear to be in disarray. Nick needs to find a way to make things right, and Charlie needs to make amends with Tao.

Charlie quits the rugby team because Harry was never polite to him or Tao, and he is deeply disturbed by Tao’s reactions to dating Nick. It was the finest move Charlie could think of at a time when tensions were at an all-time high. Nick learns as a result that Charlie will not be playing in the major game versus the other squad. He scores a lot of points, but he drops the ball and walks off the field halfway through the game. He takes Charlie’s hand in his and leads him down the school corridor, where he tells him how terrible things have been. Nick kisses Charlie one last time after numerous kisses, the only difference being that  this one is special.

Charlie and Nick take a train towards the beach after Sports Day. Nick tells Charlie he is bisexual and that it is all still very new to him. Charlie tells him that, as a caring and supportive partner, he will proceed at a pace that is comfortable for Nick. Nick has only one more person to inform. His mother, to be precise. He makes himself a cup of coffee and settles down to finally inform his mother when he gets home. His mother welcomes him with open arms and tells him that she loves him just as he is, no matter what he decides to be. Happily ever after, with a happy ending.

Final Words

“Heartstopper” is an endearing eight-part series that follows five teenagers as they begin their journey to understand their bodies, desires, gender identities and sexual orientation in the most gentle way possible. They emphasize the need to be inclusive, kind, and protective of individuals who do not yet know themselves. While it is a coming-of-age story, these kids ensure a new generation of individuals who are more fun-loving, genuine, and compassionate to people, resulting in a more humane society. This is a must-see for all teenagers.

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“Heartstopper” is a 2022 Drama Romance series created by Alice Oseman.

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