‘High Desert’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Do The Gatchis Come To Meet Peggy?


Peggy is turning more mature with the finale of High Desert approaching. We are actually starting to like her a lot, though we still don’t get the angle of her attraction to Guru Bob. We might just want her to end up with Denny, despite the bad news that he is, because he seems to care for her, at least, in his own twisted way. Also, how come Peggy is the most capable of the people around her? She is braver than her siblings, more intelligent than her boss, and more stable than Bruce Harvey. This was a surprise, and this is how it plays out in the recap of High Desert episode 7.

Spoilers Alert

Does Peggy Get The Reward From The Gatchis?

Seeing Ethan at the end of episode 6 really did a number on Peggy, and she seems to have been spiraling since. Maybe it was a good thing that she did not get the drugs she wanted; otherwise, she may have gone on a devastating bender. Right now, she is just aggressively cleaning her house and distracting herself by making stupid calls. She updates Bruce Harvey on the case and the DNA results that are about to come. Peggy can’t wait to rub the faces of her siblings in her “success” and gives a heads up to Bruce to be prepared to talk to her brother, Stewart, who would want to know the status of her employment and the income potential so that he can map out how much more he needs to help Peggy financially.

Peggy seems to have found some pills that she has crushed into powder and drawn into lines to inhale while she scrubs the corners of her house with a toothbrush. Peggy is feeling a little too sentimental because of the multiple highs she is on and calls up Denny, saying that maybe she was too hard on him. This is Peggy’s mistake because Denny is robbing a convenience store, and Peggy is completely oblivious to the noises in the background, thinking that they are just interference. Amidst all this, she has no clue that she is being followed by Dona’s family, the Gatchis, who are checking themselves out in the silver foil of packed food. But the craziest thing might be Peggy’s boss relentlessly trying to figure out how to shoot a person out of a cannon. He is unfazed that the person might end up blown to bits or crash in the middle of the mountains. It is a stunt he must pull off for his mother, whom he is strangely attached to or scared of.

Finally, what is the deal with Carol, Peggy’s best friend? We will admit it was a very clever screenplay when Carol hinted at the “bigger thing attached to the smaller thing,” and we saw the cannon shooting out the pieces of a wooden mannequin. But why is Carol talking like that? Also, what is her equation with her stepdaughter? She doesn’t stop her from encroaching on her space and outright insulting her because she feels guilty for being the stepmother. Yet, when the girl caught the image of a dead body on the video of her drone, Carol was the first person she showed it to. When Peggy understands that it is where Dona is probably buried, she decides that they will collect the reward from her family, then inform the police, and finally save Guru Bob from being murdered by his wife’s kin. Peggy is borderline insane for this plan, but that is all she has in the penultimate episode of High Desert. Let’s remember that this whole time, she is being tailed.

When Peggy reaches the nail salon, which is also a front for the Gatchis, she is quick to demand the reward, but the crime business family runs a tight ship. They agree to give her $600 for the moment and the rest when she shows them the body. Peggy came down from $500k to $600; her bargaining skills are worse than Elon Musk’s when he wanted people to pay for the Twitter blue tick.

However, Peggy is sure that she is inches away from success. Some of her gloating suffer when she gives a check to her brother and asks him to cash it a little late, and when she proceeds to introduce them to her boss, Bruce has locked himself in his room and is shooting at cars because he is heartbroken over his wife cheating on him. Peggy manages the situation, though she is disappointed over not being able to show herself up in front of Dianne and Stewart.

Why Do The Gatchis Come To Meet Peggy?

When Peggy goes back home, she finds Denny cooking a nice meal for her. He is still very much in love with Peggy, and though he knows that there can be nothing between them, he shares Peggy’s belligerence and doesn’t stop trying. Their conversation in the kitchen is rather mature for two people who cannot stop getting into trouble. In a way, Denny is also there for Peggy as she talks to him about Ethan. Denny is not Ethan’s father, and we think that the art collector we saw him with might be.

That night, when Peggy is in bed, she is visited by Heather and her father, who have not yet received the promised money from Peggy. Since Guru Bob has absconded from town, she is who they are chasing after for the cash. Peggy tries to smooth talk her way out again but becomes quite feral when Heather tries to enter her mother’s room. But she is overpowered when Heather’s dad pulls out a gun. To save herself, Peggy is forced to lead the father and daughter to Denny, who has to relinquish his loot of the day and his trailer to quiet down the gangsters. When Peggy goes back home at the end of Episode 7 of High Desert, she receives a call from Ethan, who tells her that he is just informing her about his father’s arrest. Ethan is not interested in listening to anything Peggy has to say about her doing better, and this causes Peggy to take a few pills again. She starts hallucinating about her mother but is pulled out of it when the Gatchis show up at her door, asking her to lead them to Dona’s body.

Final Thoughts

We now know that Ethan probably cut ties with Peggy due to her addiction. We also know that Peggy is going to be duped by the Gatchis, and we will be surprised if they don’t try to take her life. They are definitely not going to hand over the $70k to her, but if it turns out that the body Peggy found is not Dona’s, it is going to get worse for her. With High Desert finale approaching, let us see what her investigative powers have led her to.

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