‘Kitz’ Ending, Explained – Who Killed Joseph? What Happened To Vanessa?


It seems like television series creators cannot get enough of the rich and the poor intermingling stories. The tales of class conflict that usually start with revenge but end with a mutual attraction can be found in other Netflix shows as well, such as Elite and Young Royals, to name a few. Though this formula is quite common, classic films such as Pretty Woman and, more recently, Fifty Shades of Grey have managed to keep the audience interested. Kitz plays along with the known equation but adds a twist of its own. Elizabeth, who is lovingly called Lisi by her family and friends, seeks revenge after losing her brother in a casualty. Confident that her brother’s death was not a mere accident, Lisi sets out to avenge his death. 

‘Kitz’ Plot Summary: The Clash Of Class

Lisi blamed Vanessa, a wealthy model, for her brother, Joseph’s death. She believed that Vanessa came to Kitzbühel to entice Joseph, and it was Vanessa’s texts that compelled her brother to drive that night to meet her. Knowing the dangerous condition of the road, Lisi was confident that Vanessa orchestrated his death. Through social media, Lisi learned Vanessa/Nessa was coming back to Kitzbühel to party and ski through the cold winter days. She knew it was her time to finally destroy Nessa and make her realize how it feels to lose everything one loves. Kitz series shows us a glimpse of the climax to help us gauge the severity of the catastrophe we were about to witness.

What was Lisi’s Plan For Revenge?

Everything went as planned by Lisi; she intruded the elite party posing as a waiter trying to find the right chance to introduce herself to Vanessa. Quite timely, a robber entered the room Nessa was staying at and threatened to kill her if she denied access. Lisi came to rescue her and warned the robber to leave as she had already informed the police. The robber left without any fuss, and Nessa accepted Lisi as her lifesaver. 

As time passed, Lisi established herself as the altruistic friend, who came to Nessa’s rescue for her slightest discomfort. While Lisi’s closeness was not well received by Nessa’s best friend, Pippa, Lisi managed to ruin their friendship by disclosing the illicit affair between Nessa’s father and Pippa through a game of truth and dare. 

With Pippa out of the picture, Lisi accompanied Nessa to every event and party, pretending to be her only true friend. In her attempt to be Nessa’s only true friend, Lisi formed a close friendship with her boyfriend, Dominik. The attraction that they felt for one another was evident in their demeanor. Knowing how a relationship could spoil her elaborate plan, Lisi carefully tried to avoid conflict of interest, but love found its way. 

When a song was played in the memory of her brother at a party in the village, Lisi stormed outside. Noticing how emotional she was, Dominik comforted her, and the two shared an intimate kiss. Throughout the series, the relationship between Dominik and Lisi is that of guilt and love. The two had decided to avoid physical proximity out of guilt, but their attraction was too strong to keep them apart.

Meanwhile, Hans, a dear friend of Lisi and Joseph, was plotting revenge with Lisi. It was not just the friendship he shared with Joseph but also the love he felt for him that made him vengeful after losing Joseph. As the story progressed, we learned that Hans pretended to be a robber to help Lisi be the savior and build a friendship with Nessa. The robbery was a part of the plan, but Hans’ intimacy with Kosh was not. Kosh was Nessa’s close friend who was equally wealthy and influential. Kosh was reluctant to run the business with a hotel to his name and spent most of his day drinking to his heart’s content. 

Elizabeth "lisi" with her brother Joseph
Credits: Netflix

How Did Lisi Plan To Destroy Nessa?

Lisi remembered little details Joseph had shared about his secret girlfriend, Vanessa. She knew about Vanessa’s desire to be an actress, and she played along with that information. She emailed Vanessa posing to be the director of a renowned theatre company and asked her to send a casting video. It is with the video that she hoped to obliterate Nessa. Though Vanessa initially ignored the emails believing she was not good enough to be an actress, Lisi made her believe in herself. She gave her a book on acting lessons and encouraged her to submit the video for the casting call. She even mentioned Joseph a few times to notice any reaction or emotion. Upon hearing her brother’s name, the lack of emotion made Lisi all the more confident about Nessa’s guilt. 

Finally, Nessa decided to shoot the video and took Lisi’s help. Lisi ‘pretended’ to accuse Nessa and her elite circle for coming and ruining their peaceful village with their elegant lifestyle to incite Vanessa to act for the video. In this scene, Lisi gets the opportunity to express herself in front of Vanessa for the first time in the act of pretense. Vanessa charged back, saying the village was functioning only because of the wealth that they brought. She concluded by saying that she hoped an avalanche fell on the village and annihilated it. Lisi was happy that she got what she was looking for, but Vanessa did not feel confident to share the video. Nessa had a certain doubt that reflected how she might not have genuinely felt everything she said for the casting video, but ultimately, she sent the video. Lisi had the video that could ruin Nessa’s life in seconds, but she held on to it, hoping to find a reason to probably not proceed.  

Why Didn’t Lisi Upload The Video Initially?

With the video at hand, Lisi somehow did not upload the potential viral content. The primary reason for not taking immediate action was Dominik. Dominik did not just hold her with love and respect but also managed to impress her parents with his little gestures. 

Dominik even provided Lisi with an opportunity to showcase her design at his mother’s fashion show. Even though she rejected the idea as she was not a damsel in distress, Dominik replied that he did everything simply because he thought Lisi was talented and not to impress her. Lisi realized that the opportunity was genuinely great, and it was not out of any expectation but simply her talent, for which Dominik helped her. She finally decided to take part in the fashion show.

Vanessa and her friends with Lisi
Credits: Netflix

‘Kitz’ Ending Explained – Who Killed Joseph?

In the end of Kitz, despise, and hatred triumphed over love and compassion. After witnessing Dominik and Lisi in a compromising position, a frustrated Vanessa decided to wear the outfit designed by Lisi. To show her ultimate dominance, Vanessa tore apart the dress’s sleeves while walking the runway. She became the talk of the town while no one cared about the designer, Lisi. She decided to launch her ultimate weapon, the video. 

As soon as the video was leaked, Vanessa started receiving hate comments. As a way to record the truth, Nessa lured Lisi to come to her place, promising insight into her relationship with Lisi’s brother. In expressing hate, Lisi admitted to having uploaded the video. Nessa threatened her with the audio recording. Meanwhile, a few angry men threw bottles of alcohol that reacted with the fire at the fireplace, and the whole house was set ablaze. Even after all the hateful crimes committed by Lisi, Nessa helped her and protected her from the fire. 

While Lisi survived, Nessa lost her life. In the end, Lisi regretted all that she did, blaming herself for the death of Nessa. She realized that she did not cope well with her brother’s death and her reaction was extreme. Lisi tried to protect herself by keeping Nessa’s phone with her, which Dominik ultimately discovered. Dominik decided to delete all the messages Nessa had sent to remove any trace of his affair with Lisi. Lisi learned that Dominik knew Nessa’s password, a vital element in solving the puzzle. Lisi then blackmailed Kosh to help remove the voice recording of her confession, as a way to protect Hans from police accusation. Kosh did as he was asked but was noticed by the family’s private detective.

On a funeral day, Lisi is finally able to comprehend the truth of her brother’s death. Nessa’s sister explained to Lisi how close Joseph and Nessa were, and how he was her only source of happiness. Regarding the night of Joseph’s death, Patricia remembered how Nessa was searching for her phone at the party. This made Lisi rethink the events of the night, and she was left with one question- who had sent the messages if not Nessa? She then remembered that Dominik knew her password, and he once confessed to Lisi about doing something beyond repair. Caught in disbelief, Lisi looked at Dominik with resentment. The series ends with a glimpse of the night of Joseph’s death. Dominik stood in front of Joseph’s car with a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

The ending of Kitz indicates that Dominik was directly linked to Joseph’s demise. His death might have resulted from a brawl ignited by Dominik after he came to know that Vanessa was cheating on him. Or, in some way, Dominik forced Joseph to take a deadly turn that led to his accident. The series unleashes the dark secrets protected by the elites. Even though Lisi mistook Nessa as the cause of her brother’s death, yet the fact that his death was not an accident was established. While Lisi was recovering from the death of Joseph, she was hurt by the man she loved and trusted, Dominik. Love failed to triumph over deceit, though a new season, Kitz Season 2, might be possible where the past can be better explained.

Kitz is a 2021 German Drama Thriller series created by Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz-Dornburg. Kitz Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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