‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending – How Does Gye-hoon Find Out About The Murder?


Previously, in “Link: Eat Love Kill,” Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother try their best to retrieve the dead body from Gye Hoon’s refrigerator but fail every time. Da Hyun managed to sneak into the restaurant at midnight, but when she opened the refrigerator, Gye Hoon caught her red-handed. Will Gye Hoon expose Da Hyun’s crime?

What Is Gye-hoon’s Secret?

Da Hyun kept getting nightmares about the dead man and couldn’t sleep because of the anxiety. To put an end to it, she decides to sneak into Gye Hoon’s restaurant and manages to do so. As Gye Hoon can feel Da Hyun’s emotions, he can’t sleep as well and goes back to his restaurant, where he finds Da Hyun opening the refrigerator. Da Hyun is startled to see him there but is even more shocked that there is not a body in the refrigerator.

After seeing the empty refrigerator, Da Hyun has become more anxious, and Gye Hoon’s sleep is also disturbed. Da Hyun and Gye Hoon meet each other at midnight when both are carrying a bottle of alcohol with them for their insomnia. Gye Hoon invites Da Hyun into the restaurant and cooks her some delicious dishes, after which both of them have a good sleep. Drinking and eating together becomes a routine for them as Gye Hoon realizes it is the only way they can both rest at night.

Da Hyun and her family hid every time the police car passed by, which made the police more suspicious of them. However, their family is not the only one with secrets. Gye Hoon has a secret that he has told no one. After his sister disappeared, Gye Hoon received a letter from a kid who had seen his father with bloodied hands on the day Gye Young was lost. That man was her piano teacher, and Gye Hoon had reported him. The man was not charged due to a lack of evidence, and Gye Hoon had come back to find him.

Gye Hoon and Da Hyun have been drinking together every night, but he has told her to not develop feelings for him. Gye Hoon isn’t sure if Da Hyun is his sister or not, but he has been concerned about her in case she is. Despite his warning, Da Hyun has started to fall for him, but instead of confessing her feelings, she blurts out that she has killed someone.

Is Da-hyun Gye-hoon’s Sister?

Gye Hoon knew that something was wrong with Da Hyun, but he was shocked to learn that she had killed someone. Da Hyun calls it a joke at first, but Gye Hoon tricks her into confessing the truth. Gye Hoon has a soft heart for her and doesn’t threaten to report her crime, but she threatens him instead to not tell anyone. Other than Gye Hoon, another person has also found out about the murder.

The aerobics instructor has seen Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother moving the body into the refrigerator, and in exchange for keeping her mouth shut, she wants them to kill her husband, who physically abuses her daily. Da Hyun doesn’t know about it, and they don’t want her to know that either. Tired of her mother’s nagging, Da Hyun asks Gye Hoon to give her a part-time job at his restaurant, and he gives her one.

On her first day on the job, she meets the new chef. She had bumped into that chef earlier, and her parents had also met her. She is the same woman who had come to inquire about a man who is none other than Lee Jin Geun, her younger brother. Seeing his social media profile, she thinks Da Hyun is his girlfriend, and he has disappeared because of her. She accepts the job at Gye Hoon’s restaurant so that she can keep a close eye on Da Hyun.

‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Episode 4 Ending

Da Hyun’s mother and grandmother are stressed because of the murder job that they have been hired to do. While doing their household chores, they are discussing whether it will be right to do the task or not. Da Hyun’s grandmother gets frustrated and runs out of the house with her rolling pin. Her daughter follows her, in order to stop her, with a hammer in her hand. Da Hyun sees them from the restaurant and follows with a shovel in her hand. They stop only after seeing a beaten man on the street. To their misfortune, the police arrived there at the same time.

A witness testifies that a man had beaten the victim, which spares Da Hyun’s family the effort of proving their innocence. Gye Hoon knows that the new police officer has beaten the victim but doesn’t say a word. Gye Hoon’s friend couldn’t see his restlessness and got a DNA test to find out if Da Hyun was his sister or not. He shows Gye Hoon the result, and he gets annoyed after seeing it. He knew Da Hyun wasn’t his sister but didn’t want to accept it.

Like Da Hyun, Gye Hoon was also confused about the whereabouts of the body, but a small misplacement in his kitchen gave him a clue. A knife has disappeared from his kitchen, and after thinking about it for days, Gye Hoon comes to the conclusion that Jin Geun is still alive and he must have run away with the knife to attack Da Hyun again. However, something else must have happened to him as he disappeared suddenly.

Will Gye Hoon’s theory about Jin Geun’s survival become true? Or will Da Hyun get charged with murder one day? The next episodes of “Link: Eat Love Kill” will probably shed more light into the mystery and answer the questions left answered.

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