‘Little Things’ Season 4: Ending, Explained – What’s In Store For Dhruv and Kavya?


Following the massive success of Little Things Season 1, a YouTube series created by Dice Media, Netflix wasted no time in understanding the audience’s love for it. On October 15, the fourth and final season was released as a Netflix original, just like its previous two seasons.

When it comes to relatability, the series sets the bar very high. It is funny how having been released on an OTT platform, the series is not “over-the-top” in the slightest. An interestingly unique attribute of the series is that one can start watching from absolutely any season (or any episode) without facing any plot distortions. This was achievable given the show’s storytelling style and the fact that it does not flinch from its “predictability” and, perhaps, flaunts the beauty in it!

‘Little Things’ Season 4: Plot Summary

After 14 months of long-distance, Dhruv and Kavya finally reunite on a trip to Kerala, where they discover how distant they had gotten in their relationship as well. Just like every couple that has experienced long-distance, the duo sniff out subtle changes in their partners, like developing a new Finnish accent or having quit coffee.

However, due to the therapeutic tranquilities of Kerala, the rhetorical humor, the heartfelt conversations, and the persistent understanding the couple has, the differences between them dissolve in no time. Despite having a trip with a few bumps on the road, Dhruv and Kavya realize that the distance did not mean they “loved each other less” but simply that they forgot how “deeply in love” they used to be.

“One can chase success or choose happiness…”

On his trip to Kerala, Dhruv gears up to join a panel discussion for Stats Symposium (the reason why they met in Kerala). He catches up with his colleague and school friend Sanket, where they share their plans for their future lives. Sanket shares how he wants to take things easy with his career moving on and wants to share valuable time with his family, which gets Dhruv wondering. Dhruv, having had a fulfilling job back in Finland, decides to leave a “cold and calculative” life to get some (indescribable) “warmth” back home.

On the other hand, Kavya, who has been working from Nagpur (while crashing at her parents’ place), seeks to move back to Mumbai. However, unable to get her role back as Sales Strategist in Mumbai, she takes a brave step by implying to quit the company, if not for that role.

Ergo, having lived for two years in a long-distance relationship, the couple decides to go back to living as roommates and rent an apartment in Mumbai.

Heartwarming Moments in ‘Little Things’

The holiday to Kerala brings some heartwarming moments in the life of Dhruv and Kavya. After his panel discussion, Dhruv has to get on a call with AMEX, which makes him late for the celebration of Kavya’s 30th birthday. Taking this opportunity, Kavya walks around the turfs of Alleppey for some soul-searching, where she visits a “human library.”

The library’s storytelling unfolds the lives of three locals, an old lady who had come out in front of her granddaughter after all these years, a man with an amputated leg, and an influencer who had been on social media detox. Kavya finds herself captivated by their stories.

The couple enjoys many fond moments during their holiday, including an icebreaker with an uptight tour guide, a deep confession box talk, a lunch with Sanket and Mila, and a little prank that preceded it.

Ups and Downs

Just as the duo start their lives back as roommates, Dhruv receives the job as a research and development team leader, while Kavya gets her desired job as a Sales Strategist back. Even so, things don’t turn out to be as smooth as they seemed. While Dhruv finds it difficult adjusting to the hectic work culture, Kavya accidentally gets her cornea scratched by Dhruv in a momentary stew.

When they seek medical assistance for Kavya, much to their surprise, they find out about the nerve compression in Kavya’s back. Given her health condition, Kavya is unable to start with her new job. While Kavya has been recommended to rest, she constantly feels restless due to a lack of productivity.

…But with Family, it all Feels like Home!

Just like always, having fought all the ups and downs together, Dhruv and Kavya finally manage to find some leisurely time together. Around the same time, both sets of parents plan to visit the two in their Mumbai apartment.

The viewers get to catch a glimpse of “When Delhi meets Nagpur” (maybe that could be a movie, lol) amidst the hearty banter of the two families. The enthusiasm of their parents meeting up makes Dhruv and Kavya discuss their marriage when Kavya casually coins in a little “I’m in for Shaadi” (I’m in for wedding)! The couple plans to throw a party (due to unclear reasons) for family and friends, which fills the atmosphere with warmth and glee.

‘Little Things’ Season 4: Ending Explained

Adding to the joy of the party comes the most awaited moment of any romantic comedy. However, this time it does not conflict with the understated storytelling style.

Kavya asks Dhruv to see her at the balcony and casually mentions that perhaps the party was meant to celebrate their “engagement.” Having said that, she playfully hands him a ring, much to his surprise. When Dhruv slides the ring onto her finger, the two lean into a heart-melting kiss.

The couple decides to enjoy a late-night escape in their merry mood. Wandering across the streets of Mumbai, the couple is lost in deep talks about “little things” in the classic Dhruv-Kavya style. Doing so, they fall asleep in their car, wake up in the morning, and hurry back home to their worried families.

The scene dissolves to Kavya’s room, where she gets ready for her engagement. The whole family, including Dhruv and Kavya, gather in the living room for the ceremony. When Kavya’s father suggests playing some music, Dhruv asks Alexa to play “Ek din aap yun” from Yes Boss as they exchange rings.

Little Things is an Indian Romantic Series created by Dhruv Sehgal. Season 4 is streaming on Netflix.

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