‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Did Tara And Adil Get A Divorce?


Made in Heaven season 1 was all about the scandal, extramarital affairs, adult tapes, queer love, and class hierarchy. We were introduced to Tara and Karan, two friends who decided to become wedding planners and named their company Made in Heaven. By the end of season one, their personal and professional lives were almost crumbling, but they decided to bet their lives to make their business a success. They brought in a third stakeholder into the company, Ramesh Jauhari. While Jauhari’s taste is not as refined, when it comes to business, he knows how to handle it. Season 2 of Made in Heaven deals with Tara’s divorce and alimony settlement. Karan battles with his inner conflict when he finds out that his mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer. Kabir is offered a place at NYU, and he has to figure out if he wants to leave Delhi for good. Jazz tries to adapt to her changing circumstances, but at times, all she wants is a sense of certainty.

In Made in Heaven season 2, we are introduced to two new core characters: the new head of productions, Meher Chaudhury (Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju), and the auditor, Bulbul Jauhari (Mona Singh). Mona Singh delivers an exceptional performance as Bulbul. From the flashiness of new money to holding on to core moral values at all costs, Bulbul Jauhari is surely a treat to watch this season. Trinetra Haldar captures Meher’s journey to perfection, and as a debut actor, she is a natural.

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What Was Bulbul Jauhari’s Past?

Ramesh Jauhari brought in his wife Bulbul to manage the Made in Heaven accounts and find ways to cut costs. Ramesh celebrated his wife; he had complete faith in her and believed that she was his lucky charm. Bulbul did not have it easy in life, and it is gradually revealed through the course of “Made in Heaven” season 2. Bulbul was sentimental when she realized that one of their brides was being abused by her partner. She tried to raise the alarm, but it did not work. It is at the end of episode 2 that we find out that the scars from the past continue to haunt Bulbul. Bulbul was married to a hot-headed man who took pride in abusing her. His family never bothered to stop him, and she was assaulted on a regular basis. Her husband even attempted to choke their little boy, and when Bulbul held a knife to threaten him, he dared her to attack. She stabbed him in the chest when he came close, and the injury turned out to be fatal. Ramesh was her neighbor at the time, and he always supported her. Bulbul asked him for help that night, and Ramesh confessed to the police that he was a witness and that Bulbul attacked out of self-defense. Bulbul was forever indebted to Ramesh for being there by her side.

Ramesh was proud of his wife, and he made sure that everyone respected her. He stood up for her when Bulbul’s elder son, Dhruv, behaved rudely. Bulbul had started to notice that her son’s opinions about women were quite problematic. She tried to school him, but he avoided her. Dhruv and his friends were suspended after a student (Shruti) filed a police complaint for blackmailing. Shruti’s boyfriend, Chetan, was Dhruv’s friend, and he had recorded an intimate video with Shruti. The boys gang blackmailed Shruti, threatening to circulate the video if she refused to sleep with them. Dhruv denied the allegation, and he also added that Shruti was not a girl of character. According to him, she deserved to be harassed because she had been in several relationships before Chetan. It was only when Gaurav, Bulbul’s youngest son, showed the video in question to his parents that the truth came out.

Dhruv had been holding grudges against his mother for moving on as easily from her previous marriage. Bulbul never spoke about the abuse she had to endure to protect the image Dhruv had of his father, but in that moment, she realized she had made a mistake. Bulbul discussed how her life was before she met Ramesh and why she chose to keep them away from her past. Dhruv did not respect his mother because he believed she was a loose woman who jumped on the next best thing after losing her husband. Bulbul reminded him that he was in no position to call any woman loose and that a woman’s choice is only theirs to make. Dhruv repented of his mistake and confessed the entire truth to the police the next day. He tried to apologize to Shruti but found out that she had shifted to her uncle’s place after the harassment. Dhruv realized that he and his friends had destroyed the life of a teenage girl. While Bulbul was ashamed of the mistake her son made, she was glad that she ultimately instilled better values in him.

Did Meher Find Love?

As a trans woman, life was never easy for Meher Chaudhry. She was not foreign to strange requests from men, and whenever she took a stand, she was reduced to one derogatory term or another. Meher was a romantic, and she never gave up on finding love. But the right swipes more often than not led to the wrong men. The ones who seemed comfortable with who she was turned out to be predators waiting to take down their masks. Meher was proud of her identity, and before meeting anyone, she made sure they knew all about her. She did not expect her life to drastically change when she came across Danish’s profile, but as soon as the conversations began, she caught herself smiling at his replies. Danish had a red rose tucked behind his ear, sticking out of the crowd at a cafe. Not once did Meher feel mistreated when she was with him. Their relationship was based on friendship and admiration, and Meher gradually started to feel comfortable around him.

Taking a step further was always challenging for Meher, knowing how wrong it could all go, but with Danish, it was all a smooth sail. Meher came to Delhi after her ex-boyfriend left her without any notice. She was still healing from the trauma of her past relationship. When Danish invited her to his birthday party, she felt out of place. She could feel the judgmental eyes gawking at her, and she already knew what they were all thinking. His parents were clearly not comfortable with her around, and she left the party. Danish promised to call her, but after that day, she stopped hearing from him. She assumed it was all over; after all, every good thing always came to an end in her life. But surprisingly, Danish returned to her apartment. He was not there to take his belongings but to firmly state that he had no intentions of leaving her. Danish needed time to process all the negativity that he faced at his birthday party. He admitted that it was a lot to process, but he did not need the approval of others to feel confident in the decision he made. Meher finally found the perfect love story she was looking for, and hopefully things will only get brighter from now on.

Did Tara And Adil Get A Divorce? What Happened To Karan?

After an extramarital affair and a sex tape, Tara and Adil’s marriage fell apart. Tara had always been an ambitious woman, and she used all the tools she had at her disposal to make things work her way. Coming from a middle-class family, Tara started out as a secretary. She was determined to climb the ladder, even if it meant exposing her own sex tape, to force Adil to publicly accept their relationship and marry her. She perfected herself as the ideal wife for the prestigious Khanna family. While she wanted to believe she was in control, she eventually realized that she was not. Tara’s mother repeatedly advised her to get a better alimony settlement, and she ultimately decided that was the route she wanted to take.

Tara had initially come to an agreement with the conditions laid down by Adil’s lawyer, but after realizing how quickly Adil moved on, she wanted him to pay the price. Adil was in a relationship with Tara’s ex-best friend, Faiza Naqvi. Faiza was pregnant, and the divorce was therefore crucial. Tara was perhaps hopeful that she would somehow manage to get back with Adil after his father passed away, but with Faiza pregnant, she had no chance. Even though she was dating Raghav, he was not someone she could envision her future with. He was a talented chef, hailing from a middle-class family. He loaned money to buy an apartment for his parents, whereas Tara desperately wanted to move into a mansion. He was thankful to his friend for offering him and Tara a room in his resort, but Tara was not content with a double-bed room. She needed a suite, a spa treatment, and the best that the resort could provide. She dreamed of the luxury that Raghav was not in a position to offer her.

For Tara, love was secondary; she would rather cry in a mansion than live a happy life in a one-bedroom apartment. Tara initially tried to use Faiza’s pregnancy against Adil to get a better deal, but after Adil found out that she, too, was dating someone else, she changed her strategy. She had a little sweet talk with Adil, and he was already in a hotel room with her. Before leaving the room, Tara stated that she would now aim for the Khanna mansion. And why not? Adil was still a lying, cheating brat who was foolish enough to sleep with the woman he was divorcing.

Tara shared a fond relationship with Adil’s mother, but she gradually realized that she was replaceable in Bindu Khanna’s life. Bindu was making space for Faiza at the Khanna house after she learned about the pregnancy, and that left Tara feeling betrayed. Not that Bindu had much choice, and for Tara, the divorce was the only way she could get the life she believed she deserved. Leaving the Khanna mansion was heartbreaking for Bindu; after all, the walls of the mansion held fond memories of her and her husband. Bindu admitted that she would never be able to forgive Tara for backstabbing her. Tara was not someone who followed her heart, and her emotions had run dry. She walked into the Khanna mansion with pride; she managed to get the best deal and turn her life around all over again. But for Raghav, it was difficult to accept Tara. She took away the most prized possession of a recently widowed woman, and he could not get over the fact. Tara and Raghav went their separate ways, and as usual, Karan was the only person by her side.

Karan had a tough time this season. His mother was suffering from cancer, but he could not be there for her. Karan’s mother could never accept her son’s sexuality, and till the very end, she refused to accept him for who he was. Every day, Karan heard about his mother’s deteriorating health, yet he knew that his presence would only worsen her temperament. His relative coaxed him to get married for his mother’s happiness, and Karan tried to numb his pain with drugs and gambling. He was in a tough spot after losing money gambling, which he eventually paid off from the company account. He shared a romantic relationship with designer Akshay Jaiswal, but he was too broken to commit himself completely. Nawab Khan returned to Karan’s rescue as his life was falling apart. Karan was suffering from conflict after the death of his mother. Karan loved her, yet all his life, she made him feel ashamed of who he was. Nawab made him realize that his feelings were valid. Nawab’s presence made Karan feel reassured, and there was no one who understood him the way Nawab did. He held onto Nawab’s warmth when he left.

During Made in Heaven season 2’s ending, it is revealed to us that Karan and Tara are finally together at the Khanna mansion. While the people around them left as they fought their own battles, in the end, they were there for each other, for better or for worse. It seems season two is the final season of “Made in Heaven,” with no remaining loose ends. Tara finally has the money and the mansion that she always dreamed of, though at the cost of love. Karan finally found balance and was ready to face life once again.

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