‘Mayfair Witches’ Ending, Explained: Who Is Rowan’s Child? Is Cortland Dead Or Alive?


Nothing disappoints us more than squandered potential. We had such high expectations from “Mayfair Witches” due to it being an adaptation of Anne Rice’s book in addition to the fact that she was a part of the production. But the series focused so much on the atmosphere building that there was very little story in the entirety of it, and it was only in the last episode that we saw a worthwhile piece of the Mayfair history for everything to make sense. 

We believe the reason “Mayfair Witches” failed to create the kind of impact it could have is that it did not keep up with the sensibilities of today. In this regard, Episode 3 particularly comes to mind. It was just one elongated vision of Rowan, with very few developments otherwise. To be honest, we wouldn’t have minded that if the vision had not felt like a filler subplot and actually imparted history or other information about Lasher or the supernatural. Even with the witch hunter arc, its purpose was to create a situation that would incite a deep rage within Rowan and force her to accept Lasher’s powers for herself. Had they just explored the inherent misogyny of the entire history of witch-hunting, it would have added so much to the story. 

There was also a great deal of fuss about Rowan being the 13th witch. Yes, there is a certain lore attached to the number, but Rowan is a woman of science as much as she is the descendant of a long line of witches. Should she not have asked why the number “13” was so relevant to what was already an all-powerful being? Finally, was she the only one who knew of the prophecy? Lasher had a generations-long association with the Mayfairs. In all that time, did no one try to investigate why that was so? Cortland seems to have known the answer, but was he the only one? It looked like Carlotta knew, but then, her actions were never quite clear. Did she intend for Dierdre to never have a husband or children by keeping her locked up? Surely, she must have known that the women must be with human men to further the bloodline. Did nobody ever try abortion, or did they and Lasher get in the way? The questions left unanswered frustrate us so much because these are the plot points that should have been explored to make “Mayfair Witches” a better series. We are saying it again that we haven’t read the books, but we get the sense that this is a case of the failure of the book-to-screen adaptation. But such is the life of content in these times. This is how the “Mayfair Witches” Season 1 finale plays out.

Spoilers Ahead

Rowan’s New Ordeal

Picking up from the end of “Mayfair Witches” Episode 7, Rowan follows Keith into the woods, but Lasher interrupts her and tells her to give him the command since she has summoned him. Rowan gives the order, and it is only a matter of time before Keith is burned alive in the cottage where he hides. Rowan faints from the blood loss and the shock of the situation. Through her memories, she reaches a place that Lasher tells her is where her ancestors were. She finds some writing, which Lasher tells her is his language, and Rowan asks to learn it. He leads her to Suzanne’s old cottage, which has many markings in Lasher’s language. Rowan comes to know that Suzanne was a midwife, and she made a pact with Lasher. Everything written on the walls is her knowledge that she has left for Rowan. With her witchy powers, Rowan learns the language instantly and heals her wounds. She now has the powers of Lasher, and in her happiness, she chooses to be with him.

Back in the mortal realm, Ciprien has figured out that his boss has the power to erase one’s memories. He asks him not to erase his memories because he needs them to play his part in the prophecy. Ciprien goes to meet Cortland, and while waiting for him, he takes a look at some of his things when he finds the mask from the masquerade ball that Dierdre attended all those years ago. He realizes that Cortland is Rowan’s father, and he has killed the boy that everyone thought Dierdre had slept with. He tells this to Josephine, who cannot believe that her father would do such a thing. She connects the dots when she realizes that he gave Deirdre her gown when she came to the party all those years ago. She had come for his help, but he had deflected her. Josephine takes Ciprien to the doll made from the bones of their ancestors. When he touches it, he comes to know of the prophecy that Lasher will come back as the most powerful supernatural being at the witching hour, over the bones of their ancestors. Lasher and Josephine understand that it must mean the mausoleum and head there, but not before coming to know that the pregnancy of the 13th witch would be in hours and not months.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Who Is Rowan’s Child? Is Cortland Dead Or Alive?

While Rowan is in her memories, her body is still lying unconscious in the forest. Cortland finds her and takes her to the mausoleum to get her cleaned up and ready for the delivery. Meanwhile, in her memory, Rowan is running around confused as she finds her surroundings closing in on her. She hears Lasher’s voice telling her that he will meet her at the witching hour. When she wakes up and finds herself at the mausoleum, she sees Suzanne as a spirit ready to help her with the delivery. Rowan realizes that she is the doorway and that her child is going to be Lasher. Rowan gives birth with the help of Suzanne, but when she sees her baby’s head contort, she gets scared and tries to run. However, this is not a normal baby, and Rowan is not an ordinary mother. 

The child, who is barely a few minutes old, comes crawling to her. Rowan moves towards him, but Cortland is also there. He wants to raise the child because he believes that he is the only one with the strength to harness his power. Rowan tries to kill him but finds that he has been granted immortality by Lasher in return for helping him. But Rowan is determined, and she tells Cortland that she knows what he did to her mother. She cannot kill him, but she turns him into stone, to be left in the mausoleum and forgotten eventually. When Rowan comes out of the mausoleum carrying her baby, she finds Ciprien. But Rowan realizes immediately that he would not be safe for her child, so she walks away from him.

Elsewhere, Odette, Ciprien’s sister, has called Talamasca to inquire about her missing brother, which results in Ciprien’s boss erasing her memory. But when he learns that Rowan has given birth, he checks with Arjuna whether Odette is lactating since she has recently delivered a child. From what we understand, Rowan’s child might fall into the hands of Talamasca to be raised or made use of as they saw fit.

Final Thoughts

We are going to sound like broken records, but there is nothing else to be said except that we are disappointed. “Mayfair Witches” could have honestly carried such a rich narrative, but it wasted it all, and for what, we don’t know. This might have worked a decade earlier, but it just doesn’t cut it now. Additionally, while we did like the cast, we couldn’t get on board with Alexandra Daddario’s nervous manner of playing Rowan. There is just no defending it or explaining it away. She completely failed to embody the power and madness hidden just below the surface, as was required of Rowan. Also, we don’t know if the book wrote him in such a way, but it would have been amazing if Cortand had been more menacing. This was a season that wasted its complicated narrative with a simplistic plot. We truly hope “Mayfair Witches” Season 2 does better.

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