‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happens To Deirdre?


As much as we liked Episode 1 of “Mayfair Witches,” Episode 2 was a mixed bag for us. While the story was expanded upon with some added intrigue, we got a distinct feeling that the narrative was a little haphazard. That made us think back to the first Episode, and we realized that we had felt this even then, but it had been overshadowed by our positive feelings for a good show. To be fair, our complaint with the episode was just that the difference in the timelines between Deirdre’s and Rowan’s stories was not clear to us, at least until we were halfway through. Maybe it was intentional, but it’s not something we hold a grudge against. “Mayfair Witches” Episode 2, however, felt like it needed something better. We can’t put our finger on it exactly, but we trust this to be an anomaly. Either way, let’s see how much closer Rowan is to discovering her identity.

Spoilers Ahead

Rowan’s Investigation into Her Identity

In Scotland in 1681, a woman and her daughters practiced medicine in a village. The woman sends her children to get some herbs before it gets dark. When they are in the woods, Florie spots a man looking at them. Suzanne tells her to recite the name of the herbs they have picked. She does it to distract Florie so that her younger sister doesn’t come to know that Suzanne is involved with the man. She clearly despises what she is doing and seems forced. This could be the origin story of the Mayfair Witches, one that we will come to know more about in the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, in the present day, after the death of her mother, Rowan has picked up the investigation of her adoption. When she calls the supposed agency she was adopted from, they tell her that they were not operating in the year she claims her mother brought her home. This means that Ellie had been lying to Rowan this whole time. As Rowan deals with this revelation, she also starts feeling a presence around her, one that terrifies her. It is Lasher, and he is keeping tabs on her while communicating with an increasingly conscious Deirdre. He pushes her to wake up from her stupor, which she eventually does, though she pretends not to in front of Delphine and her aunt.

As for Rowan, she has immersed herself in work since the passing of her mother. Finding that she has no work scheduled for the day, she speaks to Dr. Keeck about it, who tells her that he did that to give her some time to deal with her emotions. We are not entirely sure if it is sexism at play here. But Dr. Keck tells her that she can rejoin her duties if Dr. Davis gives her the all-clear after a psychiatric evaluation. As Rowan sits through the session, she feels her anger rising when Dr. Davis brings up Daniel Lemle’s death. But when she sees the doctor getting a headache and a nosebleed, Rowan immediately leaves the room. When she reaches her car, she finds that a few crows are falling dead. Scared that this is because of her, she takes them to the beach and buries them. It was probably sheer exhaustion borne of panic, but she fell asleep as well.

Meanwhile, Ciprien Grieve is investigating Rowan. He has the ability to see everything that an item has witnessed the moment he touches it. When he is at Rowan’s boat, he learns about her anxieties and her powers, including what had happened with Daniel Lemle. He tracks her down to the beach and introduces himself, but Rowan is scared, more for his safety than for hers, and tries to leave. Ciprien holds her hand in an attempt to stop her, but that gives him a series of visions, some with enough strength to knock him out. As Rowan tries to revive him and gets him an ambulance, she nicks his phone and unlocks it with his face ID. Inside, she finds lots of photographs of herself and a picture of a house she had had a vision of. She finds that the house is in New Orleans and gets on the next flight to the place.

In her absence, Ciprien has come to his senses. He wants to tell Rowan everything about her past, as he believes that this is a way of protecting her, but the agency he works for is against it. As for Rowan, once she reaches New Orleans, she asks around about the house and learns from a tour guide that they used to call it the house of witches and magic. She asks to see the place, but before that can happen, Cirprien tracks her down and asks to meet her. Rowan agrees as she sees this as a way for her to get the help she needs.

While Rowan has been trying to find her roots, Deirdre is making her own plans. She has woken up, and though her doctor promises to get her out of the house, she is impatient. That night, Deirdre wears the necklace, and Lasher tells her that they can leave the next morning. She spends the night with him. Now, we are not sure what unholiness this is, but Lasher is clearly Rowan’s father. It is rather icky that Rowan is feeling the effect of her mother’s time spent with him from 35,000 feet in the air.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Is Deirdre Dead?

The next day, when Deirdre tries to sneak out of the house, she is spotted by Delphine, but she doesn’t stop her. Deirdre makes her way to her Uncle Cortland’s house, who gives her a dress and some room for her to find her daughter. She chants some verses, guiding Lasher through them, and discovers where her daughter is. Excited, she makes her way to the hotel, but, to her horror, she finds her aunt there. Carlotta tells her once again that her daughter has died, but Deirdre cannot be stopped now. She is done living a sedated life, one that she neither understands nor wants, and she determinedly makes her way to her daughter. Meanwhile, Rowan is preparing to meet Cirprien. When she is waiting at the lift, the doors open, and she sees Deirdre. She recognizes her from the photographs, but before she can even acknowledge her, blood spills from Deirdre’s throat, where it has been split. Deirdre is dead without ever having met Rowan.

What Can We Expect From ‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 3?

It is truly tragic that Deirdre never even got to see her daughter. Following her death, Rowan wants to find her murderer. Cirprien might join her on her quest, with his abilities being a useful tool in the investigation. Additionally, now that Deirdre is dead, does that leave Lasher free to pursue Rowan? Also, will she be as gullible as her mother in trusting her great-uncle Cortland? He is obviously in cahoots with Lasher, and we will not be surprised if Deirdre’s death was his doing. There will be some conflict between Carlotta and Rowan, not just for her past but for the way Deirdre was treated. We will also see more of how the witches came to be, to begin with. We expect “Mayfair Witches” Episode 3 to be an exciting cauldron of events and are eagerly awaiting the next week.

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