‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Does Carlotta Try And Kill Rowan?


It would be a lie if we said that we did not enjoy Episode 4 of “Mayfair Witches.” But if you asked us how we felt watching what should have been the second episode material in the fourth episode, then we would have a different opinion. We believe that so far, the series has been a faithful adaptation of the book by Anne Rice. But something to understand is that the details that make a book interesting are not always what keep the pace up when adapted to the screen. For a series based on witches, we have seen very little witchcraft so far. “Mayfair Witches” should have established the stakes by now, which it has failed to do because the characters insist on continuing to hint at things rather than give a proper explanation about anything. The episode was good as a standalone, but if someone sets out to binge-watch Season 1 of the “Mayfair Witches,” they are going to find a very slow-moving narrative. This is what happens in Episode 4.

Spoilers Ahead

The Day Of Dierdre’s Service

In “Mayfair Witches” Episode 3, Ciprien reaches into Rowan’s brain to figure out how she can use her powers. The Scottish flashback of Episode 4 starts with Suzanne mourning the death of her mother with a group of women whom we believe are witches. In the present day, Rowan has a certain inappropriate dream about Ciprien, in which he transitions into Lasher. When she wakes up, she must go to the memorial service for her mother, and Ciprien promises to be with her. They certainly have a soft spot for each other, so there might be jealousy on the part of Lasher soon enough.

Before the service starts, Carlotta goes to the basement to check on Delphine, but as expected, finds her dead, and the necklace is gone, which means that Lasher is going to meet Rowan soon enough. Meanwhile, Cortland doesn’t seem too happy about going to his niece’s funeral, though his daughter Josephine convinces him. As for Rowan, we don’t care that she is a powerful witch in the making, but just because you can see the nervous system of a lizard doesn’t make it beautiful.

During the service, Cortland pockets a lock of Dierdre’s hair. We don’t know if it was for some witchcraft or if it was a twisted souvenir, but it was gross. As for Rowan, she meets Carlotta, who promises to answer her questions. Ciprien had to leave when his organization found a ‘possessed’ (the term is controversial according to Ciprien’s boss) man who was the one to have killed Dierdre. When he places his hand on the man’s face, Ciprien confirms that he did indeed kill Dierdre and that he was paid to do so. But his current actions are being controlled by Lasher, who ends up killing him.

Meanwhile, Carlotta tells Rowan everything about her relationship with the Mayfairs and how they are related to Ellie. She also tells her that despite Dierdre’s heartbreak at losing her daughter, she wanted her to be free from the Mayfairs. Additionally, Carlotta warns Rowan to beware of people who speak favorably of Lasher. At the service, Rowan meets her extended family, and it seems pretty much an open secret that the women have magic in their blood. Josephine lets Rowan know that the house belongs to her and that she can do what she wants with it. Rowan also meets Cortland, and as expected, he tells her that Lasher is a gift, but he adds that he exists to serve her and not the other way around. Watching Cortland and Rowan interact brings Carlotta to the scene, and she and her brother start arguing, where he tells Rowan about how Dierdre was treated all her life. The guests leave, with Cortland whispering to his daughter that Lasher is there in the house.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 4: Ending Explained: Why does Carlotta try to kill Rowan?

Ciprien is worried about Rowan because his boss just wants him to keep her safe, but Ciprien believes that he must act as more than her bodyguard, who accompanies her at all times. He starts investigating the Mayfairs and finds a diary in which a man has written that as long as the necklace is worn by the woman, she belongs to Lasher. It is at that time that he receives a picture from Rowan, who has found the necklace and is wearing it. She sends it to him, saying that it was there in her dream.

In the Mayfair house, when Carlotta sees Rowan wearing the necklace, she is shocked. She asks her to come down for dinner. Rowan agrees, and at the table, she keeps asking about the details of her mother’s health. Carlotta finally admits that she hated taking care of Dierdre all her life, and she resents Rowan now. Rowan is scared, especially when she sees that Carlotta is getting more and more aggressive. She starts setting the room on fire and throws a lamp at Rowan, which she avoids just in time. Luckily, Ciprien arrives and opens the door, rescuing Rowan, but he gets stabbed by Carlotta in the process. As Rowan and Ciprien are leaving the house, Lasher closes the doors, making escape impossible, and whispers in Carlotta’s ears that Rowan is already his. He likely kills her after saying this. 

Carlotta probably knew that nothing could stop Lasher from influencing Rowan now that she had worn the necklace. The reason she had tried to kill her was to avoid the consequences of that union. There is something that Carlotta knows about who Lasher really is and what he can do. She is scared of that happening, and her aggression shows that she believes all is lost. She must have thought that killing Rowan and herself was the best way to end the whole thing once and for all, which is why she did what she did. Only time will tell if she was right.

What Should We Expect From ‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 5?

We saw in the precap that Rowan is still in the Mayfair house, and Ciprien realizes that he loves her. If Rowan already “belongs” to Lasher, he might approach her directly in “Mayfair Witches” Episode 5. We would finally get to see how he is connected to her and what their relationship would entail. Additionally, the part about women being burned who are suspected of witchcraft could be another subplot elaborated on in the coming episodes. It feels like a reference to the Salem witch trials, and its placement in this day and age would be interesting to see. We like the story as it is, and we truly hope that it is paced better in the coming episodes than what it has been so far.

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