‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Rowan Get Rid Of Lasher By Herself?


We had one emotion for the sixth episode of “Mayfair Witches,” and that was “finally.” Finally, we got to know how Lasher was connected to the Mayfairs, and the story moved forward in a tangible way. It is still too little, too late, but for someone who has followed the episodes since the beginning, this feels good. We also feel the need to point out that, for the primary protagonist, Rowan’s role has been mostly reactionary so far, except for “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6. Now, we haven’t had the chance to read the book, so we don’t know if this is a true adaptation, but from a storyline point of view, the series has made absolutely no effort to present a character we could root for.

At this point, even if Lasher possesses Rowan or becomes the devil incarnate, we don’t think we would be horrified or angry because we still don’t know what difference the presence of the Mayfairs makes in the world. In fact, the character of Suzanne, in her less than limited screen time, had our hearts twisted in fear when we saw the injustice she had to face. We had so many hopes for this series and are seriously disappointed to see them dashed to the ground. Anyway, life goes on, as do episodes of mediocre adaptations, so let us see what “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6 was all about.

Spoilers Ahead

Rowan’s Efforts To Get Rid Of Lasher

At the end of “Mayfair Witches” Episode 5, we had assumed that Rowan had entered some new upside-down world, but it turns out that it was just camerawork that was compensating for an unintriguing script. In “Mayfair Witches” Episode 6, she is sleeping next to Ciprien in the normal world, and when she wakes up, she finds Lasher by her bed. She asks him to leave, but she understands that he will be wherever she goes. As she is angrily eating what we assume is some cold pasta, with a little bit of Lasher’s encouragement, she finds that she can carry fire in her hands. At that precise moment, Ciprien wakes up. He understands that Lasher is in the apartment and figures out that Rowan’s necklace is somehow connecting them. When he takes it from her, Rowan becomes very angry and wants to keep it, but sanity clicks in, and she realizes that it is Lasher acting through her.

The next day, Ciprien goes to Talamasca with the necklace, and Rowan meets Tessa, who talks to her about a troll on the internet who has somehow gotten his hands on Dierdre’s heart. Rowan advises her to ignore him, but it is not lost on her that, similar to the troll, Lasher is trying to get inside her head.

Later, Rowan visits her Uncle Cortland and asks him to help her get rid of Lasher. Cortland is still adamant that Lasher exists for Rowan to make use of, and trying to lose him is a waste of time. Between the conversation, with her “medical intuition,” Rowan deduces that Cortland’s ALS has progressed quite far. She asks him whether he has started cell therapy, and he requests that she keep his condition a secret for the time being. Rowan agrees, but when she compares his wanting to get rid of ALS to her wanting to lose Lasher, he agrees to help her. He tells her that Lasher can’t be gotten rid of; he can just be transferred, as had previously been done from Katherine Mayfair to his father, and Cortland’s cousin, Dolly Jean, might know more about it. He contacts her, and when he explains the entire situation, she reminds him of the risks associated with it. They agree that they will let Rowan know of the situation and let her decide for herself. But Rowan decides, as she should, that her medical ability is the result of her own hard work and not brought on by some supernatural entity.

Meanwhile, Keith Murfis, the troll Tessa mentioned, has approached a group of modern-day witch hunters, and he presents them with Dierdre’s heart, which catapults him to become an important member of their next mission—trapping the Mayfairs.

‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Does Rowan Get Rid Of Lasher By Herself?

While Rowan is trying to get rid of Lasher, Ciprien is on a bit of a hunt through history. He puts himself in a trance to understand the reason Lasher was attached to the Mayfairs. He is transported back to the 1600s, where he finds that Suzanne is being tried for witchcraft, and when she appeals to the people to show sense and mercy, they decide to lock her in a cage and put her through the “test of water’. We assume that means that she will be drowned. If she survives, God has saved an innocent, and if she dies, she gets her just desserts for being a witch. Knowing the horror that was about to come her way, Suzanne had no other choice but to start reciting the chant she had been taught previously by a real witch. That is when Lasher materializes and saves her from the village. The necklace is from the man leading the execution, and the key is to the cage Suzanne was locked in. That is the symbolism of the necklace: that it is a liberating tool for the wearer. Lasher tells Suzanne that he can give her the world, but in return, she must fulfill an ancient prophecy. What that is, remains to be seen. Ciprien, who has been a witness to the entire thing, is knocked out, and his consciousness is trapped in this timeline.

In the present day, the ceremony for the transfer of Lasher begins, and Rowan vomits out the necklace, which is what binds Lasher to her. That key, along with Lasher, is chosen by Tessa to bear for herself. The grossest part of the ceremony was not a minor being handed such a burden but the fact that they did not even wash the necklace once before making Tessa wear it. Either way, with her newfound power, Tessa makes her first move by trying to meet the troll. However, when she goes to meet him, it turns out to be a trap, and she is taken captive by the witch-hunt group. She desperately tries to summon Lasher, but he doesn’t come. It is almost as if the necklace has no power over him anymore.

What To Expect From ‘Mayfair Witches’ Episode 7?

We believe that “Mayfair Witches” Episode 7 is going to be about the discovery of Lasher’s true nature and how it is going to affect the Mayfairs. Ciprien must find a way out of the past, and in that effort, he might just find the key to getting rid of Lasher. In the present day, we believe that the witch-hunt group is going to be investigated, maybe with the help of Lasher. Either way, this was a fast episode, but “Mayfair Witches” overall has been very slow, and for us to be excited about a second season, the finale episodes must really deliver on the long overdue thrill that was promised, which we have seen none of till now. 

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