Mirzapur (TV Series) Season 2 Review – The Calm Before The Storm


The most awaited Indian Mirzapur (TV Series) Season 2 has finally arrived and with a bang! The series is created by Puneet Mishra and Karan Anshuman and is one of the most viewed and loved series of the current era. Guddu, Kaleen Bhaiya, Munna are household names and have created a special place in the hearts of their fans.

No Spoilers Ahead

It’s Not the Finale!

I want to throw some light on this issue before we move forward as the criticism received is justified in terms of magnitude but the situation that people think are the problems, are simply a result of bad editing and we cannot blame them either as the post-production was done amidst a global pandemic.

The general consensus is that “it is not as good as the first one” to which I have a simple question, would you have reacted the same way if I took you to watch Avengers Endgame when you haven’t seen The Infinity War! The answer is a big no I know! Mirzapur Season 2 is a bridge season between the series’ initiation and the finale and it’s simply redundant to compare.

The Calm Before the Storm

Mirzapur (TV Series) Season 2 depicted one of the most gruelling scenes but it still acts as the connecting act in a Shakespearean style dramatic scenario. The rise and fall are the basic needs of a character arc and the character arcs have received justice by providing various unfathomable sequences which change the course of everything.

The redemptive and diminishing characters are shown to have a selfless as well as selfish mindsets which has allowed the series to grow even bigger for the endgame as the pawns are turning into Kings. Munna, Kaleen Bhaiya, Guddu, Golu all the season one characters undergo a dynamic change with cinematic brilliance.

Mess with Zohan but You Don’t Mess with A Woman.

Rasika Duggal (Beena), Shweta Tripathi (Golu), Anangsha Biswas (Zarina) and few more women who are a part of Mirzapur Season 2, play a great role in making the series more gritty and suspenseful. The exploitation of women and repetitive oppression leads to reactions which are worthy of applause as each and every female character gets the empowerment without begging for female empowerment which is a very bad situation as it feels like feminism is shoved in whereas it should be societal and gradual. Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie is a perfect example of this.

The extent to which women can drive a man crazy and have him under her influence whilst allowing their male ego to stay intact by manipulation.

The Amalgamation of Bihar and UP.

There are some things that compliment each other with precision and a perfect example of this is the UP and Bihar criminal activities which are supported by the law and order as the corruption has hollowed down the system. Mirzapur made sure this achieved with perfection and Vijay Varma who has recently been amazing in his past roles embodies his characters have adapted to begin the link between the Mirzapur and Siwan.

Post-production: Editing and CGI didn’t Have Enough Time.

The Covid 19 virus hit the world in almost every aspect and even effected the Mirzapur (TV Series) Season 2 as the post-production was done during the lockdown period. This affected the editing which resulted in several scenes which were not required as it wouldn’t have changed the course of the storytelling.

CGI suffers a lot like the one and the only scene which was clearly computer-generated was beneath the stature of the Mirzapur. Never rush things as it messes up the art and the craft.

What’s Next?

The end of Mirzapur Season 2 is a definitive answer that this season is like a bridge between the season 1 and the finale and the next iteration can be the finale of the turmoil created by tumultuous methods in the previous two iterations because of the revenge and avenging is yet to be seen and a cliffhanger was properly executed to keep the viewers itching for the endgame.

It’s a must watch!

All 10 Episodes of Mirzapur (TV Series) Season 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Shreshtha Shukla
Shreshtha Shukla
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