‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Phillipe Come To Meet Teresa?


The boy named Zayd had been found in the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, and fortunately, he was still alive. Somehow, he had managed to escape from the church when the monk came, and he went and hid in Samir’s house. He did that because he heard Samir talking to somebody in Arabic, probably because he also spoke the same language. There was a lot at stake, and Samuel Spade knew that. So, let’s find out if Spade was able to find out more about the monk and if he was able to make any headway in the case.

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What did Jean Pierre want for Spade?

Jean Pierre wanted to leave Bouzouls, as he had realized that no matter what Marguerite said, in reality, she didn’t love him. Spade was relieved that she was trying to mend the bond and find a way to once again come close to her husband, but Jean Pierre told him that he was wrong in thinking so. Jean Pierre wanted the vineyard, and he believed that he would be able to prove his point in court. Pierre was ready to file a suit and challenge the will that Gabrielle had left. He told Spade that they could settle the issue out of court if the latter agreed to pay him compensation. In the past, Pierre had stolen from Gabrielle, and Spade considered it one of the reasons why she didn’t leave anything for him. Pierre accepted that he had stolen from the lady, but he still knew that it was not the reason she didn’t leave the vineyard for him. Pierre’s mother was a cook in an asylum where Gabrielle was admitted after the death of her husband. Pierre knew that Gabrielle had written her will during that phase, and that was why he was very sure that he would be able to prove in court that she was of an unsound mind and didn’t know what she was doing. Pierre said that though his marriage couldn’t be saved, he still wanted to look out for his wife. He said that he wanted to make sure that Marguerite’s future was safe and secured. Pierre wanted to go to Algeria and start a new life there. Pierre had been reckless in the past, and probably that’s why Spade didn’t trust his intentions. Spade told him that he wouldn’t give him anything, but I believe that in the future, he would give him the vineyard. Spade was not a greedy man, and after this conversation with Pierre, he probably saw that whatever he was saying made sense.

What happened to the monk?

Spade, together with chief of police Patrice Michaud, went to meet Consignor Clement, vicar general of the diocese. They met an American priest named Father Morgan, who had come to investigate the matter. The monk had been found, and the church wanted to conduct an internal trial on him, as apparently, he was a man of God, and they felt that he shouldn’t be tried by normal courts. Patrice was furious, as he wanted the madman to pay for his sins. Patrice had seen how brutally he had killed the nuns, and he was of the opinion that he deserved the maximum sentence. But the decision had been made, and the monk was being extradited to the Vatican. Patrice told Clement that he would not stop investigating the matter and that he would make sure that the government stopped the extradition. But Spade and even Patrice knew that it was a lost cause because the French authorities wouldn’t interfere in the affairs of the church. It became very clear in Monsieur Spade episode 3 that the church was worried about its reputation, and they wanted to suppress the matter.

At the end of the negotiation, Father Morgan came out and told Spade that the monk’s name was Friar Angelo and that he was part of a secret society called the Agnes Omnipotence. Spade and Patrice were shocked when they learned about it. They knew that there was more to the case than met the eye. They didn’t know why that kid was so important, but they knew that religion had to play a key role in it. The monk wasn’t chasing the kid due to some personal vendetta, and it had everything to do with the beliefs of the secret society. Probably in the upcoming episodes of Monsieur Spade, we will see Father Morgan and Samuel Spade joining forces and investigating the matter together. Father Morgan knew that he would need Spade’s help in the future, which is why he came out and told him the name of the perpetrator.

Did Phillipe come to meet Teresa?

As we saw in the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, the kid named Zayd had been found by Samir, and he took him to his home. Samir’s friends and family got worried as they knew that the police could come searching for him. Samir thought that it would be best if they spoke to the Imam and asked him to keep the kid with him. Samir noticed that though the clothes that the kid was wearing were dirty, they were expensive. He knew that he came from a wealthy family and that a lot of people wanted to kill him. The kid was sacred, and the gun he had on him belonged to the French army. The imam came, and he told Samir that there was a probability that the kid was “Mahdi” i.e. the chosen one. We had seen in the previous episode that the dying nun had also said the same thing, after which Spade had come to know that the case was not as simple as it seemed, and the stakes were very high. The French intelligence agencies also wanted the kid, and Teresa told Spade that her father, Philippe, was getting paid to take care of him, though she also didn’t know who was paying him. The imam told Samir that probably the French authorities would have taken the kid because they wanted leverage. The imam said that the French intelligence agency SDECE was constantly tracking his movements, so he wouldn’t be able to take the kid with him. The kid didn’t speak, probably because he was too scared or traumatized, and Samir and the Imam knew that a lot of things would get clear if he gave them some information. 

At the end of Monsieur Spade Episode 3, we saw that Samuel Spade asked his doctor to tell Saint Audrey that Teresa had been shot a couple of days ago. Spade knew that she would pass on the information to Phillipe, and then he would contact him. Spade’s plan worked, and Phillipe did give him a call and told him that he had no role to play in the scheme of things. Phillipe asked Samuel Spade to meet him at the cemetery, but when the latter reached there at the specified time, he wasn’t able to find anybody. He came back to his home, as he was under the impression that Philipe possibly wanted to deceive him and come home to meet Teresa. At that moment, somebody broke into the house, and before Spade could do anything, he was attacked by the trespasser.

Monsieur Spade Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger where we heard a gunshot. We got to know that Henri, who pretended to be a painter, was probably working for their intelligence agencies, and he was there for a reason. He had bugged Spade’s house, and he heard every conversation he had with the people there. It was a shocking revelation, as it meant that the French authorities were keeping track of what Spade was up to. In the upcoming episodes, we will learn if Spade was able to overpower the perpetrator and if he was able to solve the mystery.

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