‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed The Nuns?


Monsieur Spade witnessed in the first episode that somebody had entered inside the chapel and killed six nuns in cold blood. He didn’t know what had happened or who was behind the murders. There was another development that was troubling Spade. He got to know that Phillipe was back in town, and he wanted Teresa to stay with him. Spade knew about his ulterior motives, and he wanted to save Teresa at all costs. He had promised Teresa’s mother that he would look after her, and he wanted to live up to his words. So, let’s find out what happened in the second episode and if Spade was able to find out who was behind the murders that took place in the chapel.

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Did the hired gun want to kill Spade?

After the incident that happened in the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, Teresa went away from the house, as she was clearly traumatized. She knew something about the murders of the nuns, but she was not telling anybody. Spade found her and asked her to come back home. One thing that we realized in this episode was that Teresa was not threatened by her father. Probably, she didn’t want to live with him, but she was not averse to meeting him, something that we couldn’t speculate in the previous episode. Philipe came wounded to meet Teresa, and Spade knew that there was something more to the entire issue. Spade and Teresa were going in his Rolls Royce when suddenly someone shot at them from behind. The guy missed his shot, and Spade started to chase him. Patrice Michaud came to investigate the matter, but he, too, wasn’t able to find anything noteworthy. Spade knew for sure that he was not the target of the shooter. He knew that the shooter wanted to kill Teresa, and that was why he asked her what she was hiding from him. But Teresa wasn’t ready to speak, and she was just trying to avoid the topic altogether. Meanwhile, George, Spade’s neighbor, called his mother over to his place. Both of them wanted to see a painting that Spade had in his house, and he called them inside to take a look at it. Spade got to know that George’s mother knew Phillipe from before, and she had a very different perception of him. Spade was surprised, and he double-checked with her to see if they were both talking about the same guy. George’s mother told Spade that Phillipe had paid a generous amount for a painting that he wanted. Spade was surprised, as he didn’t think that Phillipe was someone who was interested in art.

Why did Jean-Pierre want Spade?

Jean Pierre, as we saw in the first episode, was jealous of Spade, and he knew that something was happening between him and his wife, Marguerita Devereux. Marguerita told him time and again that she didn’t have anything to do with Spade, but her husband didn’t believe her even for a moment. Jean didn’t have any money, and he had to toil hard to make a living. He wanted to repair things with Marguerita, but he knew that it was not such an easy task. We got to know in the second episode of Monsieur Spade that Jean Pierre wanted to inherit a piece of land that earlier belonged to Gabrielle. Marguerita told him that it was the law that after the death of one’s wife, the husband inherited her entire property, and so it was not Spade’s fault that he had everything under his name. But Jean-Pierre’s point was different. He said that he worked in that vineyard, and he should have gotten the title to that land. I personally understand why Jean-Pierre was in such an insecure space. Spade’s personality did make others around him feel small. Marguerita was quite evidently attracted to him, and probably nothing would have ever happened between them, but Jean Pierre still saw how she looked at him. Jean Pierre wanted to repair things with Marguerita. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her, and he was not ready to accept the fact that they wouldn’t be able to bring back that lost spark.

Who killed the nuns?

At the end of Monsieur Spade episode 2, Teresa finally revealed what had happened on that fateful night. She said that her father brought a kid with him named Zayd. Probably, Phillipe was having an affair with the nun named Angelique. Phillipe had come to meet her only, but after he got shot, his plan changed. He wanted to protect the kid, so he asked Teresa to hide him somewhere. Teresa went upstairs and did what she was asked to. That’s when she heard the first gunshot. She came running down, and she saw that all the children were scared, as somebody had broken into the chapel and had a weapon with him. Teresa hid the other kids and then went to the chapel to see what was happening. There was a monk who had come looking for that same kid. He asked the nuns one by one, and when they didn’t tell, he killed them by shooting them point blank. The monk saw Teresa, too, and he came for her. Teresa had a sharp knife with her, and she stabbed the monk with it and escaped from there. She went upstairs, but she was not able to find the kid there. Teresa somehow managed to make a near escape, and probably later, the shooter was sent by the same monk to kill her.

Was the boy still alive?

During episode 2’s ending, we saw that the kid Zayd was still alive. He was at Samir’s house, and he was evidently scared. When the monk was just about to kill Angelique, she said something that complicated the matter even more. She said, “Mahdi awaits you.” A Mahdi is like a messiah or a leader who assumes the role of one. Spade knew that there was some detail he was missing out on, and there were things happening that he had no clue about. We don’t know as of now why that kid was so important and why the monk was after his life. In the subsequent episodes, we would get to know what kind of trouble Phillipe was in and what that monk wanted to achieve.

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