‘Moving’ Season 2: Is The K-Drama Renewed Or Canceled? Who Are Kim Shinjo And Elias?


Moving season 2 has not been announced yet, but there better be one since the story is nowhere close to over just because the primary characters are all safe for now. There is so much more to deal with, and the fact that Bongseok has to be in hiding with his family is proof that troubles await them all.

Who Are Kim Shinjo And Elias?

First of all, in the finale of Moving, we were introduced to two new names: Elias and Kim Shinjo. Elias was one of the six people who had been trained in the US as superhuman killing machines. Before Frank was killed by Juwon, we knew that his power was healing. We wonder what Elias’ power would be. If he has been sent with the same objective as Frank, his only targets are Mihyun, Doosik, Jaeman, Juwon, and Gyedo, since the others were killed by Frank. But we don’t think his modus operandi would be that thoughtless.

It is also possible that he may be on a completely different mission, since the recent scuffle at Jeongwon High and the deaths of the North and South Korean chiefs could have changed a lot of things politically. But all of this still requires us to know what the political landscape is for superhumans. Yongjun never made it clear what he wanted from these children, as he never told them directly, other than Ganghoon, what he wanted from them. This is an important point because Jaeman was not an agent despite his powers, so he would not be able to discourage his son in the way that Mihyun or Juwon could do for Bongseok or Huisoo. Yongjun had to have known that he wouldn’t be able to recruit these two kids as easily, so what was his entire game plan?

Coming to Kim Shinjo, Deokyoon mentioned that he was the first person or superhuman to go to South Korea for some mission. Is this related to how these people gained their powers in the first place? After all, other than Jaeman, every person we saw with powers had been an agent, which makes us think that it was a calculated move or experiment for the sake of the country’s power. An answer to that would also explain why the US is involved in this. Whatever this experiment was, we need to know if it was only limited to Korea or spread out across the world. That is because even the kids being trained in the US are Koreans, in which Frank and Elias were included. There are also four others, and they might even make an appearance in Moving season 2.

What Can We Expect From The Other Characters?

In terms of what we want to know about the characters, let us start with Kim Doosik. There are still a lot of answers that we don’t have regarding his mission in North Korea. He was missing for quite a while after his failed mission the first time around. What was he doing then, and why did he not just confess that he had not been able to shoot a sick man? He was the most elite agent of the agency, and he would have been able to get away with it, albeit with some minor punishment. Something else had also happened that made him determined to bring down the agency, which he did. It also makes us think about why Yongjun needed Doosik to fall in love with Mihyun. We know it was to ensure that he would come back, but why did Yongjun think that he wouldn’t? What did he think Doosik would see on his mission that would make him want to break away from the agency? These are questions that are still hanging in the air.

When it comes to Juwon, what will he do when he finds out that his wife’s death was orchestrated by the agency? This is still speculation on our part, but if it turns out to be true, Yongjun and Raehyuk are already dead, so what will Juwon do with his anger?

Now that we have that, we must consider what will happen to Bongseok and Huisoo. Bongseok can fly, and he is learning to have a rebellious streak. We don’t think he will stay away from Huisoo for long. He could simply fly to meet her, the way Doosik used to do for Mihyun. This will mean trouble if his parents discover it. Doosik is not the man he used to be, and he has not been a parent the way Mihyun has. Doosik may not know how to talk to Bongseok, where to exercise his authority, and where to concede to him. We also cannot be sure whether Juwon will be as supportive of Huisoo’s relationship with Bongseok. In Moving season 1, we spoke a lot about wanting to see Mihyun and Juwon meet. In Season 2, the reunion we want is that of Juwon and Doosik.

Coming to the other parents of the show, we know that Jaeman is not in jail, thankfully. But Ganghoon is working with the agency to get his record erased. That may split his loyalties between his family, workplace, and the dilemmas he will face in the next war. The agency needs a superhuman to fight and capture the other superhumans. We know that a few of them slipped under the radar because of Choi Ilhwan. There is a lot of talk online about Yoo Seung Ho playing Kim Young Tak in season 2, the man who was able to stop time for a second. People who have read the webtoon that Moving is based on are saying that the character will be an important addition to the cast. Maybe he can shake things up if Ganghoon is unnecessarily jealous of Bongseok and Huisoo in Moving season 2.

The first season of Moving was about the pasts of the characters and the factors that made them tick. The second season has to be about what happens going forward. We have the past, but we still don’t know the entire situation in the present. North Korea is definitely not out of the equation just because their chief is dead. Someone else will take their place, and it might even be Junhwa. Moving doesn’t care about neatly tying up all the strings, but it won’t leave things unfinished. We just have to wait and see where it goes.

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