‘Moving’ Ending Explained & K-Drama Summary: Does Doosik Reunite With His Family?


There is really nothing like Moving out there. With a wonderful cast and an adamantly non-linear manner of storytelling, the way this series has made a place in our hearts cannot be explained. While the story itself falls under the thriller and mystery genres, as you continue watching it, you realize that it is about the love between parents and children. With the elaborate flashbacks, the troubles of the protagonists, and the crux of their fight with everyone being centered on protecting the ones they love, this is a series about familial love, and it is absolutely golden. Now that Moving season 1 has come to an end, let us take a look at its final moments until we wait for season 2 to continue the story.

Spoiler Alert

What Had Happened In The Past?

We are yet to get a conclusive answer on the origin of the people with powers, but from our understanding, Doosik and Mihyun’s generation was the first of the lot. There are hints to support this, one of them being the agencies’ lack of information at the beginning that the powers could be passed down. If this had been going on for longer, they would have known. Another hint was that in Moving episode 20, Deokyoon tells his chief about it all starting 50 years ago, when someone by the name of Kim Shinjo was sent to the South, probably to carry out an assassination, and that is why years later, Kim Doosik was sent to North Korea for that very purpose. It was retaliation and a message about the kind of power the South had and that nobody was to mess with them.

South Korea had to trace out superhumans and employ them for its covert international missions. Kim Doosik, Mihyun, and Jang Juwon were some of its best agents, though Mihyun was not allowed in the field after she purposely sabotaged a mission to help the innocents escape. Doosik was given the task of executing the Supreme Leader of North Korea, but he didn’t do it since he could not bring himself to shoot a helpless man who was on the verge of death. This one act of compassion turns the agency against him, and he has to make a run for it. Years later, he finds Mihyun, and both of them start living a life of anonymity.

As for Jang Juwon, he was one with the street gangs before his powers earned him a job with the agency. When Doosik left, he made sure that the agency with all of its arbitrary powers was disbanded, which left Juwon to seek a desk job at some company. Once Yongjun, his ex-boss, restarts everything, he finds Juwon and asks him to again be an agent. Juwon had been craving the field, and he agrees, and it is at this time that he encounters a superhuman, Jaeman. While dealing with that case, Yongjun discovers that the powers of the parents can be passed down to the children. This is what prompts Juwon to run away with his daughter, since he doesn’t want this life for her. On the other hand, Doosik is tracked down and captured by the agency, which once again sends him to North Korea to finish his mission. However, this time, Doosik ends up captured and imprisoned in a cell for probably the next decade and a half.

What Are The Events Of The Present Day?

Mihyun has relocated to the outskirts of Seoul and is running a donkatsu (fried pork) shop with her son, Bongseok. The name of the shop is the one she used to visit with Doosik when they were dating, so she hopes that if he is alive, he will find them this way. Bongseok can fly similar to his father, but he has never learned to control it, which is why Mihyun makes sure he has a big diet and is always wearing heavy clothing and carrying weights. Meanwhile, Juwon has relocated to the same place after Huisoo got into a fight at school that ended up revealing her powers. Bongseok and Huisoo are classmates at Jeongwon High, along with Jaeman’s son, Ganghoon.

What Huisoo and Bongseok don’t know is that the secret agency made sure that they studied at that school, as they wanted to train the next generation of superhumans. Ganghoon already knew about it, and he was excited about Huisoo coming to school, as she was someone who may understand him. However, it is Bongseok and Huisoo who end up being friends, and eventually, they start liking each other. Ganghoon is annoyed at that, but he is eventually able to talk to the girl he likes. In the meantime, Ganghoon ends up rescuing Huisoo from a life-threatening situation, and the video of that goes viral on the internet since Ganghoon used his powers for it. That alerts the agents of both countries and sets things in motion once again.

Does Doosik Reunite With His Family?

The North Korean Chief sends Deokyoon to the South with a three-point agenda: destroy the training program, kill the agents, and get the files of the children. Deokyoon hates his job, as he doesn’t want more bloodshed, but there isn’t much else he can do but follow orders. Therefore, with a few select agents, he goes to Jeongwon High to seek out the files. Unfortunately for him, that very day, even Juwon and Mihyun were there to talk to the teacher, Choi Ilhwan, about their suspicions regarding the school.

Needless to say, as everyone faces the other person, a lot of blood is shed, especially since none of the superhumans can really die, and they keep coming back. Mihyun manages to kill a few of her Northern colleagues, and thankfully, to put our minds at ease after the ending of Moving episode 19, Jang Juwon is alive because his eye caught the bullet and did not let it reach the brain. So he survives by pulling out his eye with his bare hands. 

As for Bongseok, after fending off his attacker, he has learned to properly use his power, and he rushes to be by his mother’s side in the school, where Juwon and Jaeman are battling other superhumans. As Jaeseok dies, he asks Yeondeok to live a good life and asks to be let go. Yeondeok is in tears because, no matter how their relationship may have started, they seemed to have become friends. After all, they were both prisoners of the state in their own right. In the school, while Jaeman is able to escape with his son, Bongseok is in a standoff with Junhwa, Deokyoon, and his mother. He gets some help from Gyedo, who uses his powers of electricity to sever Junhwa’s arm and stop him from attacking Bongseok.

Throughout this whole time, Deokyoon realizes that he just doesn’t want to hurt the children or even continue the mission that he has been confined to. That is why he lets Juwon and Mihyun get the best of him. We are not sure whether he intended to die, but that seemed like a natural conclusion for his tortured self. After that, Bongseok flies away with Mihyun while Huisoo comes looking for her father, and both parents realize that their children have grown up enough to protect themselves and their parents should the need arise. Back in North Korea, Junhwa is the only survivor, and when he realizes that they would have to keep going at the cost of more lives, he kills his chief and releases Doosik from his cell, asking him to protect his son.

Moving’s ending takes place in South Korea, where Yongjun is reprimanded by his superiors for something we will only come to know in Moving season 2. Ganghoon has joined the agency and wants his father’s records to be erased. Later, Doosik comes to meet Yongjun and shoots him dead to protect his family. It is a happy ending, with Doosik reuniting with his family and Juwon and Huisoo running their shop after having taken in Yongdeok, who has lost his mind. Huisoo doesn’t know where Bongseok is, but he is using his powers for good by helping the public.

In Moving‘s post-credits scene, we see that someone has replaced Yongjun, which means that the story will continue, and the agents still have a lot to go through before they can be at peace.

Final Thoughts

While there is a lot of good content in K-drama land, not all of it is compulsory viewing. But Moving sets itself apart from it all and joins the ranks of a series that just cannot be missed. You will love each and every one of the characters, who have all been presented with their complexities in a way that makes them more than just heroes and villains. Our favorite is Jang Juwon, and we want a lot more for him than to just keep getting hit, as he did in season 1. Until there is more of this drama, we might just keep going back to some of our favorite episodes, which are the ones with the love story of Mihyun and Doosik. Do not miss out on Moving, and we hope season 2 comes soon.

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