‘Our Blues’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Young Ju And Hyun Get The Abortion?


Where last week’s episodes of “Our Blues” were about new love and coming to terms with the messy nature of an old one; this week was more about the confusion of young love and just figuring out what it could even mean for you. We do have some thoughts about the storylines, but we will save them for the conclusion.

‘Our Blues’ Episode 5: Recap and Ending – Young Ju and Hyun

This episode really had us wanting to smack both the people it was about. Two teenagers, dealing with an unwanted pregnancy with so much angst, is how it can be summarized. “Our Blues” Episode 5 begins with Dong Seok’s mother calling him and him ignoring her calls. After doing that a few times, he finally picks up her call. She asks him, with a lot of emotion, if he has eaten. The question seems to make Dong Seok angry, and he asks her if she has gone senile. The antagonism saddens his mother, and she cuts the call.

Meanwhile, some of the older women of the island have come to apologize to Dong Seok for buying stuff from another truck driver. On the other hand, we see that Dong Seok’s mother, Ok Dong, has cancer, and it has spread to her entire body. The doctor informs her that her only options are surgery or chemotherapy, and he adds that she should check herself into the hospital that day and get a shot. Ok Dong asks the doctor to just give her a digestion pill.

Back to Dong Seok, he hates his mother for marrying his father’s friend so soon after the death of his father. Not just that, the stepfather is the parent of someone who Dong Seok despises the most, and this makes it doubly impossible for him to forgive his mother. This is why he seems to have a bad relationship with her.

Elsewhere, Young Ju runs across the island, as if in an attempt to leave behind her doubts about the unwanted pregnancy. She clearly hates Jeju and can’t wait to get away from there. As she takes a break, a bird defecates on her coat, and the peace and quiet of the place is disturbed when a group of school children start coming to the place. She walks back home, and while she greets everyone civilly, she is having quite an internal monologue about wanting to run away from there.

At the market, Dong Seok questions his mother, demanding to know why she called him without any reason. People passing by look concerned at the tone he is using and say that he is literally mistreating her, but Dong Seok does not seem to care for their opinions. He tells his mother to never call him again, when he is pulled aside by Eun Hi who gives him a piece of her mind. Dong Seok says that yes, he is that bad of a person and doesn’t care for any reconciliation with his mother. Eun Hi lets him know that he is going to regret his actions.

Back to Young Ju, she meets Hyun and tells him that he is the only thing that excites her, though her excitement seems to be costing her a lot. She hasn’t had her period in three months and is getting more and more concerned. Hyun manages to get some pregnancy tests for her and asks her to let him know the results. Young Ju does so and sees that the results are positive on all three of the tests. She tells this to Hyun, and both of them are now thinking about the next step. Hyun steals a bit of jewelry from his house and gives it to Young Ju, telling her that they can sell it to arrange money for the abortion. He also has some money that he got from his father for a visit to an academy, though he plans on using it to help Young Ju. While talking, he tells her that she should consider the option of keeping the baby. Young Ju retorts by asking him if he is ready to sacrifice his whole life for a child. She mentions that if news of this comes out, his ex-gangster father would kill him, and her father would kill himself.

While Hyun completely supports Young Ju and is willing to be with her every step of the way, it bothers him how she does not seem to include him in the decision-making process. However, he suggests going to a good place for the abortion instead of just going anywhere.

Later, after the sale of the ring, they head to a clinic where, unfortunately, Young Ju bumps into Eun Hi. She tells her that she is here due to irregular periods, to avoid answering any questions. At the doctor’s office, he lets her know that the duration of the pregnancy means she must have an induced labor procedure, and there will be a lot of bleeding. He gives her a number for crisis counseling and asks for signed parental consent. Saying this, he leaves the room and the young couple in a lot of distress.

Back at home, Young Ju receives a call from Hyun, who tells her that the baby is his too, but she tells him not to call the fetus a “baby” as that would make her a bad person. Hyun is desperate and is looking online for answers to the efficacy and safety of the induced labor procedure. He gets a call from Young Ju, who admits to him that she just wants the baby to disappear without anyone knowing. She has tried rubbing a golf ball on her feet in an effort to induce the abortion. This causes Hyun to break down, and he is unable to speak until he eventually comforts Young Ju.

The next day, Hyun runs to meet Young Ju at the clinic to make sure that she is not alone and that he can be with her to take care of her. At this point, we see that these are just two young people in love, who are trying to come to terms with the consequences of a mistake. They hold each other’s hands while they hear the baby’s heartbeat and see it on the ultrasound. Young Ju goes into a state of panic and begs the doctor to stop what she is doing. The couple hold each other and cry as the episode ends.

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‘Our Blues’ Episode 6: Recap and Ending – Dong Seok and Seon A

Young Ju and Hyun are on a bus making their way back but the smoke makes the former a little sick. When the bus driver refuses to stop, Hyun yells at him that Young Ju is pregnant. As they get off the bus, she tells him to tell their fathers the complete truth and also asks him to be with her and to never change. But unfortunately for the couple, one of their classmates has heard everything. Not just that, even Eun Hi witnesses them kissing in the rain and is now suspicious of the time she saw Young Ju at the gynecologist.

Elsewhere, a lot has happened with Seon A since we saw her in last week’s episode. She has gotten divorced, and custody of her son, Yeol, was handed to her. But she got involved in a car accident, which prompted the custody to be transferred back to the father. The matter is now the subject of a lawsuit, and Seon A is at a huge disadvantage. Unable to take the pressure, she goes back to Jeju Island. As her car breaks down in the middle of the road, Dong Seok drives past her and stops when he sees her. Seon A does not seem to recognize him, and this angers Dong Seok, who drives away but eventually returns before offering to help her again. As he departs after fixing up her car, both of them remember their last meeting, one where they were just laughing and having fun. They seemed to share a special bond, which is shown through the flashbacks. For anybody, it becomes obvious that Dong Seok had feelings for Seon A that he wishes were reciprocated.

Elsewhere, In Gwon and Bang Ho Shik are in their respective cars, honking at each other and quarreling about who should move their car out of the way. Luckily, this is broken up by Eun Hi, who’s distressed as to how they will react when their children tell them the truth. The kids face another problem in school when the initial eavesdropper from the bus station reveals that she knows everything and demands to know what is going on with them. Both of them handle this rather coolly by letting them know that they are indeed a couple.

Back to Seon A, she can’t stop herself from thinking about her son, and when he says that, he thinks that she is not well. She decides to go on a walk to avoid thinking further. At the beach, Jeong Joon and Young Ok are spending some time together. She tries to ask him about his previous relationships, and Jeong Joon, while honest about them, avoids talking too much. Young Ok teases him that she enjoys Jeju a lot.

She is in charge of driving the ladies to the sea. However, she is not aware that they have decided to expel her from their group due to her lies. As they get on the boat, they tell the captain that Young Ok is a liar and that she has a man in her life who calls her every day. Jeong Joon is surprised to hear this, though he doesn’t question Young Ok about it.

At this point, Seon A is looking out at the sea and pondering over her son’s words that she is unable to play with him because she is sick. Nothing in her life is going according to plan, and she is just mentally exhausted. Looking at the sea, she jumps in. The people on the boat see this, and they pick up on what is happening and immediately sound the alarm. Dong Seok arrives at the scene just in time to see the commotion. In the water, we see that Seon A has checked out, and she couldn’t care less about what happens to her. The sixth episode of “Our Blues” ends here.

What Do We Think Of This Week’s Storylines?

Honestly, a lot happened, even though it wasn’t what we wanted to see. It looks like even though the show has taken an omnibus format, it is still hell-bent on mixing up the lives of all the characters, true to K-drama fashion. We still don’t know anything about Young Ok, and that is something we were looking forward to. Dong Seok, so far, has just been an angry young man, and we don’t like him at all. The young couple is making decisions we cannot fathom and are just worrying us while making us angry. But to give credit where credit is due, the depiction of mental health has been handled very well by the show. While more needs to be said, considering it looks like Seon A’s depression is going to be central to her story, so far, it has been dealt with sensitively. We hope they keep up with this.

In the upcoming episodes of “Our Blues,” we want to know more about Young Ok. So far, that is the only interesting couple, and we hope they get a proper story arc. Dong Seok has been unlikeable so far, and he’d better have a redeeming storyline. Eun Hi has been a likable character, and we hope she gets to do more than just be a side character in the upcoming episodes. It is also a little saddening that Han Su has completely disappeared from the show. For all of our problems with him, we did enjoy his smooth-talking but sincere ways. And that is what we hope to see next week.

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