‘Palm Royale’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Maxine Betray Robert?


Wow, it seems like Palm Royale episode 7 is one of revelations. The episode, which is mostly centered around Linda’s father Skeet’s funeral, still manages to add a lot of exciting things to the mix to make it both an emotional and lively episode. If you pay close attention to the episode names, then they’re quite a hint for what’s going to happen in said episode. I quite enjoy this minute attention to detail. At the end of episode 6, Perry is finally caught for his shenanigans, and Maxine worries about what’s going to happen to her family. Linda’s father passes away after taking some LSD with his daughter and basically having the time of his life. With the way Skeet and Evelyn’s last conversation went before he died, it seems like Evelyn may need to work extra hard to get any of her husband’s assets. Will she have to fight Linda? Did Skeet end up giving all of his assets to Linda, or did he give Evelyn her share, too? Let’s find out in Palm Royale episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

Why Are Linda’s Friends (Really) At The Funeral? 

Episode 7 of Palm Royale begins with a flashback to Maxine and Dougie’s wedding. At the wedding, Douglas had called his future child Jack, and Maxine had looked rather worried. We’ll get to why a little bit later. In the present, the Dellacortes are getting ready to go to Skeet’s funeral. They’re waiting for Robert, who has sneaked out to see the prince of Luxembourg, unbeknownst to anyone. While they wait, we learn that Norma’s loaded her gun and stashed it in her purse. From Robert’s analysis later on in the episode, it seems like Norma’s plan was to kill Maxine while everyone was busily listening to the Scottish bagpipes play at Skeet’s funeral (yikes). However, Robert finds the gun later on, when he’s meant to give her her insulin, and decides to put away all the guns in the house so there are no freak accidents. On the other hand, Douglas and Maxine discuss the consequences of his association with Perry when Dinah shows up, saying Perry’s been taken away by the feds and she needs to find a new, eligible bachelor to survive. 

Linda’s friends show up to the funeral as well because Linda plans on having them steal some of her father’s old things for their cause because they’re likely to end up belonging to Evelyn, according to her. Linda also learns that her pregnant friend’s husband has been drafted and is leaving the next day. Evelyn is ready to drag Linda under the bus by calling her a murderer in front of everybody who’s at the funeral (in so many words). In the meantime, the prince of Luxembourg and Robert are having the time of their lives at a hotel, and he asks to join Robert at the funeral. Robert is a bit taken aback by the suggestion, but he agrees when the prince convinces him that a prince can go anywhere he likes. Evelyn tells Maxine that it seems like she’s forgotten the fact that the two of them planned on co-chairing this year’s Beach Ball. Maxine denies her claims and even shows her how the money coming into the estate, aka the cash people are handing over to attend the ball, is going straight to Norma’s bag. 

While Dougie gets drunk and puts on his kilt, Maxine tries hard to figure out how she can save Norma’s money and the estate from the mess that Douglas has put them in. Apparently, paying people off is the way to save yourself from going to Sing Sing. Raquel’s husband convinces Douglas that he needs to show the people of Palm Beach who the new “kings” are by acting up to save himself from the feds. I really don’t know how their minds work. 

Maxine wonders if Linda can help her with some Scottish dress because she hates feeling out of place; however, coincidentally, Robert shows up in the room, and they both learn that he’s found someone. It’s a sweet moment in which, yet again, we realize that Maxine’s the real “inclusive” one between her and Linda. They talk about how Robert doesn’t want to be a movement but just a person, and the women feel the same way. 

Why “No Photographs?”

Of course, Ann of the Shiny Sheet is at the funeral, too, and she tries to get some words in from Maxine and Douglas, but she’s also trying to get pictures of something else. The prince and princess, but why so desperately, you may wonder? We’ll soon find out. While the prince and Robert are making plans to escape Palm Beach and go off to the south of France, the princess realizes that Ann has a camera, and they get into a physical altercation as she steals the camera and gets away with it. In the meantime, Mary tells Maxine her sob story because she really needs that check for the Fibs. Mary tells Maxine that her being able to afford to help the kid with fibrosis is apparently not the point of this situation, and she definitely needs Maxine’s check. 

Maxine finds Norma just before the will is meant to be read, and to their shock, they find Robert and the prince in one of the rooms accidentally. Norma’s obviously not as open-minded as Maxine, so she’s completely out of it, i.e., her plan to kill Maxine is totally forgotten. Maxine’s already stressed about other things; however, she’s such a good friend to Robert that she tells the prince he better not hurt her friend. She then finds her husband with the realization that she’ll be the one going to Sing Sing because it’s her name on all the checks. At the same time, Evelyn and Linda learn that the new ruler of the Rollins clan will be Linda, who has inherited all of Skeet’s assets. 

How does Maxine save Douglas from the Feds? 

Suddenly, the pregnant woman’s water breaks, and she’s chosen to have a water birth, so everybody gathers around Linda’s bathtub to help give birth to this baby. By everybody, I mean Linda’s friends, Maxine and Dougie, and somehow Mary, who knows exactly how to birth a child in this way. A healthy baby is born, and Maxine and Douglas share a moment because she names the baby Jack Shelbi. A little later, Maxine tells Douglas that she had already lost the baby just before they got married but didn’t tell him because he was very excited. She realizes it’s wrong now, and she should’ve told him all this time, because they never could have babies after that, but Douglas doesn’t take the news too well. 

Evelyn tries to broker a deal with Douglas because they are the only two people who know what happened to Skeet, and that would mean money for the both of them; however, the feds turn up looking for Maxine at the same time. Douglas goes with them, saying Maxine didn’t do anything. After a long night with Dougie gone, Maxine learns that Robert’s leaving the same day with the prince. She tells him to spend every penny of Norma’s $250,000 that is now in the prince’s possession, but gives him her blessings otherwise. However, when she goes to cash out the many checks coming in from the different people invited to the ball, Maxine learns something interesting about the prince. 

At the end of Palm Royale episode 7, Maxine goes to the feds and tells them where the prince of Luxembourg is residing because he’s a wanted man for fraud, impersonation, and many other crimes, much bigger than Douglas’. She also manages to get all of Norma’s assets back, which means they’re not broke anymore. What a woman, amirite! However, this means Robert is left high and dry, and all Maxine can do is feel bad for him, left alone and princeless. 

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