Permanent Roommates – A Crooked Happily Ever After!


Permanent Roommates, an Indian Web Series by TVF, written by Biswapati Sarkar is about a couple, Tanya and Mikesh, who decides to get married after staying in a long-distance relationship for three years. The show is the first-ever online web series streamed on Youtube, which has saved people from the cliche Indian daily soaps with no good content and 20 kg of gold in every frame. If you are tired of tacky sarees and women crying their eyes out, then Permanent Roommates is your next stop!  

Mikesh, living in the United States of America, returns back to India to surprise and propose to Tanya who is a commitment-phobic. She refuses him based on her roommate’s opinion and her own decision of marrying someone who barely knows her, but on constant persistence by Mikesh, they decide to give live-in a try. Their colloquial awkwardness and confusion in a living relationship make them an adorable couple, where  — Mikesh is not willing to let go, and Tanya is unable to. 

“Post modern men… sensitive, caring, cute type ke hote hai wo…”

The show is spread in two seasons, one broadcasted in Youtube, and second, was aired in TVF’s own streaming medium. Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas are in lead roles and have done an excellent job as Tanya and Mikesh. They were successful in making the audience laugh and love their characters with Mikesh being the over-eager and childish boy, and Tanya, a fairly mature and confident girl. The most special thing about the characters is that the audience can relate to them very easily, because of so many references to reality. They are real and flawed, but like you and me! 

“You’ll irritate me a lot, but I want all these fights to happen with you only”

The coming together of their families for arranging their marriage and prospect of a modern concept such as live-in relationship is beautifully captured and shown with great sensitivity and care. Along the first season only, you will realize it is not some Bollywood romantic drama, but something more than that!

Permanent Roommates is packed with some memorable dialogue, such as Mikesh’s “mardangi ka naya software” spiel. Biswapati Sarkar cannot be praised any less for his excellent writing and punchlines. 

Apart from the lead actors, who have performed amazingly, the real gems of the show are its supporting casts, be it Tanya and Mikesh parents, both Darshan Jariwalla and Sheeba Chaddha are excellent in their parts, as is Asrani who plays the conveniently hard of hearing Dadaji. It has elevated both Nidhi and Sumeet’s career who later bagged excellent roles in Bollywood but we will always remember them as the adorable Tanya and Mikesh. 

Permanent Roommates Blends emotions and humor in the right amount which gives an intriguing and fun insight into today’s modern relationships. No doubt, it perfectly surpasses the current Indian cinematic blunders in this genre. It also inspired other writers to come up with such good content and turn the audience’s attention from television to online platforms like Youtube.

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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal is an Electrical Engineer, graduated from the Indian Insitute of Technology Palakkad. In her leisure time, she likes to watch films but more precisely writes her thoughts about it thus influencing others to watch more Good Content.

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