‘Savage Rhythm’ Season 1: Ending, Explained: Is Antonia Dead Or Alive?


Netflix’s Colombian series “Savage Rhythm” depicts two groups of dancers from different backgrounds coming together only to butt heads. The story is told in Spanish, which helps us comprehend the camaraderie that links them together at first, but then rips them apart as circumstances change, resulting in fierce competition.

Antonia, a wealthy student, alternates between her final presentation preparations and her intentional presence in the life of Karina, the Pure Street Crew’s main dancer. When Antonia’s life begins to turn around once she meets Karina, crucial details escape her notice, and her life is put in jeopardy. Let us quickly examine how two dancers from totally different backgrounds learn to find common ground and express themselves in their most passionate language, i.e., dance.

‘Savage Rhythm’ Season 1: Plot Summary – Does Antonia Achieve Perfection Like Karina?

Antonia attends a prominent dance academy. She is dating Mateo, who is very possessive of her and hails from an affluent background. He slips her a powdered drug to help her relax at his house party, but it turns out to be an overdose. She passes out and is taken to the hospital. Following such an occurrence, her mother expresses her disgust with her for choosing dance as a career and advises her to pursue law, which she considers to be a more honorable profession.

Miranda is the Dance Academy’s Dean. Antonia will be trained for the role of Juliet in a musical created by Jacob Grant, a well-known choreographer. Antonia’s confidence is shattered when Jacob critiques her performance, claiming that she does not have the necessary skills to play the major role. She, on the other hand, refuses to give up. She chooses to go to a party where Pure Street, a well-known crew, will be performing with its main dancer, Karina. Karina is fighting her own battles to ensure that the crew gets a huge break.

Karina’s brother Alex is involved in drug selling with Checho at the club where they are performing. The other three crew members are Bombita and Ximena. Checho, Bombita’s brother, is still pursuing Antonia. When Antonia makes a pact with Karina to become like her as a result of a brawl that occurs at the venue where they perform, he eventually wins her over. After the performance, Antonia’s ex-boyfriend, Mateo, accuses Karina of stealing his money and Karina decides to take advantage of Antonia, when she turns up at her door after the incident. 

The Pure Street gang puts on a show and finishes it. The club has to close early due to Mateo’s confrontation with Karina, and the crew is not paid. Karina has her battles at the construction company with her supervisor. She is keen to find another stable source of income as she grows tired of her flirtatious boss.

The crew is selected to perform in Medellin, but Karina is unable to purchase the flight tickets to help fly the entire crew due to a lack of funds. She was expecting that Antonia would do the needful. Antonia, on the other hand, does not have that kind of money. Antonia gradually becomes a member of the crew, giving Karina false hope. Karina’s crewmate and Checho’s ex Ximena, treat her as if she were a friend.

Karina works hard to help the crew gain the respect they deserve. When Antonia strives to arrive on time for the class, Jacob dismisses her because she is late. Checho’s proximity to Antonia enrages Ximena, who decides to take matters into her own hands and leave the group. Bombita snatches some drug money from the box and goes shopping. Mario contacts Checho and insists that he repay him since his supervisor isn’t going to let him off the hook. Bombita and Checho are apprehended by Mario, and Bombita summons Karina to save her and her brother’s lives.

When Karina learns about Checho, she finds a means to get away from her boss and focus on the crew’s needs. She arrives at the college and forces herself onto Antonia’s stage, where she performs a routine with her. They both impress Miranda and Jacob, but Antonia lacks the financial means to meet Karina’s demands leaving her in a fix. When Antonia learns of Checho’s predicament, she summons Mateo to pay the debt Checho owes Mario. Mateo realizes he has leverage over Antonia for the demand she made once this is established. When Jacob begins to prefer Karina over Antonia, undermining Miranda’s trust, Antonia and Karina remain on tense terms.

“Savage Rhythm” goes on to show how the team is still apprehensive by Antonia’s presence and must decide whether or not to stick together. Ximena begins to consider crossing the border into the United States to escape and establish a better life for herself—the only catch is that she will be forced to work as a drug mule. Mario develops feelings for Ximena, and Checho must decide whether or not to remain by Antonia’s side. 

Major Spoilers Ahead

“Savage Rhythm” Season 1 Ending Explained

Antonia had never left a favorable impression on Ximena. When Checho clearly stated that he would not advance on Antonia, she constantly had the feeling that the new female would take her man. Antonia never shied away from Checho’s presence, and in reality, she embraced it. Antonia needed to get away from Mateo as soon as possible because he had virtually wrecked her trust, and Checho seemed to be the perfect match for what she had in front of her. Checho’s protective presence surrounding Mateo provided her with the confidence she needed to go on and start a new life.

Ximena and Antonia were already tense because Ximena had no idea what Antonia’s genuine motives were. When Ximena learns that Antonia is assisting Karina in obtaining funds, she borrows money from Mario to sponsor her crossing the border, as well as carry a certain goon’s narcotics, for which she would be compensated. This would make it less difficult for her to repay Mario. However, one of Ximena’s crewmates reads the goon’s message to her on the day she’s leaving, telling her to be careful with her luggage. She notifies the rest of the group, who rushes to shift the bag just in time for the sniffer dog to arrive. Antonia throws the bag away, and they flee.

Antonia claims leverage after failing to get them in a popular artist’s song video, which would have been a great break for the team, and makes sure Ximena is forced out so she can take the lead with Karina. During dance rehearsals, however, one of the girls injures Antonia’s ankle on purpose. The talent scout stares at the other girls with daggers in his eyes, sensing that there is some friction in the group, but Antonia is unable to dance any longer. This bothers her, so she returns home to summon another academy dancer, Vince, who is also dancing with an injury.

He gives her a shot, and she joins the crew just in time for the final shoot. The stage is set, and the director gives them another chance to perform because the shot takes place on the grounds of a colorful fair. Ximena had hoped to dance once more, but when Antonia arrived, she would be unable to do so because there can only be four dancers.

Ximena is upset that her debut did not go well, so she contacts her boyfriend, Mario, who she knows will be there for her no matter what. He’d already assured her that he’d be able to handle Antonia. She contacts him to double-check that he can keep his word. When Karina sees blood on the stage just after the shoot is over, she is terrified. We watch Antonia collapse and produce a pool of blood shortly after.

Antonia is shot and collapses on stage, while Ximena believes Mario will be by her side. “Savage Rhythm” Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, leaving us eagerly anticipating the second season to find out who shot Antonia and other mysteries. Is the team secure now that they know it was Ximena’s fault? What will Checho do if he discovers Mario is responsible for his girlfriend’s alleged murder? Most importantly, it raises the question of Antonia’s survival.

Final Words

Season 1 abounds with dance, naughty moments, ambitious dancers, outstanding choreography, and pure talent all around. “Savage Rhythm” is an unexpectedly innovative perspective on dancing that transports you to another world of possibilities, inspiring you to get up and dance at any hour of the day. The music never fails to satisfy a dancer’s need to move. If you feel compelled to dance along, Antonia and Karina are the best ones to lead you through a routine.

“Savage Rhythm” is a 2022 Dance Drama Television Series streaming on Netflix.

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