‘School Spirits’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do The Police Discover That Maddie Is Dead?


Picking up from “School Spirits” Episode 5, this episode was all about the homecoming dance. Claire agrees to go to the dance with Xavier, though this development feels a little suspicious to him. Simon and Maddie tell Xavier to get a suit and ask Nicole to go shopping with him. Meanwhile, Claire defends Xavier in front of her friends when they bring up that he was previously suspected in Maddie’s disappearance. Later, Claire corners Xavier in the locker room and asks him why he has asked her out now, and he tells her that he has been meaning to send the message for a while, and he has finally gotten around to it. Claire seems happy enough with that, but this sets off alarms in Xavier’s mind, especially after he receives a risqué text from her. He tells Simon, and Maddie who is listening to them, that he is suspicious of the way Claire is acting and feels like she has a game going on of her own. But Simon tells him that it is too late to back off now.

Spoilers Ahead

Does Simon Like Maddie?

Simon meets Sandra, and she gives him Maddie’s essay so that she can submit it for her deadlines, but Simon tells her that she has already done so, and the three best friends had previously planned to be in the same city. Sandra corrects him, saying that this plan is not one of the past, as she believes that Maddie is still alive. Sandra also says that it would have been nice if Maddie had gone to the dance with Simon. Nicole says the same thing later, and Simon admits that he did have feelings for Maddie, but only for a second before he shut them down, as she was his best friend, and the stakes were too high for him to risk it. For now, he takes Maddie’s picture with him to put up at the dance as a form of “psychological torture” for everyone.

The Dance

When Claire comes to pick up Xavier, she tries asking his dad, who is the sheriff, whether Anderson could be linked to Maddie’s case and if they have discovered anything. Of course, the sheriff doesn’t tell her anything, but Xavier overhears their conversation, and his doubts regarding Claire’s intentions are getting stronger. When they leave, Claire stops the car on their way and wants to speak with Xavier. She gives him a heads-up that her friends might be mean to him. Other than this, she also asks him why he has been spending so much time with Nicole, but Xavier just evades the question with a non-committal answer. As much as we know that Xavier has ulterior motives for asking Claire to the dance, even she suspects him of being up to something. She leaves a lipstick mark on his neck, probably as a message to whoever she thinks is her competition or to insinuate that he is supporting her.

Meanwhile, Maddie is all dressed up and looks beautiful going to the dance with Wally. For 37 years, Wally has been going to the dance alone, and this is the first time he has a partner. He brings her a pretty corsage made of paper flowers and his jersey number, and we are as touched as Maddie is. But she would have had a much better time at the dance if she had not been constantly distracted by Xavier and Claire.

Xavier asks Claire about the backpack found in one of her father’s houses, but Claire claims that she doesn’t know about it. Basically, Xavier needs to steer the conversation toward Maddie’s phone and why Claire destroyed it. He tells Simon that he is unable to get to her, but Simon just tells him to get there. An angry Xavier declares that he will do it his way now.

‘School Spirits’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – How Do The Police Discover That Maddie Is Dead?

Xavier’s strategy is to really dial up the sweet talk. He leads Claire to the boiler room, and right in the middle of their moment, he tries to record what he wants her to confess, but Claire catches him. He has no option but to ask her point-blank how she is connected to Anderson. That is when she reveals that she had discovered that Anderson was stealing, and she had just blackmailed him. She wanted better grades in exchange for keeping his secret, except that they had been discovered by Maddie, who had shot the video. Claire had told Anderson to give Maddie money, and he had done that. Claire had taken Maddie’s phone to delete the video, but when she hadn’t been able to access it, she had broken it. That was her secret. Xavier believes her, and he tells Simon the same. We think he believes the story, too, at least until they know better.

Meanwhile, Sandra calls Simon, and when he doesn’t pick up, she calls Nicole and tells her that somebody is around her backyard, and she thinks it could be Maddie. When Nicole gets there, the sheriff visits and tells her that Maddie is likely no more as they have found a possible murder weapon. Back in the school, the sheriff is telling Xavier when Maddie overhears. They think that the killer must be Roger South since he is the only one with access to the toolshed, and they think he killed Maddie for the money she was carrying.

Upon hearing this news, Sandra starts drinking again, but the biggest twist yet is that Nicole is seen digging in the forest. It looks like she might have something to do with Maddie’s death after all, especially if she is digging up a body. But “School Spirits” Episode 6 is not all doom and gloom. Through Simon, Charlie successfully gives Emilio the letter in which he says that he is sorry for the hurtful things he had said to him. As for Maddie, she apologizes to Wally for being distracted that night, and the two end up kissing. Wally is a sweetheart, and he deserves the best.

Final Thoughts

The biggest question that needs answering right now is whether Maddie took money from Anderson by blackmailing him. It doesn’t seem likely, but there are no more theories left to explore except for Nicole’s possible involvement. With just two episodes left to go, maybe we can assume that she killed Maddie for the money or that she knows who did it. Maybe she wanted something else, or there were some tensions that had been simmering for a long time. Also, we suspect that there might be some trouble with Simon and Wally, with both of them having feelings for Maddie. Only the coming episodes will tell.

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